SRS #3244

Year: 1986
Make: Failing
Model: 1750 Holemaster Reverse Circulation
Compressor: LeRoi 253S2B
Mud Pump: (2) Mission Magnum 3X4X13 Reciprocating
Engine: PTO
Mounted On: 1997 Mack
Truck Engine Make: Mack CL713 427 HP Reconditioned
Condition: Complete Setup and Ready for Work

Tools/Options: Failing 1750 Holemaster RC: PRICE REDUCED, OPEN TO OFFERS! Tools/Other Options: Rig is set up for either Flooded Reverse Circulation or Conventional Mud Rotary Drilling, 6" ID through Swivel and Tophead Drive, Table Opening is approx. 8-3/4" the table inserts also come out to set casing and the table opens 8+ inches as well as opening up to set tooling. Owner Believes it is Capable of Setting 18" Casing. Tophead Drive has 2,400 Ft.-Lbs Torque @ 1-120 RPM, Tilts Horizontal for Making Connections off a Trailer. Derrick is Rated for 100,000# Static Hook Load Capacity, 55,000# Total Pulling Capacity with a 4-Speed Drive (up to 309 Ft./Min.), Pulldown Chains, Single Drum Drawworks with 15,000# (60,000# on 4-Part Line, 22-Ton Traveling Block). 36' Derrick that Handles up to 25' Casing, Cathead, Mast Mounted Safety Line. Truck has approx. 569,284 Miles on it. Diesel Engine is a 427 HP and has been Reconditioned (low hours since), has an Engine Brake. Reconditioned 8-Speed Eaton Transmission with Deep Reduction Selector. Also Includes a Custom Pipe Trailer (designed by GEFCO) with Slide, Battery or Truck Powered Crane, 590' of 6-5/8" O.D. X 20' Hacker Thread Drill Pipe, 200' of 2" Tremmie Pipe, 1-1/4" Schedule 40 Pic Airline & Couplers, Extra Fittings, Tool chest, 6" I.D. Dual Helix Discharge Hose, 2" Air Hose, 4" Suction Hose with Screen, 20' 6" X .25 Flow Pipe, Elbows, I-Beams. Tooling Includes: Breakout Tongs, Slides, J-Hook, Semco 14" & 16" Heavy Duty Elevators, 20' 10K Drill Collar, 32" Drag Bit, 28" Moab Tricone Roller Bit, 19" TCI Bit, 15" Roller Bit, Swab, Lifting Bail. Also Available for an Extra Cost is a Sullair 375H Air Compressor Powered by a John Deere Engine, approx. 5,554 Hours. Complete Setup, Ready for Work.

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