Rotary T-Z


Rotary T-Z - SRS #3751

DESCRIPTION: 2002, Versa-Drill; Model: V-100; Compressor: 300/200; Mud Pump: 3X4 Centrifugal; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2002 IHC 4900; Truck Engine Make: DT 560; Condition: Working Drill; Tools/Options: Versa Drill V-100 Year: 2002 PTO; Compressor: 300/200; Mud Pump: 3X4 Centrifugal; Mounted On: 2002 IHC 4900; TrEngine: , DT 560; Tools/Other Options: Mud Pump Rebuilt 6 Wells Ago. Compressor Runs Good, Deck Engine has New Injectors and Crank Shaft, Pos. Switch. 7-Rod Carousel, has a MudSlayer with New Screens Mounted on Deck. Includes an Extra Cotta Box that is New, an Older Carousel, Misc. Parts.

Rotary T-Z - SRS #3550

DESCRIPTION: TransQuip; Model: AT-400; Mud Pump: Gardner Denver 5X6; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: Buggy; Truck Engine Make: Detroit 453; Tools/Options: TransQuip AT-400: Ramsey 700 Winch, 400' of Sandline, 2-Speed Transfer Case.

Rotary T-Z - SRS #3536

DESCRIPTION: 2012, Watson 3110; Model: 3110 Eagle; Engine: 6068 HF 485; Mounted On: 2012 Western Star; Truck Engine Make: Diesel; Condition: Near New; Tools/Options: Watson 3110 3110 Eagle Year: 2012: Approx. 3,010 Rig Hours, 130,000 ft lb Rotary Torque, Kelly Winchline Pull is 32,000#, Speed - 180 fpm, Service Winchline Pull is 18,000#. 10", 8", 6", 4-1/4" Kellys, Approx. Depth: 120', and 48" - 96" Diameter Depending on Soils. Sub Size: 4-1/4". Aluminum Walkways. Approx. 5,031 Carrier Hours and 83,218 Miles.

Rotary T-Z - SRS #2697

DESCRIPTION: Early 1980's, Wichtex; Model: Super 38; Compressor: None; Mud Pump: See Below; Engine: CAT 3306; Mounted On: 3-Axle Trailer; Truck Engine Make: N/A; Tools/Options: Wichtex Wilson Super 38: Early 1980's Wilson Super 38 Single Drum Drawworks, Air Clutches, Lebus Grooved for 7/8" Drill Line, Foster Make-up & Breakout Catheads (27 & 28), Rotary Drive Attachment, Rotary Drive Clutch, Driller's Control Console. Deck Engine has a Twin Disc Torque Converter, Single Engine Compound, Chain Case, Engine Air Compressor, Air Reservoir Tank, Hydraulic Pump with Reservoir, Battery Box. Wichtex 75' , 240,000# Capacity Single Piece Derrick, Twin Cylinder, Hydraulically Raised, Crown Block Assembly, Standpipe. Ideco HS175 17-1/2" X 44" Rotary Table, Solid Square Drive Master Bushing, Kelly Roller Drive Bushing, 4-1/4" X 40' Square Kelly with Scabbard, 4-1/2" Pin, 8-5/8" Reg. Box Pin. Clipper Weight Indicator, Brewster H60 Sheave Block with Hook Grooved for 7/8" Wireline, Oilwell 60-Ton Rotary Swivel with 6-5/8" Reg. L.H. Connection, 2-1/4" X 72" Elevator Links. Gooseneck Lowboy Trailer, (2) Front Mounted Hydraulic Leveling Jacks, (2) Front Mounted Manual Trailer Landing Legs, (2) Intermediate Mounted Manual Leveling Jacks, (4) Rear Mounted Manual Leveling Jacks, (2) Rear Mounted Hydraulic Leveling Jacks. Budd Wheels, Inverted 5th Wheel, Steel Rig Base Beam to Stabilize, Lifting Eyes, Handrails, fold Down Catwalks, Stairs, Trailer OAL - 61'. 3-1/2" X 46' 5,000 psi W.P. Rotary Hose, Wooden Spool Mounted on Trailer Neck with 7/8" Drill Line, Rathole Digger. Rig runs 4.5" XHole Pipe. Doghouse, Fuel Tank, 6,000 Gallon Water Tank, Oil Well P214 Mud Pump(TO BE CONFIRMED) Powered by a CAT 3406, 1,240' of 4-1/2" X 30' X-Hole Drill Rod, Double Yellow Banded, Inspected with Papers, (6) 6" X 30' 4-1/2" X-Hole Drill Collars, All Slips & Tongs all available for an Extra Cost.

Rotary T-Z - SRS #2745

DESCRIPTION: UDR; Model: 1500; Compressor: N/A; Mud Pump: GD FXX 172 Duplex; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2004 International 5600i 6X8; Truck Engine Make: Cummins ISX500; Tools/Options: UDR 1500 Year: 75' Mast Rated at 90,000# Static Hook Load Capacity complete with 7/8" Cable, Dual Raising Cylinders, 18" Crown Sheaves, 12" Table Opening (closed), 24' Total Head Stroke, Break-Out Wrench, Petol. Integral Hydraulic System, Common Reservoir, Thermal Exchanger, Infrastructure for Interconnecting Plumbing. Calzoni Drawworks Rated at 44,000#. Hydraulic Duplex Mud Pump Rated at 52 HP and 330 rpm Maximum on Jackshaft. 8" Stroke, 6" Bore, 4" NPT Suction Connection, 3" NPT Discharge Connection. Reineer Model 62 Topdrive Rated at 0-6500 ft torque, 220 rpm. 215 fpm Fast Feed Down, 143 fpm Fast Feed Up. King Model 5JW Swivel. Hydraulics Updated to Newer Style Pumps, Motors, Etc. Tandem Steer Tri-Drive Truck Powered by a 500 HP Diesel Engine, Eaton 18-Speed Manual Transmission. (1) 20,000# Front Axle. 28,916 Hours, 905,567 Miles. All Hydraulics Brand New in 2013, hasn't drilled since.

Rotary T-Z - SRS #2511

DESCRIPTION: 1998, Tamrock; Model: Pantera 1100; Compressor: 475/175; Mud Pump: None; Engine: CAT 3306; Mounted On: Tracks; Tools/Options: Tamrock Panterra 1100: Dust Collector, Water Injection, Air Conditioned Cab. Runs T 51 Rod, HL 1000 Drifter Hammer. Rig is rated @ 70' - 3.5" - 5.5" Holes. Approx. 9,968 Frame/Engine Hours. Horizontal Capabilities.

Rotary T-Z - SRS #2510

DESCRIPTION: 1997, Tamrock; Model: CHA 1100; Compressor: 574/145; Mud Pump: None; Engine: CAT 3306; Mounted On: Tracks; Tools/Options: Tamrock CHA 1100: HL 1000 Drifter Hammer, Runs T51 Rod, Dust Collector, Water Injection, Air Conditioned Cab. Rig is Rated for 70', 3.5" - 5.5" Holes, Approx. 18,677 Frame/Engine Hours. Horizontal Capabilities.

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