SRS #2494

Year: NOV/OEM Certified in 1974
Make: SKYTOP BREWSTER - Reconditioned
Model: TR-800 900 HP
Compressor: None
Mud Pump: None
Engine: (2) Detroit 60 Series Engines Each Rated at 475 HP @ 2100 RPM
Mounted On: 3-Axle 100,000# Trailer

Tools/Options: Reconditioned Skytop Brewster TR-800, 900 HP Remanufactured 1974 TR-800. H14610-38 Reconditioned Drawworks, Twin Disc Clutch, 46 X 10 Brakes, New Drum Grooved for 1-1/8" Drill Line (3,000' of 1-1/8" 6X19 Line). Twin Reconditioned Sand Line Drum - Twin Disc Model PO-224, 38 X 8 Brakes including 15,000' of 9/16" New Sandline. Hydromatic Water Assist Brake. Factory Allison 5-speed Transmission. 115', Category 4 Repair, OEM Certified, 410,000# Telescoping 8-Line Mast with an Operating Hook Load of 388,000#, 55', 58', or 70', Racking Board Height with a Capacity of 10,080' - 4-1/2" Drill Pipe Doubles, Crownomatic Emergency Stop System. (Includes Stand Pipe with Gooseneck Union, Gates Valves, Derrick Escape with Wireline, clamps & Anchor. New, NOV Certified Crown Block Set up for an 8-Line String Up, (5) 1-1/8" Grooved Sheaves Mounted on Roller Bearings & New Crownomatic. Reconditioned Dead Line Anchor. Trailer has New Suspension, Hydraulic Controls, Drillers Console, Telescoping Cylinders, Raising Cylinders, Mast Locking Cylinder, Hydraulic Jack Cylinders, (2) Manual Jacks, Jack Stands.. Condition: Reconditioned NOV/OEM Cert.

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1485 DeSoto Blvd N
Naples FL 34120
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Northern Office:
Oil City PA 16301
Phone Toll FREE: 1.888.204.3907
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