SRS #3317

Make: Speedstar
Model: SS 135
Compressor: Removed
Mud Pump: Removed
Engine: PTO
Mounted On: 2000 Ford F-750 2WD
Truck Engine Make: Diesel

Tools/Options: Speedstar SS135: SOLD . LeRoi 990A 100/250 and GD FG-FXG 5X6 - Removed, Speedstar 8-1/2" Retractable Table (18" opening retracted), Mud Pump Rated at 180 GPM @ 90 Strokes/Min/310 psi, 33' Hydraulically Raised Derrick with 32,000# Rated Working Capacity, Fluted 23'6" Long Kelly Bar for Handling 20' Drill Rod, 2" Water Course Mud Swivel, Two Plate 14" Friction Type Clutches on Drawworks, 6" X 17" Single Band Type Brakes on each Drum of Drawworks, Bailing Drum, Winch with Three Plate 11" Friction Type Clutch and 4" X 17" Single Band Brake, Three Hydraulic Outriggers, Continuous Feed Hydraulic Chain Pulldown System, MS Series Break-Out Tong. New Rod Box. Approx. 300' of New 3.5" X 2-3/8" IF Drill Rod and Bits. Current Modifications being made: Self Contained, all Electric, Kentron Mud System being Installed, (will sell the rig with or without this). Decking has been Redone, goes Right into Clutch, all new Hydraulics, Pump and Hoses. New Bits and Drill Pipe, (2) Centrifugal Pumps on it for Cleaning, New Cables, Rotary Table and Drawworks Rebuilt, New Rod Rack. Will paint to customers choice.. Specs subject to change. Photos Prior to Current Work in Process.

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