SRS #3456

Year: 1975
Make: Walker Neer
Model: Concor
Engine: Detroit 671 238 HP
Mounted On: 6X4 Crane Carrier
Truck Engine Make: Detroit 6V53
Condition: SOLD

Tools/Options: Walker Neer Concor (1975): SOLD Was Drilling 3,300' + oil and gas wells using 3.5" bottleneck pipe, since then rig has Been sitting for about 5 years and will need some TLC. King 3PS Hydraulic Tophead Drive (drilled very little since replaced new 6 yrs. Ago), 85 Ton Static Hook Load, 55 Ton @ 100 RPM Load Rating, 2-3/4" ID Watercourse Swivel Opening with 3" NPT Female Fitting. Oilbath Lubrication, V Type Adjustable Packing, Sunstrand Rotation Pump, Double Drum Drawworks with PO-218 Air Clutches, Double Band Type 6" Wide X 26" Diameter Brakes per Drum, 80,000# Plus Pulling Capacity on Four Lines, Derrick is Rated for 100,000# with 35' Clearance Under Power Swivel, Hydraulic Chain Type Pulldown System. Drill is able to be removed from carrier and remounted. Torque Converter, Mechanical Underdrive Clutch on Board for Running an Air Compressor or Mud Pump, (4) 48" Hydraulic Outriggers, Cathead on Drawworks, Hydraulic Pipe Loading Arm with Hydraulic Clamps, "LF" Series Break-Out Tong, Bean 435 35 GPM Triplex Water Injection Pump Needs TLC SOLD

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