Miscellaneous - SRS #3576

DESCRIPTION: Engine: Kohler 25 HP; Tools/Options: Kohler 25 HP Engine

Miscellaneous - SRS #3408

DESCRIPTION: McLaughlin; Model: DSK 100; Engine: Kubota Diesel; Mounted On: Unmounted; Tools/Options: McLaughlin DSK 100: Vacuum Unit. 585 CFM Blower Vac with a 100 Gallon Hydraulic Hopper, 3,000 psi High Pressure Pump @ 3 GPM. Has one 3" Hose, Wands, etc. 287 Hours on Entire Unit. Fits in the Bed of a Pickup, Designed for Potholing or Utility Clearance Prior to Drilling. Great for Soft Drilling, Injects Water through Jets at the Bottom of the Wand which Simultaneously Vacuums out the soil and Deposits it into a Hydraulic Dump Hopper. Wands Basically Unused as is the H.P. Pump.Prior to Drilling..

Miscellaneous - SRS #3322

DESCRIPTION: 2012, John Deere; Model: Screw Piling Unit; Compressor: N/A; Mud Pump: N/A; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2012 John Deere 225D Excavator; Truck Engine Make: Isuzu; Condition: Virtually New; Tools/Options: John Deere Screw Piling Unit: Excavator has Thumb and digging Bucket, One Owner, approx. 1,267 Hours. Positive Air Shutoff, Espar Heater and Full Cab Guarding, Zero Swing. Excavator is Complete with a Pengo RV-70 Variable Speed Screw Head (head capable of 88,876 ft./lbs), Class 3 Pengo Torque Pin with Inclinometer and Fully Calibrated Concept Torque solution Data Logger with 8.4" Touch Screen, 25' Stroke. All Head Attachments Professionally Installed by John Deere. Includes Screw Pile Drive Heads for 4.5", 5.5", 6-5/8", 7", 8-5/8", 10-3/4" and 12-3/4". Lots of Extras (guides, pins, etc.), Better than New with all the Upgrades, Very Clean, All Records Available from New, Well Maintained. Virtually New.

Miscellaneous - SRS #3067

DESCRIPTION: Tools/Options: Service Body with Pintle Hook. Made for a Dual Wheel Truck but will Fit a Single Wheel Truck.

Miscellaneous - SRS #2768

DESCRIPTION: 2010, Tradewinds; Model: 200 kW Genset Generator; Engine: John Deere TJ200-T3 Diesel; Mounted On: Skids; Condition: Good; Tools/Options: Tradewinds 200 kW Genset Generator: 200 kW Standby Generator, 277/480 Volts, 60 Hz, 3-Phase. 15 kVA 220/110 Transformer. Powered by a Diesel Engine. 849.7 Hours.

Miscellaneous - SRS #2392

DESCRIPTION: Tools/Options: LIGHT PLANT: 14kW Portable Generator powered by a 4-Cylinder Diesel Engine. Trailer Mounted

Miscellaneous - SRS #2267

DESCRIPTION: Drill Bits; Tools/Options: Year: ; Compressor: ; Mud Pump: ; Mounted On: ; TrEngine: , ; Tools/Other Options: Various sized drill bits ranging from 3" to 28", elevators, subs. Call for sizes.

Miscellaneous - SRS #2266

DESCRIPTION: Stabilizer; Tools/Options: Year: ; Compressor: ; Mud Pump: ; Mounted On: ; TrEngine: , ; Tools/Other Options: 12" Hammer with a 20' Stabilizer & 18" or 20" Bit.. Condition:

Miscellaneous - SRS #2265

DESCRIPTION: Steel Casing; Tools/Options: 2200' of 4-1/2" x 25' New T&C Steel Well Casing. Also has some larger and smaller sized well casing, see pics.

Miscellaneous - SRS #2146

DESCRIPTION: Hydro-Frac TM 3K/65 Frac Unit; Engine: 6-Cyl Deutz; Mounted On: Trailer; Tools/Options: Hydro-Frac WFT Frac TM 3K/65: Hydro-Frac Unit. Turbo Charged, Air Cooled Engine Rated @ 160 HP. Tri-Plex Piston Pump Delivering 76 GPM @ 2750 psi or 90 GPM @ 2500 psi. Air Compressor assembly 43 cfm @ 250 psi, 80 gallon res. WFT. Electric Air hose reel assembly with 1/2" X 875' Hose, Winch assembly - 800' 3/16" Cable. Packer Hose Reel - 875', 5-1/2" Frac Packer Cables - Model 4075C. (40) 1-1/2" OD X 10' Frac Pipe, (20) 1-1/2" OD X 20' Frac Pipe. 5-1/8" Rubbers & Washers for work in Existing Well with Pitless Adaptor. (1) 5-1/2" Packer and (1) 7-1/2" Packer. All Tooling, Adaptors, Pipe and Fittings Needed to Frac Well. Purchased in 2004 and had it rebuilt and repainted when they purchased it. Looks brand new, not much use since, been stored in a garage.

Miscellaneous - SRS #2142

DESCRIPTION: Direct Push Technologies Cone Penetrometer Rig (CPT); Model: 20-Ton ASTM D 3441; Mounted On: 1984 Paystar AWD; Tools/Options: CPT ASTM D 3441 Mechinical Cone Penetrometer Rig: Truck was custom designed with experience. Rig has excelent off road capabilities. Includes 150' of new inner and outer 1-meter rods, (3) new friction breakers, (6) new cones, 1-set of new gauges. Additional supplies are available at an extra cost. Can easily push 500' per day. Data printout capabilities. Good for supplementing SPT borings. With correlation data established numerous CPT soundings can be performed in minimal time, providing large amounts of data.

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