Boosters - SRS #3465

DESCRIPTION: Gardner Denver; Model: MDY; Engine: CAT 3406; Mounted On: Unmounted; Tools/Options: Gardner Denver MDY Booster Powered by a Cat Engine with Air Starter. Booster and CAT Engine can be Sold Separate. Would make a good replacement air end or power end.

Boosters - SRS #3371

DESCRIPTION: 2001, Ariel; Model: JGJ/2 Two Stage; Engine: Detroit 60; Mounted On: Oilfield Skid; Tools/Options: Ariel JGJ/2 Two Stage, 2001: 1st Stage Cylinder: 6.0" 1,270 PSI, 2nd Stage Cylinder: 4.25" 2,600 PSI. Engine Showing 11,000 Hours. Many other makes and models available.

Boosters - SRS #3370

DESCRIPTION: 1997, Gardner Denver; Model: JY500B; Engine: Cummins QSK 19; Tools/Options: Gardner Denver JY500B, 1997: Type J Frame with 15,000# Rod Load, 5" MAWP 1,850 PSI, 7.5" MAWP 1,200 PSI, 2nd Stage Relief Set at 1,650 PSI. 600 HP Engine, Cotta Gear Reducer with Over-Center Clutch, Hydraulically Driven Fan. Many other makes and models available.

Boosters - SRS #3350

DESCRIPTION: Joy; Model: WB12; Engine: CAT 3408; Tools/Options: Joy WB12: 15,000# Rod Load Frame, 5" MAWP - 2,035 PSI, 7" MAWP - 1,320 PSI, 2nd Stage Relief set at 1,800 PSI, Mechanically Driven Fan, Cotta 16A300 w/o Clutch. Others Available.

Boosters - SRS #3080

DESCRIPTION: 2006, Hurricane; Compressor: Sullair 1150XH; Mud Pump: N/A; Mounted On: 1997 Volvo; Truck Engine Make: CAT 3126; Tools/Options: Hurricane Booster Rated at 1000 PSI Discharge Capable on Handling 2275 SCFM. Volvo Truck has approx. 206,500 miles on it.

Boosters - SRS #2470

DESCRIPTION: 1988, Grimmer Schmidt ; Model: 504-31 Single Stage; Engine: Cummins 903; Mounted On: Frame; Tools/Options: Grimmer Schmidt 504-31 Single Stage Booster: Same as Hurricane. Booster Volume is rated at 2000 CFM,800 PSI Maximum Discharge Pressure, 350 PSI Maximum Suction Pressure. Has a Precooler & Aftercooler. 317 Total Operating Hours.

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