Rotary M


Rotary M - SRS #3063

DESCRIPTION: Mayhew; Model: 500; Mud Pump: Yes; Mounted On: Ardco Buggy; Truck Engine Make: 6-Cyl. Gas; Tools/Options: Runs Great. SOLD

Rotary M - SRS #3428

DESCRIPTION: Mayhew; Model: 1000; Compressor: LeRoi 100S; Mud Pump: Wheatley 6X6; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1974 Ford 9000; Truck Engine Make: Detroit; Condition: Working Condition; Tools/Options: Mayhew 1000: Includes approx. 400' of 2-3/8" IF Thread Drill Pipe, Some New & Rebuilt Bits. Also Includes a 1977 IHC Support Truck with a Mud Trailer and Mud Pan.

Rotary M - SRS #3427

DESCRIPTION: Mayhew; Model: 1000; Compressor: Gardner Denver 580; Mud Pump: None; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: CAT D7 Tracks; Truck Engine Make: CAT; Condition: Runs; Tools/Options: Mayhew 1000: Includes approx. 100' of 2-3/8" Mayhew Thread Drill Pipe. Last Time it Ran was about May, 2018.

Rotary M - SRS #3326

DESCRIPTION: Midway; Model: 1500MW; Compressor: LeRoi SDS 256 450/250; Mud Pump: Gardner Denver 5-1/2" X 8"; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1982 International Paystar; Truck Engine Make: Cummins M11 400 HP; Tires: Good; Condition: Good - Excellent; Tools/Options: PRICE REDUCED !! Midway 1500MW: 40' Mast, 8-1/2" Retractable Midway Table, 5-Speed Rotary Transmission, 4-Speed Hydraulic Pulldown, Rig is set up for 20' Drill Rod, Large Pipe Rack will Hold 1,100' of 2-7/8" Pipe, 2" Little Giant Swivel, also has an Injection Pump that is Included, all Air Controls except for the Table, 34M Drawworks with Air Clutches and also has a Master Clutch. Gardner Denver 8-Strand PTO with Oiler Pump, 400 HP Engine, 13-Speed Transmission, 125 Gallon Fuel Tank. Drill is Ready to Work. Drill Pipe, Subs and Pipe Truck also Available. In 2015 the Rig had a Partial Paint Job, New Steps, Pipe Rack Rebuilt, New Aluminum Fuel Tank, New Rotary Driveline, Table Resealed and Pinion Bearings Replaced, Rear Truck Suspension Rebuilt with new Pads & Bushings, New Kelly and Drive Bushings, Rebuilt Swivel, all New Plumbing for Air & Mud, New Jack Knife Hose, New Kelly Hose, New Belts and Coolant Hoses on Engine, New Power Steering Pump, New Rig Lights, New Charge Air Cooler. In 2016 - New Injectors with Overhead, New Rear Jack (DSM Style), New Compressor Clutch. A Total of approx. 1500' of Pipe is available for an Extra Cost, will Include 500 of 3.5" Flush Joint Pipe'. Pipe Truck is a 1997 IHC Tandem Axle with a 20' flat bed, tool Boxes on both Sides, 350 HP N14 Cummins with a 10-Speed transmission, approx. 550,000 Miles.

Rotary M - SRS #3380

DESCRIPTION: Mayhew; Model: 1000; Compressor: Gardner Denver ADL 79/250; Mud Pump: Gardner Denver 5X6 Duplex (Power Band Belt Driven); Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1999 IHC 4900 6X4; Truck Engine Make: DT 466; Tools/Options: Mayhew 1000: Power Band Belt Driven Mud Pump, Two Stage Reciprocating Air Compressor, Gardner Denver 7-1/2" Non-Retractable Rotary Table, 2" Little Giant Swivel, (4) Hydraulic Leveling Jacks, "MS" Series Break-Out Tong. Truck has a Spicer 10-Speed Transmission, Cruise Control, AC (Needs Freon Recharged), approx. 112,000 Miles on it. No Drill Pipe Included.

Rotary M - SRS #3369

DESCRIPTION: 1977, Midway; Model: 13M; Compressor: LeRoi 100S1 (600-700 CFM); Mud Pump: Gardner Denver 5X6; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1977 Ford 9000; Truck Engine Make: Detroit 671 - Complete Overhaul in 2014; Tools/Options: Midway 13M, 1977: Detroit had a Complete Overhaul in 2014, Manual Clutches, 8-1/2" Retractable Rotary Table, Pulldown, 6 GPM Bean Pump, Includes approx. 800' of 2-7/8" Mayhew Full Hole Drill Rod, Sub Adapters. Has not been In the field for 2 years but gets started and run every 4-5 months. Newer Paint.

Rotary M - SRS #3356

DESCRIPTION: Mayhew ; Model: 1000; Compressor: 2007 Curtis; Mud Pump: 5X6 Wheatly; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1977 IHC; Truck Engine Make: Diesel; Condition: Working Daily; Tools/Options: Mayhew 1000: Curtis Compressor Similar to a LeRoi 256. Mud Pump is a Wheatly that has been converted to a 5X6 - all new parts. 23' Kelly, 2" Little Giant Swivel, 1000 Drawworks, 5-1/4" Stationary Table. New Kelly, Pulldown chains, Sprockets and Pulldown Winch. Includes approx. 240' of 20' Drill Rod & Tooling, a GeoLoop 550 Grouter with Hydraulic Reel (grouter gone through, engine, elec. Box, valves & fittings good), Water Truck, Water Tanks, Welder, Parts and Hoses. Truck Engine was Gone Through and Rebuilt in 2017. Mileage Unknown.

Rotary M - SRS #3338

DESCRIPTION: 2008, Mertz Mfg.; Model: Mini Boxer ; Compressor: None; Mud Pump: Moyno 3L6; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: Rubber Tracks; Truck Engine Make: 3 Cylinder Perkins Diesel; Condition: Ready to Work; Tools/Options: Mertz Mfg. Mini Boxer: Limited/Difficult Access Drill with 2 Chain Hydraulic Mast Pulldown. Tophead Mounted on 6-Sealed, "V" Roller Bearings Instead of Metal on Metal Plates. Hydraulic Tophead Rotation for Auger or Mud Rotary Drilling. 1" Side Feed Wet Swivel, Progressive Cavity Mud Pump, Expanding/Contracting Hydraulic Rubber Tracks (40-50% Wear Remaining), 2-Stage Hydraulic Gear Pump, 4 Hydraulic Outriggers. Mast Tilts Forward - Back, Up and Down and Angles to the Side to Angle Drilling. Wet Swivel is set up for AWJ Drill Rod or 2-5/16 Casing Drilling. Swivel can be Removed and Replaced with a Sub for Standard Auger Hex with One bolt. Rig comes with Aluminum Mud Tub, Green Suction Hose, Yellow Discharge Hose, 50' of used AWJ Rod, (1) Used Bit. Ready to Drill. Rig was used to Install Casing for Cement Pumping, Small Diameter Irrigation Wells and Monitor Wells. Will Fit Through any Gate, Screen Door, around Pools and Sea Walls. Very Versatile Small Access Mud Rotary or Auger Drill. Engine Runs Strong and has no Issues.

Rotary M - SRS #3320

DESCRIPTION: 1980, Midway; Model: 1300; Compressor: None; Mud Pump: 3X4 Centrifugal; Mounted On: 1980 IHC 5000; Truck Engine Make: Detroit 671; Tools/Options: Midway 1300: Chains to be Installed, Engine & Truck Run Good. Hydraulic Chain Pulldown, Retractable Gardner Denver 7-1/2" Rotary Table, Three Hydraulic Leveling Jacks. Pipe Available, Good for Large Diameter Wells. Engine Runs good, but Rig needs some Repairs.

Rotary M - SRS #2894

DESCRIPTION: 1982, Midway; Model: 15M; Compressor: 450/250 LeRoi 256; Mud Pump: 5X6 Failing; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2007 Peterbilt 357; Truck Engine Make: 475 HP CAT; Tires: Good; Condition: Good; Tools/Options: Midway 15M: New 15M Drawworks Installed in 2016, had 13M Drawworks Prior to that. 8.5" Retractable Midway Table, 20" X 20" Table Opening, NICE, Rebuilt, Ready to Drill & Road Worthy. Rebuilt: Mud Pumps, Drawworks, Rotary Table - also made rotary table retractable. All New Rods, Rebuilt Entire Rear Platforms. 35' Derrick plus a 15' Extension, Spicer Box, Double Drum 3-Line Machine, Bailer has a 3rd Spool, all are Air Activated. NEW 3-3/4" X 23' Kelly, Air Clutches on Drawworks and Sandline Reel. Compressor, Mud Pump and Table have Mechanical clutches. 8-1/2" Retractable Table, Mechanical Compressor Disconnect Clutch, 18 GPM Injection Pump, Rod Box, Tool Box, (4) Jacks. Truck is a Heavy Haul Chassis and approx. 208,335 Miles. 500' of 2-7/8" X 20 Drill Rod with 2-3/8" Threads, Mud Pan and 15' Derrick Extension also Available.

Rotary M - SRS #3124

DESCRIPTION: Midway ; Model: 1300; Compressor: None; Mud Pump: GD FXG 5 X 4-1/2"; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1990 IHC; Truck Engine Make: CAT 3406; Condition: Good; Tools/Options: Midway 1300: Mud Rotary Rig, Includes approx. 700' of 2-7/8" Drill Rod, Bits, Subs. Non-Retractable Table. 2-Line, Double Drum Machine. Mechanical Clutches. Rod Rack, Driller & Helpers Platforms.

Rotary M - SRS #2919

DESCRIPTION: 1978, Mobile; Model: B40L; Compressor: None; Mud Pump: 4-1/2" X 5" GD Piston; Mounted On: 1986 Ford L8000; Truck Engine Make: CAT 3208 Diesel; Tools/Options: Mobile B40L: Full Mud Rotary Tophead with a 22' Pulldown. Piston Mud Pump, (2) Hydraulic Winches Mounted on the Derrick, (3) Hydraulic Leveling Jacks, Includes 300' of 2-7/8" API Drill Rod (15'20' Rods), 300 Gallon Aluminum Mud Tub, 100 Gallon Mixing Tub, 2" & 3" Gas Powered Trash Pump, Desander with Hoses & Accessories,(1) 250 Gallon Poly Water Tank and (1) 500 Gallon Poly Water Tank, Drill Bits & Subs of Various Sizes.

Rotary M - SRS #2529

DESCRIPTION: Mayhew; Model: 2000; Compressor: None; Engine: Detroit 471; Mounted On: Trailer; Tires: Good; Tools/Options: Mayhew 2000: 58' Derrick, 4" X 35' Kelly, Double Drum Drawworks rebuilt in 2010 by DSM, 7-1/2" Non-Retractable Rotary Table can be Lifted Away (rebuilt in 2011), Drilling Platform & Side Walkways, Front & Back Leveling Rams, Derrick Lifting Rams (Rebuilt in 2010), Drive Line (rebuilt in 2010). Deck Engine was rebuilt in 2011, has a 4-speed Transmission. 500 Gallon Deck Mounted Fuel Tank, 50 Gallon Side Mounted Auxiliary Tank, Air Clutches. Includes 1,800' of 3" Flush Joint Drill Pipe, (12) 4.5" X 30' Drill Collars, Geolograph, Subs, Hoses, Blocks & Tooling also Included along with a 8' X 25' Doghouse Mounted on a Gooseneck Trailer. Room for a 5-1/2" X 8" Mud Pump on Deck.

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