SRS #2205

Year: 1982
Make: Cooper
Model: 350DD
Compressor: None
Mud Pump: Emsco D-375
Engine: Detroit 6-71
Mounted On: Tri-Axle Trailer

Tools/Options: Cooper 350DD: Double Drum Drawworks, Lebus Grooved with 7/8" Drill Line & 9/16" Sandline, Make-up & Breakout Catheads, Air Driller's Console, Crown-O-Matic, Hydromatic Brake, Single Engine Compound. 62' Telescoping Mast, 120,000# Static Hook Load, Crown Block with Sheave Cluster & Fastline Sheave, Hydraulically Raised, Racking board, Tong Counter Weights, Ladder, Derrick Climber, Geronimo, Standpipe & Manifold. Shopbuilt Substructure with Hydrauic Leveling Jacks. Emsco mud pump - 375 HP, fluid ends, master skidded with Detroit Twin 6-71 Diesel Engines. Hacker 17-1/2" Rotary Table, Falk 80-Ton Top Drive. Doghouses, Mounted Water Tank, Skidded Pump House, Block & Hook, elevator Links. Also includes some well control equipment, JD Generator, Air Compressor, Mud System with Shaker, Water & Fuel Tank, Handling Tools, Pipe Trailer, Catwalk, Pipe Racks and Other Misc. Equipment. 3,280' of 2-7/8" Drill Pipe w/ 2-7/8" AOH Connectors, (6) 6-1/2" & (16) 4-3/4" X 30 'Drill Collars with 4-1/2" XH Connectors, Swivel. Winch Truck, Lowboy, misc. spare parts. Too much to mention.

Southern Office:
1485 DeSoto Blvd N
Naples FL 34120
Phone: 239.774.1939
FAX: 239.774.6666

Northern Office:
Oil City PA 16301
Phone Toll FREE: 1.888.204.3907
FAX: 814.676.0378