Cable - SRS #3663

DESCRIPTION: Bucyrus Erie; Model: 28-L; Engine: Detroit Diesel; Mounted On: 1973 Auto Car; Truck Engine Make: Cummins NTC 290; Tools/Options: Bucyrus Erie 28L : No Tooling Available. Strong Motor, 3 Drums with a Power Line. Cabled up with approx. 5,000' of Cable. 52' Mast.

Cable - SRS #3661

DESCRIPTION: Bucyrus Erie; Model: 22W; Engine: 4-Cyl Ford Industrial; Mounted On: Trailer; Tools/Options: Bucyrus Erie 22W: Deck Engine has a Transmission. Has been Converted to V-Belts but the Belts have been Removed.. No Hydraulics or Braces. Babbitt Bearings and New Bushings, 2,200' of New 5/8" Drill Line, 2,200' of New 5/16" Sandline. Has Catheads. No Tooling.

Cable - SRS #3659

DESCRIPTION: Bucyrus Erie; Model: 60L; Engine: Buda; Mounted On: Trailer; Tools/Options: Bucyrus Erie 60L: Newer Axle. Runs Good, Doesn't use Oil. Approx. 1,800' of Line on it. Includes a String of 6" Tools.

Cable - SRS #3644

DESCRIPTION: Walker Neer; Model: C25A; Engine: Cummins; Mounted On: Mack; Truck Engine Make: Mack; Tools/Options: Walker Neer C25A: 7,000' of 5/8" Swab Line, New Casing Line. Rig also has a Spudding Beam, 8X7 Twin Poles.

Cable - SRS #3646

DESCRIPTION: Bucyrus Erie; Model: 28L; Mounted On: Trailer; Tools/Options: Bucyrus Erie 28L : Been Sitting, Bushings, Gears and Pins in Good Shape. Cable needs Replaced.

Cable - SRS #3603

DESCRIPTION: Bucyrus Erie; Model: 22W Series I; Engine: Ford Industrial 4-Cylinder Gas; Mounted On: 1993 Kodiak 70 Series; Truck Engine Make: 427 Gas; Tools/Options: Bucyrus Erie 22W: Hydraulic Jacks, Catwalk, New Clutches being Installed. Approx. 1,000' of 3/4" Drill Line, has a Drill Line Saver, Sand Reel with approx. 1,200' of Line and a Casing Reel with approx. enough Cable to Run Pipe. Swivel Jack on the Front, Hydraulic Jacks. Mast is not Hydraulic but goes up Easy, Gears are in Good Condition. Truck has Disc Brakes and approx. 91,000 Miles on it, 2nd Owner on the Truck. Tooling Available for an Extra Cost.New Fender Ordered for Truck.

Cable - SRS #3629

DESCRIPTION: Sanderson Cyclone; Model: 42; Engine: Red Seal 4-Cylinder Gas; Mounted On: 1970 Chevy C50; Tools/Options: Sanderson Cyclone 42: Has a Spare Deck Motor, both the spare and the one on the Deck are Gas Engines. Owner Never used the Drill. Some Tooling Available.

Cable - SRS #3623

DESCRIPTION: 1967, Bucyrus Erie; Model: 60L; Engine: 6-Cyl. Ford Industrial run on Propane; Mounted On: To be Mounted on a 2001 Kenworth T600 Tandem; Truck Engine Make: Diesel; Condition: TEMPORARILY OFF MARKET; Tools/Options: Bucyrus Erie 60L Year: 1967: Triple Part Block, Industrial Deck Engine Runs on Propane, Newer Derrick Hoisting Sheaves and Cable. Has only been used for water well work. Being Mounted on a 2001 Kenworth T 600 Tandem Truck. TEMPORARILY OFF MARKET

Cable - SRS #3617

DESCRIPTION: Bucyrus Erie; Model: 22W Series I; Engine: 4-Cylinder Ford Gas; Mounted On: 1976 White; Truck Engine Make: Diesel; Tools/Options: Bucyrus Erie 22W Series I: Early 1960's Drill. 3 Hydraulic Jacks, Single Axle Truck. Fully Tooled and Cabled up.

Cable - SRS #3559

DESCRIPTION: Speedstar; Model: 55; Engine: 4-Cylinder Red Seal; Mounted On: 1984 Chevy Kodiak; Truck Engine Make: 366; Condition: PRICE REDUCED; Tools/Options: Speedstar 55: 3-Line Machine, Low Hours on Deck Engine, Rebuilt Jack shaft, (4) Hydraulic Leveling Jacks. Includes Hydraulic Breakout Wrench, (1) Stem with one 6" Carbide Bit, (1) 8" Carbide Bit and Bailer. 5&2 Transmission in Truck.

Cable - SRS #3488

DESCRIPTION: Model: Keystone 50; Engine: IHC 4-Cylinder Industrial (rebuilt with approx. 10-20 Hrs); Mounted On: Military 6X6; Truck Engine Make: Multi-Fuel; Condition: Good; Tools/Options: Keystone 50: Industrial Deck Engine Rebuilt, approx. 10-20 Hours on it. Two Line Machine, Cable on both Drums, 5/8" and 7/16". Single Part Pull. Mast is not the original Mast, has been built up, 1-Piece mast approx. 30' - 34', Two Screw Jacks. Runs and Drive Good.

Cable - SRS #3468

DESCRIPTION: Shop Built; Mounted On: Frame; Tools/Options: Small Shop Built Cable Tool. Rig is light enough to Mount on a 350 Truck..

Cable - SRS #3441

DESCRIPTION: 1958 or 59, Bucyrus Erie; Model: 22W; Mounted On: 1958 or 1959 Chevy C50; Tools/Options: Bucyrus Eric 22W (1958/59). Includes a Carbide Bit and some Hand Tools. Rig was Parked in 2016 and Ran then

Cable - SRS #3438

DESCRIPTION: Bucyrus Erie; Model: 20W; Engine: Continental; Mounted On: 1979 Ford; Truck Engine Make: 352; Tools/Options: Bucyrus Erie 20W: Last Ran 2013. Includes a 6" Nailer, 6" Bit, 2" Point Spud.

Cable - SRS #3296

DESCRIPTION: 1970's, Bucyrus Erie; Model: 28L; Compressor: None; Mud Pump: None; Engine: Waukesha MZ6 - Recently Rebuilt; Mounted On: Pull Behind Trailer; Truck Engine Make: N/A; Condition: Working Drill; Tools/Options: Bucyrus Erie 28L: PRICE REDUCED !! Low Hours on Recently Rebuilt Waukesha, Leveling Jacks, 3,500' of Drill Line, 3,500' of Sandline, 3 Drums, 52' Mast, No Auto Braces. No Tools Included.

Cable - SRS #3382

DESCRIPTION: Bucyrus Erie; Model: 20W Series II; Compressor: N/A; Mud Pump: N/A; Engine: 3-Cylinder Deutz; Mounted On: 1986 Ford F700; Tires: Good; Tools/Options: Bucyrus Erie 20W Series II: Recent Clutch & Paint, Hydraulic Jacks,, 400' of 5/16" Bailer Line. Rig is set up for 5" Water Well. Includes Dry Blocks, Bumper Plug and other Tooling. 18' Single Axle, Dual Wheel Flatbed and an 8' 1996 Ford Flatbed, 73 Powerstroke Diesel, good Tires, Low Miles, Aluminum Box Available for an Extra Cost.

Cable - SRS #3353

DESCRIPTION: Bucyrus Erie; Model: 20W; Compressor: N/A; Mud Pump: N/A; Engine: Ford Industrial; Mounted On: Ford AWD; Truck Engine Make: Ford 391 Gas; Condition: Working Drill; Tools/Options: Bucyrus Erie 20W Year: Ford Industrial; Compressor: N/A; Mud Pump: N/A; Mounted On: Ford AWD; TrEngine: , Ford 391 Gas; Tools/Other Options: Rebuilt in 1981, 30 wells since. Auto Braces (rebuilt, new ends), Tool Guide, Front & Rear Hydraulic Jacks, 3 Line Machine, cabled up, 5/8" Drill Line, Snatch Block, J Wrench, Fully Tooled for 4", 5" or 6", Tool Boxes, Rig & truck run on same fuel and electric system, 12V electric fuel pumps. 40,000 Miles on Truck.

Cable - SRS #3351

DESCRIPTION: Speedstar; Model: 55; Compressor: None; Mud Pump: None; Engine: CAT Diesel; Mounted On: 2009 Ford F-650 Super Duty; Truck Engine Make: Cummins 6.7L ISB 240 HP; Tires: Original - Good; Condition: Very Good; Tools/Options: Speedstar 55 Year: One Owner Rig, Never run on salt, very good condition and ready to drill, stored in-doors. Truck is Like New, Never Run on Salt, Dual Wheels, 26,000# GVW with 9,100 Actual Miles, Manual 6-Speed Transmission, Electric/Hydraulic Front Lift, has Current DOT. 2008 CAT Deck Engine has approx. 1,300 Hours Tac Time, Pre-emissions Engine, Engine was Brand New at time of Installation. Good on Fuel, runs 4 Days on a 10 Gallon Fuel Tank. Four Line Machine (drill line, bailer line, casing lift reel, rope line), Cat Heads on both Sides with Rope Pulley at Top of Mast & Rope. Modified Cathead on Operator Side of Rig for Heaving Lifting/Pulling. Separate Leveling Screw Jacks at each Side of Mast. Hydraulic Jack on Front of Truck. Aircraft Generator/Welder (newly rebuilt) with Cables Mounted with Belt Drive to Pulleys on Deck Engine. 2' X 6' Tool Box between Cab & Rig. Drill Stem Break Wrenches, Screen Developing Tool & Screen Puller. Drill is 3-1/4" Diameter by 25' Total Length including Stem, Jars, Swivel and Bit. Telescoping Center Drill Rest. Grundfos 20 GPM Constant Pressure Jet Pump Mounted on Passenger Side Cat Walk. Cat Walks on each Side of Rig with Bentonite Storage area below Drivers Side Catwalk. Wood Blocking in Enclosed Box above Drivers side Catwalk. Mudtrack Rack Underneath as Well. Oxygen/Acetylene Tank Holders in Passenger Side Catwalk. All Breaks & Gears in Excellent Condition, Mast & Walking Beams are Straight, Completely rebuilt Jack Shaft with only 25 Wells Drilled after rebuild. Brand New 500' of Drill Line added at same time as jackshaft rebuild. Includes Drill Bit for 4", 5" and 6" Wells, Several Bailers. Many Extra Tools & Spare Rig Parts Available at an Additional Cost.. Truck is not a 4 wheel drive but there is a kit that can be put in for that.

Cable - SRS #3291

DESCRIPTION: Bucyrus Erie; Model: 28L; Compressor: None; Mud Pump: None; Engine: IHC Gas; Mounted On: Skids; Tools/Options: Bucyrus Erie 28L: 3-Drum Machine, Cabled Up, Long "Bradford" Mast (+/- 60'), No Braces, uses Guide Wires. Last ran Late 2016. Tools Available for an Extra Cost.

Cable - SRS #3190

DESCRIPTION: Wilson; Model: Senior; Compressor: None; Mud Pump: None; Engine: Propane; Mounted On: 1983 Chevy Single Axle; Truck Engine Make: Gasoline; Condition: Refurbished; Tools/Options: Wilson Senior: Refurbished, Single Drum Pulling Unit Set Up to Run on Propane. Hydraulic Jacks and Winch to Raise 8-5/8" Pole with BJ Hydraulic Tongs with Back-ups (have been put on a flow meter & checked out, field ready). New Ceramic Clutch, Pressure Plate and Throw-out Bearing in Transmission. New Guide Lines, Tubing Line, Cat Line. Brand New 2" Tubing Elevators Never Used. Rod Elevators, Rod Wrenches.. Condition: Ready to Work. PRICE REDUCED, DEEP WELL PULLING UNIT.

Cable - SRS #3157

DESCRIPTION: Speedstar; Model: 71; Compressor: See Below; Mud Pump: None; Engine: 1992 6-Cylinder Turbo Cummins - LOW HOURS; Mounted On: 1977 Military 6X6; Truck Engine Year: 6-Cylinder Turbo Diesel; Tires: Near New Agressive Mud Tires; Condition: Operational; Tools/Options: Speedstar 71: PRICE REDUCED. 58' Telescoping Mast with Hydraulic Winch, top Section is newly Fabricated out of Two Rectangular Tube Square Members. Crown has New Ball Bearings, Heavy Tubing Line Sheaves, New Shock Rubbers, New Slide Blocks. Hydraulic Front Outriggers, Rear are Operated by a Hydraulic Motor Driven Dolly Jacks. Bull Wheel Drawworks, New Bearings with approx. 500 Hours (approx. 600' 3/4 Left Lay Cable 90% Currently Spooled off of the Machine and in Storage), Heavy Custom Dividers, New Brake Band & Lining approx. 500 Hours. Sand Reel - New Bearings with approx. 500 Hours, Calf Reel, Cat Heads. Rig Floor has Cat Walks, Folding Rig Floor is Detachable with Extra Panels, Swiveling Dump Hole Built into Rig Floor. Engine Powered Electric Clutch Pump on Hydraulics, Valve Bank with 2 Exhilarate for Power Tongs or Grout Pumps. Air Compressor for Auxiliary Air Operations, 20 GPM Hydraulic Pump, Vacuum Pump, Rain Tight control Panel. 39,800 Original Miles. Tools Available, Rig has Many Nice Features.

Cable - SRS #3169

DESCRIPTION: Bucyrus Erie; Model: 22W Series III; Compressor: N/A; Mud Pump: N/A; Engine: CAT 3024T; Mounted On: 1986 Chevy 2WD; Truck Engine Make: Gas V8; Tires: Good; Condition: Great; Tools/Options: Bucyrus Erie 22W: Completely Refurbished in 2005, all Records Available, was a Series II and was Upgraded to a Series III. 750' Sand Line, 500' Drill Line, 150' Casing Line. Hydraulic Raise on Mast & Mast Tip-Over Cylinder, (3) Hydraulic Jacks. Ready to Drill or use for Well Rehab. Tooling Capable of Drilling a 6" Hole to an 18" Hole. Rig has approx. 1,745 Hours on it.

Cable - SRS #3110

DESCRIPTION: Bucyrus Erie; Model: 20W; Compressor: None; Mud Pump: None; Engine: 4-Cylinder Hercules; Mounted On: 2006 Freightliner; Truck Engine Make: CAT C7 Acert; Tires: Good; Condition: Great; Tools/Options: Bucyrus Erie 20W: Rig is Fully Tooled from 5.5" to 8", Breakout Wrenches, Extra Jacks, 2 Rear Hand Jacks Mounted. 400' + of Drill Line, 400' + of Sand Line. Led Lights for Night Work Lights. Truck has approx. 340,000 Miles on it. Engine & Transmission have been gone through. Truck Runs and Drives Great.

Cable - SRS #2978

DESCRIPTION: Speedstar; Model: 71; Compressor: None; Mud Pump: None; Engine: 4-Cylinder IH Continental; Mounted On: 1976 IH Loadstar 1700 4X4; Truck Engine Make: IH 8-Cylinder 345 cu in Gas; Condition: Decent - Good; Tools/Options: Speedstar 71: 700' of 3/4" Main Line, 500' of 3/8" Sandline. BW T-9 Manual Transmission with PTO Powering the Added Hydraulic System, Hydraulic Auxiliary Lifting Line & Mast Extending Line. Hydraulics Added - Hydraulic Leveling Outrigger Legs (2-Rear, 1-Front), Hydraulic Mast Raising Cylinder, Hydraulic Auxiliary Lifting Line & Mast Extension Line, Hydraulic Auxiliary Power Attachment at Rear, Winch line is made from the draw works from a Failing 500, winching line has the brake bands of the draw works. Additional crown sheaves were added for the line, and it was setup double line. Deck Mounted, Lockable Tool Box, 1980's Deck Mounted Miller Welder/Generator Powered by an 18 HP 2-Cyl. Onan Gas Engine. Includes a 4" Socket, Jars & Stems, 5" Bit. 25-30% Use Left on Tires. Pinon gears are in great shape, rig has 8" Clutches and has good fiber disks, driven off the engine by 8 V-belts, would handle 8 inch tooling, The mast collapsed is 25 feet and extends to 40 feet

Cable - SRS #2854

DESCRIPTION: Mounted On: 1978 GMC 6500; Truck Engine Make: 427 CI V8 Gas; Tools/Options: CABLE RIG TRUCK & TOOLING: Newer Paint. 13-Speed Transmission & Rear Heavy Duty Truck. Had a Bucyrus Erie 60L mounted on it and has been removed. Struts on the Tandem Axles have been Replaced in the Truck. Truck has a new Transmission & Clutch. Lots of New Parts. Not Included in Price but also Available are Many Drilling & Bailing Tools Including Tubing Elevators, Rod Elevators, Bowl & Slips, Pulleys, Jars, 4" Swab Tool, Saver.

Cable - SRS #2300

DESCRIPTION: Franks; Model: 658; Mounted On: 1982 C500 Kenworth; Truck Engine Make: Cummins 475; Tools/Options: Franks 658: 87' Skytop Double - Double. 8000' of 9/16" Line, Swabed 1 Well Since New. 4-Lines on Working Drum. Rig is all tooled out including: Foster 58 Power Tongs, 200 Ton Cavin Air Slips, 2", 2-1/2", 4", 5" Swabs with Jars, Oil Saver with Pump, 2-3/8" & 2-7/8" 100-Ton Elevators, 3/4" Rod Elevator, Rod Wrenches, Rope Sockets. Rig is driven through power tower.

Cable - SRS #1951

DESCRIPTION: Witchtex; Engine: 6-Cylinder Chevy; Mounted On: 1968 Chevy C-60; Truck Engine Make: 427 V-8 Gas; Tools/Options: Witchtex: Truck and Rig have not run in a while, will need a starter. 3-Line Machine, Single Pole, 2 Drums. There is cable on it +/- 1/2", approx. 200' but is old. Rig was used to work on windmills. Mast length is approx. 30' +/-. Single Drum with 2 Cables on it, Manual Clutches. Deck Engine is Froze up.

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