SRS #2748

Make: Cooper
Model: LTO 350
Compressor: N/A
Mud Pump: N/A
Engine: Detroit 8V71T
Mounted On: Tri-Axle Trailer
Truck Engine Make: N/A

Tools/Options: Cooper LTO 350: Rig is Rated at 14,000' with 2-7/8" Cable. Cardwell 63' Telescoping Single Mast Rated at 80,000# with 4 Lines. Mast is complete with Standard Equipment Including; (3) Working and (1) Fast Line Sheave, Racking Board, Ladder, Tong Suspension, Cat Line & Tugger Line Sheaves. Cooper Model LTO 350 Double Drum Tandem Drawworks with Hydraulic Catheads, Crown Saver & Control Console. 300 HP Deck Engine Complete with Battery Start, Local Rad, Positive Air Shut-Off and Instrument Panel. Allison CLBT4460-2 6-Speed Torque Tube Drive Automatic Transmission, 5-Forward, 1-Reverse. Rig Mounted Hydraulic system with Tank, Hydraulic Pump, Manifold, Filters & Hoses. System Operates Mast Raising Cylinder, Leveling Jacks and Deck Winch. Western International Model 20TCG Portable Double Wall 525 Gallon Tank w/ Forklift. Trailer is approx. 8' Wide and 48' Long, Dual Wheels and Air Brakes. (6) Stabilization Jacks, (4) Post Jacks, (2) Outriggers, Elevated Working Platform, Built-In Tool Boxes. JC Welding 1-Piece Sub aprox. 9' Wide X 14' Long X 5'3" - 9'6" High with Rotary Support Beams, BOP Lines, Pinning V-Door, Prefabs, Fluorescent Lighting & Steam Heater. 114 +/- bbl Mud Tank, (4) Compartments with Clean-Outs, Sloped Bottom, 6' Mix Room, 4' Manifold Shack 24" Degasser with 150' of 6" Vent Line. Mini Shaker with (2) Panels & (2) Verbose Motors. 5"x6" Precharge/Mix Pump Energized by a 40 HP Electric Motor & Mix Hopper. Choke Manifold; 3" Gut Line with (2) 3" Gate Valves, (2) 2" Wing Lines, (8) 2" Gate Valves. Manifold is Complete with (2) Manual 2" Chokes & Instrumentation. Guibberson Type A Traveling Blocks Rated at 50-Ton with (2) 24" Sheaves Grooved for 7/8" Wire Rope. Guibberson Unitized Hook Rated at 50 Ton. Ideal Type V Swivel, Hydraulic Pipe Spinner Powered by a Dennison Motor, Clipper Weight Indicator, (1) Set of BJ Type C Rotary Tongs with assorted Jaws (3-1/2" - 9-5/8"). Single 600 Gallon Wall Fuel Tank with Electric Transfer Pump.

Southern Office:
1485 DeSoto Blvd N
Naples FL 34120
Phone: 239.774.1939
FAX: 239.774.6666

Northern Office:
Oil City PA 16301
Phone Toll FREE: 1.888.204.3907
FAX: 814.676.0378