SRS #3567

Year: 1978
Make: Jaswell
Model: 1200
Compressor: Sullair 900/350
Mud Pump: Wilden M15
Engine: Detroit 8V92
Mounted On: 1977 Paystar 5000
Truck Engine Make: Detroit 671
Tires: Good
Condition: Fully Tooled and Ready to Drill SOLD

Tools/Options: Jaswell 1200 Year: 1978: SOLD Great rig, drilled about 150 wells in 5 years and only had about 2 Down Time Days. Wilden Mud Pump is the Big One. Bean Water Injection, 6-Rod Carousel, Rod Box, Compressor Disconnect Clutch. Rig can Carry 400' of Pipe, Rest is Hauled on a Trailer. Includes Bushings, Breakout Wrenches, a 6" Mincon Hammer (worn), a 6" Rockmore Hammer and a 6" 360 Hammer this is used for Driving Casing. The Hammer that is used for 8-3/4" Drilling is a 6" Hammer with an over the Hammer Stabilizer on it and that is 10'7" Long. Also Includes a 12' Long Stabilizer with an 8-3/4" Roller Bit (6-1/2" OD?). The Mincon hammer is fine but only holds around 200/220 psi. The Rockmore Screams, it will drill 10 minute rods in rock all day long. Also Includes 700' of 4.5" X 20' Drill Rod with 3.5" Regular Thread, Pipe Trailer. Ready to Drill, Fully Tooled. Truck has approx. 41, 000 Miles on it and has 5X4 Gears. Hydraulic Control Panel has a few Drips.

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