SRS #3503

Year: 2017
Make: Elgin
Model: Kemtron 200HD2
Mud Pump: Mud System
Engine: 20 KW Tier III John Deere Generator
Mounted On: Dual Axle 12,000# Pintle Hook Trailer
Condition: SOLD

Tools/Options: 2017 Elgin's Kemtron 200HD2 Mud Recycling System. Dual Deck Shaker, (2) Submersible Mixers, Two Compartment Tank, (3) 4" Hydrocyclone Desilter Manifold with Independent Valve Isolation and Screen Saver Deflectors, 1000 GPM V-Bottom Tank with Mud Gun Circulation, Dual 10HP 2X3X13 Series 118 Centrifugal Pumps. New 400 Gallon Pickup Pump to Accommodate the Higher Flow. This system Easily cleans 200 GPM. 200 GPM, 5HP Submersible Trash Pump, 12,000# Pintle Hook Trailer, DOT Approved, Electrically Ready for Road Transport. 22 Hours on Unit. SOLD

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