Rotary A-B


Rotary A-B - SRS #3760

DESCRIPTION: 2020, Bundok; Model: DW400C; Mud Pump: 8" X 7.5"; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: Crawler; Truck Engine Make: Cummins 6LTAA8.9; Condition: New; Tools/Options: Bundok DW400C Year 2020: Water Well Rig that can be Mounted on Tracks or Truck. Sauer Danfoss Pumps and Motors and Sauer Danfoss PVG Valves. Zero Hours, 350 HP Engine. Sauer Danfoss Load Sensed Piston Pumps, Sauer Danfoss PVG Valves. 4-Speed Rotation Head 0-600 RPM @ 11,800 Ft. Lb. Torque, Rotation Head Slides Horizontally for Casing Installation, Head Tilts Horizontally. Floating Spindle with 2" Waterway, 50K Pullback, Dump Mast. 20" Diameter through the Work Table, Breakout Ram, 20K Single Line Pull Winch Mounted on Top of the Mast. Manuli Hoses on all High Pressure Lines, 4 Outriggers (can extend outward so that a lowboy trailer can back under the rig).

Rotary A-B - SRS #3758

DESCRIPTION: Badger; Compressor: WCG 1005; Mud Pump: FXG 172; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1997 Mack; Truck Engine Make: Mack EM7-300; Tools/Options: Badger: 16" Stationary Table, Bean Pump, Standard Mast, Chain Pulldown, Mechanical Clutches. Transmission Rebuilt. Never Ran Compressor.

Rotary A-B - SRS #3737

DESCRIPTION: 2005, Atlas Copco ; Model: T3W-DH50; Compressor: 1070/350 with Clutch; Mud Pump: Plumbed; Engine: CAT C15 565 HP; Mounted On: Paystar 5600i; Truck Engine Make: CAT C13 380 HP; Tools/Options: Atlas Copco T3W-DH50 Year: 2005: Compressor Completely Redone and a New In/Out Box on Deck Engine, All New Cables & Roller Bushings. 35' Mast with 50K Pullback, 8,000# 2-Speed Head, 25 GPM Bean Water Injection, 18,000# Hoist, Single Rod Loader, Deck Engine has a Diesel Per-Heater, Torque Limit Control, 7-Gallon DHD Lubricator, Frame Mounted Mud Piping, No Mud Pump Included, Aluminum Operators Platforms, Dress up Package. 22,000# Front Axle, 46,000# Rears (no spins in both rears), Approx. 52,000 Miles on Truck and approx. 10,600 Hours on Deck Engine.

Rotary A-B - SRS #3723

DESCRIPTION: 2009, Atlas Copco ; Model: T3W 40; Compressor: 1070/350 with Disconnect Clutch; Mud Pump: Wilden; Engine: CAT C15; Mounted On: 2009 IHC; Truck Engine Make: Diesel; Condition: Clean; Tools/Options: Atlas Copco T3 Year: 2009: Drill is Set Up to run 4.5" Drill Rod, 7 Rod Carousel, 12,000# Main Winch, 4-Motor Tophead, Compressor Disconnect Clutch, 20 GPM Bean Water Injection, Oiler. < 11,000 Hours, Truck has a Jake Brake and approx. 30,000 Miles. Includes approx. 700' of Drill Rod, Hammer, Stabilizer. New Disconnect Clutch and New Tophead.

Rotary A-B - SRS #3694

DESCRIPTION: 2007, Atlas Copco; Model: T3-DH70; Compressor: IR HR2.5 1070/350 with Disconnect In/Out Box; Engine: CAT C15 525 HP; Mounted On: Peterbilt 357 6X4; Truck Engine Make: CAT C12 380 HP; Tools/Options: Atlas Copco T3-DH70 Year: 2007: 70,000# Pullback Capacity with Integrated REGEN System, Braden 18,000# Single Line Main Winch, 2,000# Capacity High Speed Sandreel Winch, High Torque, 2-Speed Tophead Drive (8,000 Ft.-Lbs. @ 0-105 RPM and 5,500 Ft,-Lbs @ 0-145 RPM), 20" Table Opening with Bushing Removed, 6-Rod Carousel that is Set Up for 4.5" O.D. X 20' Drill Pipe. Side Mounted Rod Box is Available but no Currently Installed. FMC 35 GPM Water Injection Pump, 7 Gallon Capacity DHD Lubricator.

Rotary A-B - SRS #3632

DESCRIPTION: 1981 or 82, Badger; Model: 1250; Compressor: Leroi 100 S1; Mud Pump: GD 5X6; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1996 Ford L9000; Truck Engine Make: L10 Cummins; Tools/Options: Badger 1250: Nice Clean Drill! Walking Beam, Flotation Tires in the Front. 1981 or 82 Rig, One Owner. 40,000# Rears, 20,000# Fronts. 3-Speed Main Transmission with an Auxiliary Transmission. 4 Jacks, 8.5" Gardner Denver Table, 2" Little Giant Swivel, 4-Cylinder Bean with Tank.

Rotary A-B - SRS #3615

DESCRIPTION: 2007, Atlas Copco; Model: RD 20 Range III; Compressor: IR 1250/350 HR2.5; Engine: Cummins QSK-19C 755 HP; Mounted On: CCC; Truck Engine Make: CAT C13 380 HP; Tools/Options: Atlas Copco RD 20 Range III Year 2007: 120,000# Pullback, Heavy Duty Tophead Drive. 51'7" Clearance between the Spindle and the Table allows for Plenty of Room for 30' Drill Pipe. 8,000 ft-lb. Spur Gear Head Drive maintains Full Torque regardless of Changes in the Speed. The Engine, Compressor and Hydraulic Pumps are Mounted on a Floating Power-Pack which Assures Proper Alignment of Power Components and Decreases Wear. Hi Ambient Cooling System for Engine Coolant, Compressor Oil and Hydraulic Oil is rated for 125° to Assure Long Trouble Free Component Life. Rig has approx. 26,866 Hours and Carrier has approx. 30,016 Miles. Includes a 2014 Foremost 4000 Series Pipe Handler.

Rotary A-B - SRS #3582

DESCRIPTION: Brainard Kilman; Model: Core Drill; Mounted On: 2004 Sterling Acterra; Tools/Options: Brainard Kilman Core Drill: Truck has 196,000 Miles on it, Odometer Reads 038,645.

Rotary A-B - SRS #3243

DESCRIPTION: Buck Rogers; Model: 760; Compressor: None; Mud Pump: Mission; Engine: Honda 15 HP; Mounted On: International; Truck Engine Make: Gas; Condition: Operational; Tools/Options: Buck Rogers 760: Tophead Drive, 2 Honda Deck Engines, One Operates Hydraulic System and One Operates Pump, 20' Mast, 10' Stroke, Cathead, Rear Hydraulic Jacks. Truck Runs Great, Rig is Operational.

Rotary A-B - SRS #3234

DESCRIPTION: Ardco; Compressor: 256 LeRoi S2; Mud Pump: 4-1/2" X 6" GD; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: Hilyard Buggy; Truck Engine Make: CAT 300 HP Diesel; Condition: Good - Ready to Work; Tools/Options: Ardco: Rebuilt and not used much since. Oscillates & Articulates, 5-Speed Transmission, 900 ft. lb. Torque on Engine 4 Leveling Jacks, Loader Holds 400' of Rod. Was being used on Geothermal Wells. Approx. 400' of Mayhew Jr. Drill Rod Included.

Rotary A-B - SRS #2565

DESCRIPTION: 2008, Boart Longyear; Model: DB 430; Compressor: None; Mud Pump: Moyno 3L6; Engine: Deutz 4-Cylinder 140 HP, 4.7L; Mounted On: Tracks; Tools/Options: Boart Longyear DB 430 Year 2008: Rotary/Coring Head has been Upgraded to a LF540, Brand New (2018) Moyno, 16' Stroke, Mast is approx. 20'-22', Deck Approx. 220 Hours on Drill, Wireline Winch & a Pullmaster Winch, Hydraulic Rod Rack with 400' of 2-3/8" API Drill Rod, Dual Rod Clamps, Breakout Wrench. PRICE REDUCED.

Rotary A-B - SRS #2505

DESCRIPTION: Mounted On: Ardco K 6X6 Articulating Buggy; Truck Engine Make: 453 Detroit; Tools/Options: Ardco K 6X6 Buggy: Detroit has been rebuilt and has low hours, 5-Speed New Process 542 Transmission. 17'6" Bed, Live PTO on Transfer Case, 700 Ramsey Winch on the Front, Front Knockout on the Front Axle to engage & disengage. All Brand New Hydraulic Hoses. Clean rig ready for mount. Oscillating & Articulating Buggy

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