Rotary C


Rotary C - SRS #3726

DESCRIPTION: 1974, Chicago Pneumatic; Model: T-650; Compressor: 750/300 GHH; Engine: CAT 3406; Mounted On: 1974 Ford L9000; Truck Engine Make: 290 Cummins; Tools/Options: Chicago Pneumatic T-650 Year: 1974: 40,000# Pullback, Bean Pump, Compressor and Deck Engine was installed in 1981 (newer than drill), all 3/4" and 1" Hoses have been Replaced. CAT Engine was Completely Rebuilt and has 3 Wells on Rebuild, Starter also Rebuilt in 2020. Rig is capable of running 25' drill rod but drill has a rod box built for 20' rod. Truck has a 13 Speed Transmission. A Few Hammers Available but not Drill Rod. Rig is Set Up to Run 4.5" X 20' Pipe. Could Handle 25' Pipe but Carousel would need to be Modified. Jib Extends and Rotates.

Rotary C - SRS #3464

DESCRIPTION: Chicago Pneumatic; Model: T-650 HH; Compressor: See Below; Mud Pump: None; Engine: 4 Cylinder CAT Industrial Turbo; Mounted On: 1988 AWD 6X6 Oshkosh; Truck Engine Make: CAT 3306; Condition: Working Drill; Tools/Options: Chicago Pneumatic T-650 HH: 70K Pullback, 200 Chains on Crown with Extra Reinforced Mast, Inverted 5" Pullback Cylinders, Industrial CAT Turbo Engine on Deck Runs Hydraulic Pumps, Dual Hydraulic Pumps. Wireless Remote Control Jib Crane, Rod Loader and many Nice Features. Rig is Currently Running 25' Pipe but rod loader can accept various style and length pipe. The Loader can Handle Range II & III Pipe, however the Mast is only Tall enough for 28' under the Topdrive A skid Mounted 1170/450 IR Compressor with Diesel Generator Available for an Extra Cost.

Rotary C - SRS #3318

DESCRIPTION: 1975, Chicago Pneumatic; Model: T-7000; Compressor: 750/250; Mud Pump: None; Engine: CAT 3206; Mounted On: 1975 Autocar 6X6; Truck Engine Make: Cummins; Tools/Options: Bean Water Injection, 50,000# Pullback, Rapid Regen, 28' Stroke, No Rod Box, Has a Carousel but the Hydraulic Cylinders have been Removed, Funk Box is Worn, needs Bearings, Rig has good Air but Engine has Blowby, does not use a whole lot of Oil. Uses Winch to Lift Drill Rod. No Drill Rod

Rotary C - SRS #3316

DESCRIPTION: Cyclone; Model: 36R Dual Rotary; Compressor: None; Mud Pump: Gardner Denver 5X6; Engine: Diesel; Mounted On: Mack; Truck Engine Make: 300 Mack Diesel; Condition: Needs Some Work; Tools/Options: Cyclone 36R: Dual Rotary, Walking Beam, Separate Diesel Engine Runs Mud Pump, Driller & Helpers Platforms, Front & Rear Jacks, Rod Box, Mud Tub. Needs Some Work, Sat for 3 Years.

Rotary C - SRS #2065

DESCRIPTION: 1972, Chicago Pneumatic; Model: 670; Compressor: 600/250 GHH Screw; Engine: 343 T 6 Cyl Cat; Mounted On: 1972 International; Truck Engine Make: 549 V-8 Gas; Tools/Options: 25' Rods, 360 IH 6" Hammer, Reworked, new bbl, piston, springs, choked. Rig leaks compressor fluid - needs seals & bearings replaced behind bull gear. Runs & Drills like it is . Tophead has been rebuilt. Includes rod rack, winch and approx. 500' of 4-1/2" X 25' rod, 6" air hammer, stabilizer with 8-7/8" tricone bit, subs, bushings and petol wrench. Good gears & clutch in truck and (8) near new tires in back. 2018 New Diesel Pump for Deck Engine and Two New Batteries.

Rotary C - SRS #3201

DESCRIPTION: Chicago Pneumatic; Mounted On: International R190; Tools/Options: Chicago Pneumatic MAKE OFFER. PARTS RIG.

Rotary C - SRS #3108

DESCRIPTION: 1997, Canterra; Model: CT 250; Compressor: N/A; Mud Pump: N/A; Engine: Cummins 4BT; Mounted On: International; Truck Engine Make: CAT DSL 628; Tools/Options: Canterra CT 250: Air, Auger, Mud Drilling Rig. Deck Engine has approx. 4,230 Hours on it. (3) Winches - Drawworks, Jib and Sandline. 2-Speed Powerhead, Moyno Pump, (2) Auger Side Racks, (1) Pipe Rack. 4 Hydraulic Leveling Jacks. Rig was Refurbished in 2009 & 2015. Some Tooling Available. Truck has approx. 65,272 Miles on it, 9-Speed Transmission, Weighs approx. 40,000#.

Rotary C - SRS #2748

DESCRIPTION: Cooper; Model: LTO 350; Compressor: N/A; Mud Pump: N/A; Engine: Detroit 8V71T; Mounted On: Tri-Axle Trailer; Truck Engine Make: N/A; Tools/Options: Cooper LTO 350: Rig is Rated at 14,000' with 2-7/8" Cable. Cardwell 63' Telescoping Single Mast Rated at 80,000# with 4 Lines. Mast is complete with Standard Equipment Including; (3) Working and (1) Fast Line Sheave, Racking Board, Ladder, Tong Suspension, Cat Line & Tugger Line Sheaves. Cooper Model LTO 350 Double Drum Tandem Drawworks with Hydraulic Catheads, Crown Saver & Control Console. 300 HP Deck Engine Complete with Battery Start, Local Rad, Positive Air Shut-Off and Instrument Panel. Allison CLBT4460-2 6-Speed Torque Tube Drive Automatic Transmission, 5-Forward, 1-Reverse. Rig Mounted Hydraulic system with Tank, Hydraulic Pump, Manifold, Filters & Hoses. System Operates Mast Raising Cylinder, Leveling Jacks and Deck Winch. Western International Model 20TCG Portable Double Wall 525 Gallon Tank w/ Forklift. Trailer is approx. 8' Wide and 48' Long, Dual Wheels and Air Brakes. (6) Stabilization Jacks, (4) Post Jacks, (2) Outriggers, Elevated Working Platform, Built-In Tool Boxes. JC Welding 1-Piece Sub aprox. 9' Wide X 14' Long X 5'3" - 9'6" High with Rotary Support Beams, BOP Lines, Pinning V-Door, Prefabs, Fluorescent Lighting & Steam Heater. 114 +/- bbl Mud Tank, (4) Compartments with Clean-Outs, Sloped Bottom, 6' Mix Room, 4' Manifold Shack 24" Degasser with 150' of 6" Vent Line. Mini Shaker with (2) Panels & (2) Verbose Motors. 5"x6" Precharge/Mix Pump Energized by a 40 HP Electric Motor & Mix Hopper. Choke Manifold; 3" Gut Line with (2) 3" Gate Valves, (2) 2" Wing Lines, (8) 2" Gate Valves. Manifold is Complete with (2) Manual 2" Chokes & Instrumentation. Guibberson Type A Traveling Blocks Rated at 50-Ton with (2) 24" Sheaves Grooved for 7/8" Wire Rope. Guibberson Unitized Hook Rated at 50 Ton. Ideal Type V Swivel, Hydraulic Pipe Spinner Powered by a Dennison Motor, Clipper Weight Indicator, (1) Set of BJ Type C Rotary Tongs with assorted Jaws (3-1/2" - 9-5/8"). Single 600 Gallon Wall Fuel Tank with Electric Transfer Pump.

Rotary C - SRS #2500

DESCRIPTION: 1965, Chicago Pneumatic; Model: T-650; Compressor: PB-8; Mud Pump: None; Engine: CAT 333; Mounted On: 1965 International 190; Condition: Unknown - Parts Rig; Tools/Options: Chicago Pneumatic T-650: Rod Box. Parts Rig. Compressor tag reads 1200-300 RPM, 83392 LH 8-3/8 X 4-3/4 X 5.

Rotary C - SRS #2307

DESCRIPTION: 1978, Chicago Pneumatic; Model: T-650 SS; Compressor: 900/350 Sullair; Engine: CAT 3406; Mounted On: 1978 CCC; Truck Engine Make: CAT 3208; Tools/Options: Chicago Pneumatic T-650 SS: Has been parked since 2010. Deck engine ran when it was parked but was getting tired. Seals replaced in compressor around 2006. Truck engine has approx. 1000 miles on it since engine was replaced. 13-speed road Ranger Transmission. 32' Mast, Runs 20' Rod, Carousel (needs work), Standard Hoist, Single Head Motor, Could use pulldown chains replaced but still functioning. Funk Box was rebuilt once. Main Winch & Sandline, Jib boom swings in and out, Hammer oiler, Bean water injection.

Rotary C - SRS #2205

DESCRIPTION: 1982 , Cooper; Model: 350DD; Compressor: None; Mud Pump: Emsco D-375; Engine: Detroit 6-71; Mounted On: Tri-Axle Trailer; Tools/Options: Cooper 350DD: Double Drum Drawworks, Lebus Grooved with 7/8" Drill Line & 9/16" Sandline, Make-up & Breakout Catheads, Air Driller's Console, Crown-O-Matic, Hydromatic Brake, Single Engine Compound. 62' Telescoping Mast, 120,000# Static Hook Load, Crown Block with Sheave Cluster & Fastline Sheave, Hydraulically Raised, Racking board, Tong Counter Weights, Ladder, Derrick Climber, Geronimo, Standpipe & Manifold. Shopbuilt Substructure with Hydrauic Leveling Jacks. Emsco mud pump - 375 HP, fluid ends, master skidded with Detroit Twin 6-71 Diesel Engines. Hacker 17-1/2" Rotary Table, Falk 80-Ton Top Drive. Doghouses, Mounted Water Tank, Skidded Pump House, Block & Hook, elevator Links. Also includes some well control equipment, JD Generator, Air Compressor, Mud System with Shaker, Water & Fuel Tank, Handling Tools, Pipe Trailer, Catwalk, Pipe Racks and Other Misc. Equipment. 3,280' of 2-7/8" Drill Pipe w/ 2-7/8" AOH Connectors, (6) 6-1/2" & (16) 4-3/4" X 30 'Drill Collars with 4-1/2" XH Connectors, Swivel. Winch Truck, Lowboy, misc. spare parts. Too much to mention.

Rotary C - SRS #2072

DESCRIPTION: 1979 , Chicago Pneumatic; Model: 650 SS; Compressor: 900/325; Mud Pump: None; Engine: CAT 3406; Mounted On: CCC; Truck Engine Make: CAT 3208; Tools/Options: 28' Stroke, 30,000# Pulldown, 22,000# Hoist, 4.5" Diameter Cylinders. Injection pump oiler. Lots of repairs & upgrades done a few years ago. Carousel. 150' of 4-1/2" Rod. Approx. 75,000 miles on the truck, Hrs ??? Meter has been replaced.

Rotary C - SRS #1957

DESCRIPTION: 1979, Chicago Pneumatic; Model: 650 SS Explorer; Compressor: 900/350; Mud Pump: NONE; Engine: CAT 3406; Mounted On: CCC; Truck Engine Make: 3208 Turbo; Tools/Options: New hoses, paint. Heavy hoist, 20 gal water injection, line lubrictor, night lights, bbl. Loader. Rig was overhauled in 2007 and tested had approx. 500 hrs. on it at that time and has approx. 2000 hrs. now. Remanufactured head was put on by CAT, deck engine was overhauled and tested by CAT. New oil cooler in 2003.

Rotary C - SRS #1909

DESCRIPTION: 1983, Chicago Pneumatic; Model: 650 SS Deep Hole; Compressor: 850/350; Engine: 450 HP Cummins; Mounted On: CCC; Truck Engine Make: 3408 Cummins; Tires: New; Tools/Options: 650 SS Explorer deep hole package. 50,000# pullback, upgraded rapid retract, higher torque, bigger cooler, extended mast can handle 25' steel. New hydraulic Fluid and batteries, rebuilt spools, modified tophead & mast mounting, auxiliary hydraulic cooler. This rig has been modified for extreme use. No Steel included.

Rotary C - SRS #1623

DESCRIPTION: 1967, Cyclone; Model: 44R; Compressor: 100S-DS 425/288; Mud Pump: 3" diaphram-air operated; Engine: Isuzu; Mounted On: Mack DM600; Tools/Options: V8 runs the air & the 4 Cyl. Ford runs the hydraulics both are on deck. Water Injection, 8-1/2" Rotary Retractable Table, Petol Breakout Wrench, Double Drum Draw works. 200' steel

Rotary C - SRS #1510

DESCRIPTION: 1979, Chicago Pneumatic; Model: T-650-WS; Compressor: 840/350; Engine: 3406 Cat; Mounted On: Ford; Truck Engine Year: 1979; Truck Engine Make: 3208; Tools/Options: 6 piece carousel, 400' of drill rod.

Rotary C - SRS #1338

DESCRIPTION: 1979, Chicago Pneumatic; Model: T-650 WS; Compressor: 825-300; Engine: 3406; Mounted On: Ford 8000; Truck Engine Year: 1979; Truck Engine Make: 3208;

Rotary C - SRS #1284

DESCRIPTION: 1978, Chicago Pneumatic; Model: T 650 WS; Compressor: 825/250 GHH; Engine: 3406 Cat 425 HP; Mounted On: Ford 8000; Truck Engine Year: 1978; Truck Engine Make: 3208 Cat; Tools/Options: Drill engine rebuilt 2 yrs ago, truck engine recently rebuilt, compressor rebuilt in 2000.

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