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SRS #2971

Make: Water Truck
Model: 1,800 Gallon
Mounted On: 1996 IHC 9200
Truck Engine Make: Cummins M11-310E
Condition: OFF MARKET

Tools/Options: 1800 Gallon Water Bed, Extra Fuel Tank Capacity of 110 Gallons. Liftmoore Hydraulic Crane Model 3660XP Rated at 36,000 ft/lbs. Eaton Full RTX-11708 LL 10-Speed Transmission with Overdrive. Approx. 528,517 Miles on Truck. Steer Tires approx. 75% or Better, Drive Tires approx. 50% or Better. OFF MARKET

Southern Office:
1485 DeSoto Blvd N
Naples FL 34120
Phone: 239.774.1939
FAX: 239.774.6666

Northern Office:
Oil City PA 16301
Phone Toll FREE: 1.888.204.3907
FAX: 814.676.0378