Rotary M


Rotary M - SRS #3678

DESCRIPTION: 1976, Mayhew; Model: 1000; Mud Pump: See Below; Mounted On: 2001 International; Truck Engine Make: DT 466; Tools/Options: Mayhew 1000 Year: 1976: Motor Needs Replaced. Includes a 3X4 Centrifugal Mud Pump that is Trailer Mounted.

Rotary M - SRS #3611

DESCRIPTION: Midway; Model: 15M; Mud Pump: Gardner Denver 5" X 10"; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1981 Ford L9000; Tools/Options: Midway 15M: Drawworks with Air Clutches & 8" Wide Brakes, 54' Long 3" Square Tubing Derrick., Hydrostatic Brake, Midway 12" Retractable Table. Includes 900' of 3.5" IF Drill Pipe and Pipe Trailer.. Condition

Rotary M - SRS #3609

DESCRIPTION: Midway; Model: 1300; Compressor: LeRoi 256; Mud Pump: 5X6 Gardner Denver; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1984 International; Truck Engine Make: 6V92 Detroit; Condition: OFF MARKET; Tools/Options: Midway 1300: Rig has a 37' Mast, has a Mast Extension and a Racking Board (53' Mast with Extension). Can Pull and Rack Doubles. Three New Jacks, New 794 Spicer Gear Box, New 2" Little Giant Swivel, 7-1/2" Retractable Gardner Denver Table that has been Rebuilt, Newer 3-1/2" X 24' Kelly, 4-Cylinder Bean Injection Pump. Detroit Engine Rebuilt in approx. 2015, 13-Speed, New Tires. Rig is Very Solid Mechanically and Very Reliable according to Owner. OFF MARKET

Rotary M - SRS #3515

DESCRIPTION: Midway 13M Drawworks; Mud Pump: Gardner Denver 5X8; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1998 Freightliner; Truck Engine Make: N14; Condition: Working Drill; Tools/Options: Midway 13M Drawworks: 8.5" Midway Rotary Table that has been Rebuilt. 44' (new) Derrick, Capable of Running 40' Casing, New Fluted Kelly, (3) Hydraulic Jacks (good condition), Davey Drop Box, Gardner Denver 1400 Drawworks., Midway Little Giant Swivel (good condition). Includes 135' of 4-1/2" X 2-7/8" IF X 15' Drill Pipe and 45' of 4.5" X 2-7/8" IF X 15' Collars. More Pipe Available for an Extra Cost. Truck Runs Good.

Rotary M - SRS #2894

DESCRIPTION: 1982, Midway; Model: 15M; Compressor: 450/250 LeRoi 256; Mud Pump: 5X6 Failing; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2007 Peterbilt 357; Truck Engine Make: 475 HP CAT; Tires: Good; Condition: Good; Tools/Options: Midway 15M: New 15M Drawworks Installed in 2016, had 13M Drawworks Prior to that. 8.5" Retractable Midway Table, 20" X 20" Table Opening, NICE, Rebuilt, Ready to Drill & Road Worthy. Rebuilt: Mud Pumps, Drawworks, Rotary Table - also made rotary table retractable. All New Rods, Rebuilt Entire Rear Platforms. 35' Derrick plus a 15' Extension, Spicer Box, Double Drum 3-Line Machine, Bailer has a 3rd Spool, all are Air Activated. NEW 3-3/4" X 23' Kelly, Air Clutches on Drawworks and Sandline Reel. Compressor, Mud Pump and Table have Mechanical clutches. 8-1/2" Retractable Table, Mechanical Compressor Disconnect Clutch, 18 GPM Injection Pump, Rod Box, Tool Box, (4) Jacks. Truck is a Heavy Haul Chassis and approx. 208,335 Miles. 500' of 2-7/8" X 20 Drill Rod with 2-3/8" Threads, Mud Pan and 15' Derrick Extension also Available for an Extra Cost.

Rotary M - SRS #3427

DESCRIPTION: Mayhew; Model: 1000; Compressor: Gardner Denver 580; Mud Pump: None; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: CAT D7 Tracks; Truck Engine Make: CAT; Condition: Runs; Tools/Options: Mayhew 1000: Includes approx. 100' of 2-3/8" Mayhew Thread Drill Pipe. Last Time it Ran was about May, 2018.

Rotary M - SRS #3356

DESCRIPTION: Mayhew ; Model: 1000; Compressor: 2007 Curtis; Mud Pump: 5X6 Wheatly; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1977 IHC; Truck Engine Make: Diesel; Condition: Working Daily; Tools/Options: Mayhew 1000: Curtis Compressor Similar to a LeRoi 256. Mud Pump is a Wheatly that has been converted to a 5X6 - all new parts. 23' Kelly, 2" Little Giant Swivel, 1000 Drawworks, 5-1/4" Stationary Table. New Kelly, Pulldown chains, Sprockets and Pulldown Winch. Includes approx. 240' of 20' Drill Rod & Tooling. Available for an Extra Cost: GeoLoop 550 Grouter with Hydraulic Reel (grouter gone through, engine, elec. Box, valves & fittings good), Water Truck, Water Tanks, Welder, Parts, Hoses. Truck Engine was Gone Through and Rebuilt in 2017. Mileage Unknown.

Rotary M - SRS #2529

DESCRIPTION: Mayhew; Model: 2000; Compressor: None; Engine: Detroit 471; Mounted On: Trailer; Tires: Good; Tools/Options: Mayhew 2000: 58' Derrick, 4" X 35' Kelly, Double Drum Drawworks rebuilt in 2010 by DSM, 7-1/2" Non-Retractable Rotary Table can be Lifted Away (rebuilt in 2011), Drilling Platform & Side Walkways, Front & Back Leveling Rams, Derrick Lifting Rams (Rebuilt in 2010), Drive Line (rebuilt in 2010). Deck Engine was rebuilt in 2011, has a 4-speed Transmission. 500 Gallon Deck Mounted Fuel Tank, 50 Gallon Side Mounted Auxiliary Tank, Air Clutches. Includes 1,800' of 3" Flush Joint Drill Pipe, (12) 4.5" X 30' Drill Collars, Geolograph, Subs, Hoses, Blocks & Tooling also Included along with a 8' X 25' Doghouse Mounted on a Gooseneck Trailer. Room for a 5-1/2" X 8" Mud Pump on Deck.

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