Cable - SRS #3719

DESCRIPTION: Bucyrus Erie; Model: 28L; Engine: Waukesha; Mounted On: 1972 IHC; Truck Engine Make: V8; Tools/Options: Bucyrus Erie 28L: 3-Line Machine (drill Line, Sand Line, Casing Line), approx. 600' of New 7/8" Drill Line and approx. 600' of New Sand Line. Deck Engine was Rebuilt at some Point. Some Tooling Available for an Extra Cost. Truck has the Bigger V8 and approx. 74,000 Miles on it.

Rotary E-F - SRS #3718

DESCRIPTION: 1982, Failing; Model: CF-15; Mounted On: 2004 Mack; Tools/Options: Failing CF 15 Year: 1982: Truck has approx. 219,221 miles on it.. Condition:

Rotary G - SRS #3717

DESCRIPTION: 2007, Gefco; Model: SS-135; Mounted On: 2007 Mack; Tools/Options: Gefco SS-135 Year: 2007

Pump Hoist - SRS #3716

DESCRIPTION: 2005, Pulstar; Model: P20000; Mounted On: 2004 Freightliner 16M 4X2 Chassis; Truck Engine Make: Mercedes; Condition: Great; Tools/Options: Pulstar P20000 Year: 2005: Has always been stored inside. Allison 6-Speed Transmission, Engine Brake, approx. 87,000 Miles, Detroit Locking Axle, Alcoa Aluminum Wheels, Fabco Hydraulic Welder.. Condition: Great

Rotary H-I - SRS #3714

DESCRIPTION: 1994, Ingersol Rand; Model: T4W; Compressor: IR HR2 900/350; Engine: KT19; Mounted On: CCC; Truck Engine Year: Cummins L10; Tires: New; Condition: Great, Working Daily; Tools/Options: Ingersoll Rand T4W Year: 1994: Worm Gear Rotary Head with Main & Auxiliary Carousels (400' Capacities), Bean 18 GPM Water Injection Pump and a 7 Gallon Oiler. Many Extras. Carrier has a Jake Brake. Includes all Tools and Drill is Ready to Work. 800' of 4.5" X 2-7/8" IF Rods also available. Great Condition, Working Daily.

Rotary E-F - SRS #3713

DESCRIPTION: 1978, Failing; Model: Jed-A; Mud Pump: 5X6; Engine: 5.9L Cummins & Detroit 471; Mounted On: Trailer; Tools/Options: Failing JED-A Year: 1978: New Mud Pump Installed in Nov. 2019. All three hoist line drums were gone through in 2015. Kelly is Rated for 60,000# and the 4-Part Line for Hoisting is Rated for 40,000#. 18" Table, 43',5' Mast. 2004 Cummins Deck Engine Powers the 5X6 Mud Pump and a Detroit 471 Powers the Hydraulics, Rotary Table and all Three Hoist Lines. Equipped with 6-5/8" Old Style Hacker Pin & Box Drill Rod. (219'). Rod has New Pin & Box Ends Installed. Also Includes 60' of Regular 20' Rods and a New 6" X 38' Kelly Hose. All Maintenance Records Available since 2003.

Auger - SRS #3712

DESCRIPTION: Mobile; Model: B54; Compressor: IR; Engine: Diesel; Mounted On: 2010 IHC 7400; Truck Engine Make: CAT 430 HP Maxxforce; Tools/Options: Mobile B54: Cotta Transfer Case, Linde Hydraulic Pump, FMC Bean Water Pump, Dennison Hydraulic Motor. Pullmaster Main Winch, Pullmaster PL6 Auxiliary Winch, Veljar Wireline Winch, Jib Hoist. Water Swivel, Lifeline, Mast Assembly has Rod Clamp, Breakout Wrench Assembly, Rod Loader Assembly, 10" Diameter Sheave, 3.5" Hydraulic Cylinder, Telescoping Table. 10-Speed Drill head Assembly Right Angle Drive Assembly. Floating Spindle, Auger/Rod Racks. Drill has approx. 7,124 Hours, 10,803 Engine Hours, Truck has approx. 785 Miles on it. Maintenance History Available.

Rotary S - SRS #3711

DESCRIPTION: 1978, Schramm; Model: T64-HB; Compressor: Sullair 750/350; Engine: CAT 3406; Mounted On: 1984 Brigadier; Truck Engine Make: Detroit 8B92T; Tools/Options: Schramm T64-HB Year: 1978: Original Owner! Retrofitted, Includes 300' of 4.5" Drill Rod. Has Been Parked about 5-6 Years. Ran Good when Parked.

Water Truck - SRS #3710

DESCRIPTION: Model: 1500 Gallon; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2000 Sterling LT9513; Truck Engine Make: CAT C12; Tools/Options: 1500 Gallon Wellmaster Flat Tank. Painted in 2017, New Transmission in 2019. 20' Bed, 9-Ton Pitman Crane (57'), Tool Boxes. Truck has approx. 160,419 Miles on it.

Rotary H-I - SRS #3709

DESCRIPTION: 1995, Ingersoll Rand; Model: TH-60; Compressor: 750/300; Mud Pump: 3X4X13; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: IHC Paystar 5000; Truck Engine Year: Cummins Diesel; Tools/Options: Ingersoll Rand TH-60 Year: 1995: Rig has a 9-Rod Carousel and is Set Up for 3.5" Rods. 16,000# Main Winch, 2,000# Sandline, 30,000# Pullback. Two Front and Two Rear Jacks. Driller & Operator Platforms, Catwalks, Rod Box. Drill has approx.18,500 Hours and approx. 46,535 Miles. Includes 340' of 3.5" Drill Rod.

Parts Tooling - SRS #3708

DESCRIPTION: Tools/Options: See Photo of list.

Miscellaneous - SRS #3706

DESCRIPTION: Engine: 671 Diesel; Tools/Options: 671 Diesel Power Unit with Rockford Clutch.

Miscellaneous - SRS #3705

DESCRIPTION: Engine: Detroit 353; Mounted On: 16' Oilfield Skid; Tools/Options: Detroit 353 with Rockford Clutch, 150 Gallon Fuel Tank and Belt Guard. Set Up for a GD 5X8 Mud Pump. Approx. 1,500 Hours on Detroit.

Miscellaneous - SRS #3704

DESCRIPTION: Engine: GMC 353; Mounted On: Skid; Tools/Options: GMC 353, Rockford Clutch, Belt Guard, Fuel Tank. 5X8 Setup.

Parts Tooling - SRS #3703

DESCRIPTION: Blocks; Tools/Options: Single Sheave 10" Block - Good Condition (2) McKissick 20 Ton Blocks - Good Shape. Condition:

Boosters - SRS #3702

DESCRIPTION: Ariel; Model: JGQ/2; Engine: CAT C7 250 HP; Mounted On: Skid; Tools/Options: Ariel JGQ/2 Single Stage: Maximum Allowable Pressure (intermittent duty): 1,000 psi. Maximum Allowable Continuous Working Pressure: 900 psi. Cylinder #1: 3.875" X 1,270 PSI Cylinder #2: 3.875" X 1,270 PSI 10,000# Rod Load Tension 11,000# Rod Load Compression Maximum Speed 1,800 RPM Minimum Speed 900 RPM Overall Length 15'7", Overall Width 7'11", Overall Height 7'6"..

Auger - SRS #3701

DESCRIPTION: 1992 Totally Refurbished in 2014, Mobile; Model: B59; Engine: Cummins 4BT; Mounted On: 2014 Peterbilt 4X2; Truck Engine Make: PACCAR PX 9 260 HP; Condition: Near New; Tools/Options: Mobile B59: Mud Rotary, Coring, HAS & SPT Capabilities, Totally Refurbished in 2014, 20 Hours since, used on one job. Turbo charged, 100 HP Diesel Deck Engine & 260 ft./lbs. torque. Fuel Line connected to the Truck Fuel Tanks & Lockable Battery Box. 8,500# Main Hoist, Aux. Hoist, Auto SPT Hammer , SAFE-T-DRIVER Hoist, Breakout Wrench, Moyno 3L6, Drill Platform, Water Swivel, Clark Power Shift Transmission with 3 Forward Speeds and Reverse. 2-Speed Right Angle Drive with High and Low Range, Load Sense Pump, Proportional Valves & Electric over Hydraulic Switches for Auxiliary Functions. Mobile LIFELINE Emergency Shutdown system with Manual Reset Positioned in the Control Panel, Mobile's Mast Raise/Lower Alarm. Box/Water Tank Combo, Underbody & above Deck Auger Racks, Truck has < 2,000 Miles on it, Fuller 6-Speed Transmission, 12,000# Front Axle, 21,000# Rear Axle, Chrome Trim. Includes Auger & Sampling Tooling.. Condition:

Mud Grout Pumps - SRS #2917

DESCRIPTION: 2009, Mud Pump: Gardner Denver PZ9; Engine: CAT Diesel; Mounted On: Housed & Skids; Tools/Options: Housed and Skid Mounted. (34' Long X 11'9" Wide X 10'9" High). CAT Engine has an Air Start Motor, Air Compressor Installed in Unit so it may be ran Independently. New Clutch, Pulsation Dampener. Interior & Exterior LED Lights, Electric Heater.

Pump Hoist - SRS #3700

DESCRIPTION: 1980, Smeal; Model: 5T; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2007 Ford F-350 4X4; Truck Engine Make: V10; Tools/Options: Smeal 5T Year: 2008 PTO; Compressor: ; Mud Pump: ; Mounted On: 2007 Ford F-350 4X4; TrEngine: , V10; Tools/Other Options: Hydraulic Outriggers and Remote, No Sand Reel. Truck has approx. 114,000 Miles on it, A/C, Power Windows & Locks & Automatic Transmission.

Rotary E-F - SRS #3699

DESCRIPTION: Failing; Model: 1500; Mud Pump: 5X6 Failing; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1994 Ford L8000; Truck Engine Make: Cummins; Tools/Options: Failing 1500: 5-1/2" Stationary Rotary Table, Mechanical Clutches, Two Front and Two Rear Jacks, Driller & Helper Platforms, Catwalk, Rod Box. Eaton Fuller 8-Speed Transmission with Lo-Lo No Drill Rod Included. Purchased as a second rig but was never used.

Rotary D - SRS #3698

DESCRIPTION: 2008, Drillmax; Model: 350; Mud Pump: 5X6 GD; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: Ford F 750 4X4; Truck Engine Make: Cummins; Tires: 80%; Tools/Options: Drillmax 350 Year: 2008 ; Compressor: ; Mud Pump: 5X6 GD; Mounted On: Ford F750 4X4; TrEngine: , Cummins; Tools/Other Options: 20' Mast, Single Rod Loader, Mainline & Sandline Winch. Rig has approx. 8,000 Hours Includes 200' of MJ Drill Pipe. One Owner, Used to Install Geothermal Loops.

Rotary H-I - SRS #3697

DESCRIPTION: 1987, Ingersoll Rand; Model: DM25SP; Compressor: HR2 750/350; Mounted On: Tracks; Tools/Options: ngersoll Rand DM25SP Year: 1987: Single Pass Drill that will Drill a 50' single Pass. 25,000# Pulldown Capacity.

Pump Hoist - SRS #3696

DESCRIPTION: Monitor; Model: M33; Mounted On: Unmounted; Tools/Options: Monitor M33: Needs Paint and Hydraulic pump, has been sitting for 5 years. Has a Plug-in for a Remote but not Remote.

Pump Hoist - SRS #3695

DESCRIPTION: Smeal; Model: 3T; Mounted On: Unmounted; Tools/Options: Smeal 3T: Needs New Hydraulic Hoses, No Hydraulic Pump. 2 Outriggers and Bailing Drum.

Bucket Rig - SRS #3693

DESCRIPTION: 1979, Gus Pech; Model: SG48; Engine: CAT 3126 260 HP Rebuilt in 2006; Mounted On: 2005 Mack Granite CV713; Truck Engine Make: Mack AMI-370 370 HP; Tires: 80%; Condition: Good, Ready to Work; Tools/Options: Gus Pech SG48 Year: 1979: Deck Engine Rebuilt by CAT in 2006. 6,084 Hours, 4-Scope Square Bars Approximate Depth 96' with Crowd. (1) Drilling Bucket (several sizes available from 24" - 36"), 18,000# Capacity Braden Main Winch (new), 14,000# Capacity Vickers Auxiliary Winch. Updated Hydraulic controls pilot operated), Updated Hydraulic Pump (rugged gear pump), DowMax Turntable Motor (what Gus Pech uses today). Truck has approx. 78,000 Miles on it, 370 HP Engine, A/C, Air Ride Seat & Cab, Cruise Control, Non-Emissions Dependable Truck. Truck Runs, Drives and Stops Great with Lots of Power for the Weight it's Hauling. Truck & Rig both Start Well in the Winter. Rig Operates Well and is Quiet with the Turbo Charged Cat Engine. There are Ladders & Handrails on the Rig to Make Access Better. There is an Added Cylinder in the Tower to put the Pullout Arm in the Drilling Position. The Rig is in Good Condition and Ready to Work.

Rotary A-B - SRS #3694

DESCRIPTION: 2007, Atlas Copco; Model: T3-DH70; Compressor: IR HR2.5 1070/350 with Disconnect In/Out Box; Engine: CAT C15 525 HP; Mounted On: Peterbilt 357 6X4; Truck Engine Make: CAT C12 380 HP; Tools/Options: Atlas Copco T3-DH70 Year: 2007: 70,000# Pullback Capacity with Integrated REGEN System, Braden 18,000# Single Line Main Winch, 2,000# Capacity High Speed Sandreel Winch, High Torque, 2-Speed Tophead Drive (8,000 Ft.-Lbs. @ 0-105 RPM and 5,500 Ft,-Lbs @ 0-145 RPM), 20" Table Opening with Bushing Removed, 6-Rod Carousel that is Set Up for 4.5" O.D. X 20' Drill Pipe. Side Mounted Rod Box is Available but no Currently Installed. FMC 35 GPM Water Injection Pump, 7 Gallon Capacity DHD Lubricator.

Pump Hoist - SRS #3692

DESCRIPTION: 2012, Semco; Model: S8000; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2005 IHC 4400; Truck Engine Make: DT 466; Condition: Great; Tools/Options: Semco S8000 Year: 2012: Single Drum, No Sand Line or Remote. Manual 6-Speed Transmission. Truck has approx. 68,000 Miles on it and Great Mud Tires, Under Body Tool Boxes.

Rotary E-F - SRS #3690

DESCRIPTION: Failing; Model: 1250; Mud Pump: 5X6; Mounted On: Ford; Condition: Truck Needs Replaced; Tools/Options: Failing 1250: Swivel Needs Resealed. Retractable Table (5" or 6"), Air Clutches over Winches. Rod Box Truck is not road worth and is worn out. Could be put on a single axle truck.

Rotary P-Q - SRS #3689

DESCRIPTION: Portadrill; Model: TLS; Compressor: 750/250; Engine: Detroit 8V92; Mounted On: IHC Paystar 5000; Tools/Options: Portadrill TLS: Tophead Drive, 60,000# Pullback, Retractable Table, Two Winch Lines, Runs Side Mud. Disconnects drive line when not using air. Fresh Hydrostat and Tophead Motor, Approx. 1,000 Hours on Rebuild, Newer Deck (2-3 years old). Set up to Run 4.5" Drill Pipe with 2-7/8" Threads. Needs Paint and Oil Leaks Repaired. Recently Drilled a 500' 16" Well. Truck has <30,000 Original Miles on it.

Rotary R - SRS #3688

DESCRIPTION: Reedrill; Model: SK35HP; Compressor: 750/350; Engine: CAT 3408 DITA; Mounted On: 6X4 CCC; Truck Engine Make: CAT 3208; Tools/Options: Reedrill SK35HP: 5-Rod Carousel that is Set Up to Run 5" O.D. X 25' Drill Pipe. 28'8" Tophead Travel. 4,202 Actual Miles.

Rotary G - SRS #3687

DESCRIPTION: 2008, GEFCO; Model: 4550X; Compressor: Sullair 900/350; Engine: CAT C15; Mounted On: 2009 Mack; Truck Engine Make: Mack 370 HP; Tools/Options: Gefco 4550X Year: 2008: 33'9" Mast with 25' Head Travel, Spilt Table with Swing Out Rear and Retractable Front (up to 12" capacity). 3-Speed Feed System with 45,000# Pullback and 22,000# Pulldown Capacity. 3-Speed Sliding Tophead with Floating Sub, 5,000ft/lbs Torque, 2" Water Course. Automatic Pipe Handling System. Pipe Rack can hold 600' of 20' Drill Pipe, Hammer Holder. 15,000# Capacity Hydraulically Driven Planetary Winch, Two Front and Two Rear Outriggers, 200 Gallon Fuel Capacity. Drill Is Missing Two Hydraulic Pumps and has some Issues with the Electric over Hydraulic Control System. Truck has 2,328 Original Miles and a Allison Automatic Transmission.

Rotary G - SRS #3686

DESCRIPTION: 2008, GEFCO; Model: 4550; Compressor: See Below; Mud Pump: Gardner Denver 5X6; Engine: See Below; Mounted On: CAT 315L Tracks; Truck Engine Make: John Deere 6068; Tools/Options: Gefco 4550 Year: 2008: 33'9" Mast with 25' Head Travel, Spilt Table with Swing Out Rear and Retractable Front (up to 12" capacity). 3-Speed Feed System with 45,000# Pullback and 22,000# Pulldown Capacity. 3-Speed Sliding Tophead with Floating Sub, 5,000ft/lbs Torque, 2" Water Course. Automatic Pipe Handling System. Pipe Rack can hold 600' of 20' Drill Pipe, Hammer Holder. 15,000# Capacity Hydraulically Driven Planetary Winch, Two Front and Two Rear Outriggers, 200 Gallon Fuel Capacity. Remote Control Tracks, Air Compressor has been Removed along with the CAT C15 Engine. Drill has some Issues with the Electric over Hydraulic Control System. Good Geothermal, Directional, Horizontal or Water Well Drill.

Miscellaneous - SRS #3685

DESCRIPTION: Tools/Options: COMPANY LIQUIDATION: 700' plus of 3 1/2" drill pipe and over 400' of 2 7/8" drill pipe. 4 drill collars and several tricone bits. Sizes from 6"-24". John Deere backhoe with backhoe trailer. 1980 Mack water truck with 1000 gallon tank 1994 GMC Topkick water truck with 1000 gallon tank. 50 feet of 10" augers 2006 Ford F350 one ton flat bed support truck 1993 GMC four wheel drive support truck (parts truck) 2003 Ford F350 one ton support truck Schramm 400 x 150 air compressor mounted on 1978 GMC truck runs great and has low hours. 1978 GMC chassis needs motor. 1968 Jeep military flatbed 6 x 6 runs good. 2003 Ford F250 needs motor 3 x 4 centrifugal mud pump with John Deere motor mounted on trailer. 3 x 4 centrifugal mud pump with Deutz motor mounted on trailer.

Rotary S - SRS #3684

DESCRIPTION: 1978, Schramm; Model: T64; Mounted On: Kenworth; Tools/Options: Schramm T65 Year: 1978: Casing Hammer Drill, No Rod Box.. Includes a pipe Trailer and approx. 400' of 4.5" Drill Pipe.

Mud Grout Pumps - SRS #3683

DESCRIPTION: 2003, Mud Puppy; Model: 255S; Mud Pump: MCM 250 3X4 Powered by a 4-Cylinder Cummins; Engine: 4-Cylinder Deutz Diesel; Mounted On: Dual Axle Trailer; Condition: Working Condition; Tools/Options: Mud Puppy 255S Year 2003 : 1,000 Gallon Tank, Three New Desanding Cones, New Screens.

Rotary E-F - SRS #3679

DESCRIPTION: 1968, Franks; Mounted On: 1987 Peterbilt; Condition: Working Drill; Tools/Options: Franks Year: 1968

Rotary E-F - SRS #3682

DESCRIPTION: Failing; Model: CF15 (1500 Series Drill); Compressor: LeRoi 50SDS 3-Cylinder Developmental Piston; Mud Pump: Failing 5" X 6-1/4" FM45 Duplex Piston; Engine: PTO Box; Mounted On: 1995 IHC 2500 Series 6X4; Truck Engine Make: Cummins N14 350 HP; Tools/Options: Failing CF 15: 7-1/2" Retractable Table, Double Drum Drawworks with Air Clutches, Four Hydraulic Leveling Jacks. No Pipe Included but approx. 600' pf 2-7/8" O.D. X 20' Long with 2-3/8" IF Tool Joints is available.

Rotary H-I - SRS #3681

DESCRIPTION: 1979, Ingersoll Rand; Model: TH-60; Compressor: IR J8 750/250 Screw Type; Mud Pump: Mission Magnum 4X3X13; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1979 IHC Paystar 5000; Truck Engine Make: Detroit 8V92TA 475 HP; Tools/Options: Ingersoll Rand TH-60 Year: 1979: Cotta TR1192-05 Transfer Case. Centrifugal Mud Pump, 7-Rod Carousel that is Set Up for 4.5" X 20' Drill Pipe (no pipe included). Gearmatic 16,000# Capacity Main Winch, Three Hydraulic Leveling Jacks, FMC 9 GPM Water Injection Pump, Venturi Style DHD Lubricator. Truck has a 475 HP Engine. Most of the 1/4" air control hoses have been replaced. Should not need a whole lot of work to put it back in the field. Has never been repainted from 1979. Truck engine runs good.

Pump Hoist - SRS #3680

DESCRIPTION: Semco; Model: S6000; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2001 Ford F450 2WD; Truck Engine Make: 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel; Tools/Options: Semco S6000: Mast is 44' Fully Extended, No Sandline, has a Remote and a 2-Speed Winch, Front & Rear Jacks, Tool Boxes. Truck has approx. 101,000 Miles on it and a Manual 6-Speed Transmission.

Rotary M - SRS #3678

DESCRIPTION: 1976, Mayhew; Model: 1000; Mud Pump: See Below; Mounted On: 2001 International; Truck Engine Make: DT 466; Tools/Options: Mayhew 1000 Year: 1976: Motor Needs Replaced. Includes a 3X4 Centrifugal Mud Pump that is Trailer Mounted.

Rotary P-Q - SRS #3677

DESCRIPTION: 1976, Portadrill; Model: TKT; Mud Pump: 7.5" X 8" Piston; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: Ford 9000; Truck Engine Make: 400 Cummins; Condition: Good; Tools/Options: Portadrill TKT : 53' Mast, 60,000# Pullback, Bailing Line, 7.5" Hex Retractable Table, Good Condition. Four Hydraulic Jacks, Includes approx. 300' of 3.5" X 20' Drill Pipe. Good Drill for Irrigation Wells.

Miscellaneous - SRS #3676

DESCRIPTION: Mounted On: 2004 Ford F550 4WD; Truck Engine Make: 6.0L V8 Powerstroke Diesel; Tools/Options: BOP WORK TEST TRUCK: Pumps approx. 21 GPM up to 5,000 psi. Holds approx. 260 Gallon of Fluid. Triplex Pump 5000 psi, 2 Hand Reels & Tools for Casing, Sizes 7" and up Mandrills, Test Plugs, Cups Hangers, x/o's from 3" IF, 4" FH, 4.5" XH, 4.5" IF. Two Barton Chart Recorder, NUFLO Scanner 2000, Digital Gauges. V8 Powerstroke Diesel, approx. 168,000 Miles. A/C and Cruise.

Miscellaneous - SRS #3675

DESCRIPTION: Mounted On: 2003 Ford F550 4WD; Truck Engine Make: 6.0L Diesel; Tools/Options: BOP TEST WORK TRUCK : Pumps approx. 9 GPM up to 5,000 psi Pressure. Holds approx. 500 Gallon of Fluid. CAT 3507 Triplex Pump (5,000 PSI), Two Electric Reels and Tools for Casing, sizes 7" & up Mandrills, Test Plugs, Cups, Hangers, x/o's from 3" IF, 4" FH, 4.5" XH, 4.5"IF. Barton Chart Recorded, NUFLO Scanner 2000. Truck has approx. 280,000 Miles on it, A/C and Cruise.

Rotary P-Q - SRS #3672

DESCRIPTION: Portadrill; Model: RV6; Compressor: See Below; Engine: John Deere; Mounted On: 1981 International; Truck Engine Make: International; Tools/Options: Portadrill RV6: Includes A Wagon Style Sullair 375 Compressor and approx. 210' of Drill Pipe & Trailer.

Steel - SRS #3671

DESCRIPTION: Condition: Great; Tools/Options: Approx. 840' of 2-7/8" IF X20' Drill Pipe. O.D. Shows it to be just under 4-1/4". Has Lugs, No Wrench Flats. Real Good Condition. More available but not as good of condition.

Water Truck - SRS #3670

DESCRIPTION: Flatwater Fleet; Model: 1400 Gallon; Engine: CAT C7 280 HP; Mounted On: 2006 Kenworth T300; Tools/Options: Flatwater fleet 1400 Gallon, 16' Deck. Includes a Torch Kit RH Vertical Cabinet, Shelves LH Vertical Cabinet. Two 6' Front Underbody Tool Boxes, 230 Gallon Fuel Tank with 12 VDC Pump with 50' of 3/4" Hose with Nozzle. Truck has approx. 193,473 Miles on it. Allison 6-Sspeed Transmission, Differential Lock, 4X2, Spring Suspension, Steel Wheels, GVW 33,000#, Front Axle Weight 13,000# and 20,000# Rear Axle Weight. Truck has A/C.

Mud Grout Pumps - SRS #3669

DESCRIPTION: 2016, Mud Puppy; Model: MP-2552SC; Engine: Deutz Diesel; Mounted On: Trailer; Tools/Options: 2016 Mud Puppy MP-255-2SC: Approx. 1,279 Hours and a 1,000 Gallon Reservoir Tank. Has a 4X3 Miixing Pump on Board and a 12" Centrifugal Mud Guzzler. All Seals Recently Replaced.

Parts Tooling - SRS #3668

DESCRIPTION: Weldco Beals; Model: 1015R Casing Hammer; Tools/Options: Weldco Beals 1015R Rebuilt Casing Hammer. Air Operated. All Plates to fit a Reichdrill T-690

Truck - SRS #3667

DESCRIPTION: Mounted On: 2012 T800 Kenworth Dump Truck; Truck Engine Make: Cummins ISX; Tools/Options: 2012 T800 Kenworth: 10-Speed Eaton Fuller Transmission. Front Suspension has One Extra Leaf added for Weight. Also has One Pusher Axle. Air Lift Gate, Electric Tarp. The bed is an 18' 1/2 Round Heavy Duty Demolition Dump Body. Has the Large Front Tires.

Pump Hoist - SRS #3377

DESCRIPTION: 2011, Smeal; Model: 6T; Compressor: N/A; Mud Pump: N/A; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1999 International 4700; Truck Engine Make: DT 466 190 HP; Condition: Ready to Work; Tools/Options: 2011 Smeal 6T: Freefall Sand Reel, Hydraulic Power to Rear, Oil cooler, Hydraulic Breakout Wrench, Outrigger Frame, PTO for Allison Transmission, Work Light Kit, 3-Part Line Modification with Block Including Cable, Sand Line with one 3T Hook (300' of 3/8" NR set up for Triple Line Pull (18,000#). Main Line has approx. 175' of Non Rotating 1/2" I.D. Cable. Mast Length 20' Retracted, 38' Extended. Truck has 190 HP Engine, Dual 50-Gallon Fuel Tanks, 8,000# Front Axle, 17,500"# Rear Axle, 4.44 Ratio, 20,000 Spring Suspension, Hydraulic Brakes.

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