SRS #2066

Year: 1975
Make: Gus Pech
Engine: 300 Ford 6 Cyl
Mounted On: 1972 Dodge
Truck Engine Make: V-8 Gas 361

Tools/Options: Gus Pech : Rig has not worked in years but the 38" Ring Gear and Table are in Good Condition Manually Operated Main Line, Table is not Hydraulic. Truck motor was a good runner, didn't smoke or use oil. Compressor has a leak. Gears & clutch were good at that time also. Deck engine is an in-line. Bucket cable, 44,000 TS, jack shaft. 38" ring gear. Includes a 30" Bucket & 18" clean-out bucket. Truck has Newer Brakes.

Southern Office:
1485 DeSoto Blvd N
Naples FL 34120
Phone: 239.774.1939
FAX: 239.774.6666

Northern Office:
Oil City PA 16301
Phone Toll FREE: 1.888.204.3907
FAX: 814.676.0378