SRS #3662

Year: 1976
Make: Portadrill
Model: RVT RC Rig
Compressor: Atlas Copco 375/125
Mud Pump: Centrifugal - See below
Engine: PTO
Mounted On: International
Truck Engine Make: CAT 3208
Condition: One Owner, Well Maintained.

Tools/Options: Portadrill RVT RC Year: 1976: 42' Mast (from above rotary table to center line of crown block sheaves), Rated at 50,000# Hook Load on 3-Part Line. Can Lift 30' Pipe through it, Runs 6" X 15' Pipe. HY-FLO 6" I.D. Water Course Swivel and Two 2" Air Connections. 6" I.D. Square Kelly for 6" Rod, Flooded Reverse Rig, Triple Drawworks, Kelly, Sandline with approx. 500' of 1/2" Cable, Hoist Drawworks, can pick up 35' +/-.,Rotary Table Drive is Powered by a Mechanical Transmission with 5-Speeds and Reverse. 31" Table Opening, Table is Removable and can set 42" Casing, Clutch Drive. Centrifugal pump is used to get down to 40' before switching to air. Two Rear Hydraulic Jacks and one Front Jack. Truck has approx. 80,000 Miles on it, approx. 13,000 Hours. Not the Original Compressor. Includes approx. 300' of Drill Rod, 30" Downhole Assembly, one each 30", 28" and 16" Mohab Drag Bits, Two 10' Manif. Pipes (new) for Reverse Pipe, Spare Parts, Drive Shaft, Clutch Parts.

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