SRS #3645

Make: Honghua
Model: HH-ZJ40DBS
Compressor: None
Mud Pump: See Below
Engine: See Below
Condition: Purchased 5 years ago Never Used

Tools/Options: Honghua HH-ZJ40DBS: Two Drills Available, Purchased 5 Years ago and Never Used, Turned on or Tested. Was part of a set of four, Two have been sold and they were Tested and Worked Perfectly. Each Rig comes with 8 CAT Generators. Helicopter Transportable Rig with 3,000 Kg Loads, Drilling Depth Capacity of 12,000'. 146' Mast, Static Hook Load Capacity 716,800#, 6-Pulley with Perforating Cable Crown Block Maximum Load Capacity 716,800#, Monkey Board Capable of DP 5" Range II with Fall Protection Harness System and IR Man Rider Winch, 320 Ton Rotary Table Beam, Height of Drill Floor is 25', Prepared to Receive Walker System Removable by Pins, Moveable in Two Axis. Pin Drive Type Rotary Table with Opening Diameter of 27-1/2" Maximum Rotary Speed of 220 RPM and Maximum Static Load of 1,000,000#. Disc Brake Type Drawworks actuated by 2 Electric Motors with Minimum 870 HP each and Bit Feeder System. Emergency Shutdown Installed in the Doghouse. YM-16 Cathead, 6-Sheave Traveling Block with Maximum Static Load Capacity of 790,000#. Hook Built to API Spec 8C with Maximum Load Capacity of 790,000#. US Warranty/US Bearings. Includes BOP's 3-1/2" - 4-1/2" IF, DP Elevator 3-1/2" - 5", Pipe Spinner, Manual Slips and Automatic Slips, Casing Spiders, Side Door, Elevators, Aux. Elevators, Slips, Tong, Mud Saver. 8 Sets of CAT Generators 455 kW/60Hz/480V with Soundproof Enclosures, 2 Sets of Cooltech Generators Rated at 200 KVA, SL450 Swivel with Max. Static Load of 1,000,000# Max. Dynamic Load of 630,000# and Max. Rotary Speed of 300 RPM. Kelly Spinner Made by International with Max. Torque of 1,80 ft lbs. and Max. Speed of 150 RPM. Model ST80C NOV with Tubular OD Range of 4-1/24" to 8-1/2" and Drill Pipe Range of 3.5" to 5/5". Type C Drill Pipe tongs with Jaws from 2-7/8" to 5", Type DB with Jaws from 5" to 9-1/2", Type B Casing Tongs from 3-3/8" to 12-3/4" and Hydraulic Drill Pipe Power Tong Made by ECKEL with Hydraulic Backup. 3 Sets of Blowout Preventers, BOP Accumulator, Choke Manifold. 3-Sets of Heli-Transportation Triplex Single-Acting Piston Type Mud Pumps, 6.5" X 9", 3 Sets of Shale Shakers, Mud Cleaner, Degasser, Decanter Centrifuge, 13 Sets of Mud Tanks, Cargo Handling System. Siemens Mud Pits Volume Sensors, WOB Indicator, Torque Indicator, Tong Torque Gauge, Mud Pump Indicators, Bit Tracking System, Digital Drilling Recorded, NOV Deviation Survey Double Recorder, Honeywell Gas Detection System. Diesel Fuel Reserve of 190 bbl. Water Treatment System for Filtering, Purification, Chlorination and PH Control for Daily Water Consumption for the Camps. No Drill Pipe Included.. Condition:

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