SRS #3653

Make: Mobile
Model: B-53
Engine: Needs PTO
Mounted On: 2007 GMC 6500

Tools/Options: Mobile B-53: Rig Needs a PTO for the Drill Head, Valves need Resealed and whatever Geotech Options needed as this is just an Auger Drill. 10-Speed Rotary Drive System (needs PTO), Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder Attached Directly to the Rotary Drive System, 14,140# Of Retract Force and 18,850# Of Ram Force. The Feed has a 6' (72") Stroke. 90 in the Transport Position. Angle Drilling Capabilities. All Electric Welded Tube Steel Channel Mast with Rigid Cross Bracing, 3-Sheave Crown Block Assembly. All Controls are Located in the Operator's Console Positioned at the Left Rear of the Body Fabrication, Easy access to Hoses and Fittings. Has Mobile's LIFELINE Emergency Shutdown System with Manual Reset Positioned in the Control Panel. Safety Alarm - Mobile's Mast Raise/Lower Alarm Warns the Operator and Others in the Proximity that the Mast is in Operation and to Watch for Overhead Obstructions such as Power Lines. Hydraulic Oil Cooler and Fan Assembly, 6,000# Main Hoist, 3,000# Auxiliary Hoist. Truck has approx. 186,000 Miles. Underbody Tool Boxes, Front and Rear Jacks..

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