Pump Hoist - SRS #3377

DESCRIPTION: 2011, Smeal; Model: 6T; Compressor: N/A; Mud Pump: N/A; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1999 International 4700; Truck Engine Make: DT 466 190 HP; Condition: Ready to Work; Tools/Options: 2011 Smeal 6T: Freefall Sand Reel, Hydraulic Power to Rear, Oil cooler, Hydraulic Breakout Wrench, Outrigger Frame, PTO for Allison Transmission, Work Light Kit, 3-Part Line Modification with Block Including Cable, Sand Line with one 3T Hook (300' of 3/8" NR set up for Triple Line Pull (18,000#). Main Line has approx. 175' of Non Rotating 1/2" I.D. Cable. Mast Length 20' Retracted, 38' Extended. Truck has 190 HP Engine, Dual 50-Gallon Fuel Tanks, 8,000# Front Axle, 17,500"# Rear Axle, 4.44 Ratio, 20,000 Spring Suspension, Hydraulic Brakes.

Auger - SRS #3665

DESCRIPTION: 1997, Soilmec R 312 HD; Mounted On: Tracks; Tools/Options: Soilmec R 312 HD Year: 1997: 12,952 Rig Hours.

Auger - SRS #3664

DESCRIPTION: 2009, Soilmec; Model: SR 30; Mounted On: Tracks; Tools/Options: Soilmec SR 30 Year: 2009: Engine has been Replaced, 678 Hours on New Engine.

Cable - SRS #3663

DESCRIPTION: Bucyrus Erie; Model: 28-L; Engine: Detroit Diesel; Mounted On: 1973 Auto Car; Truck Engine Make: Cummins NTC 290; Tools/Options: Bucyrus Erie 28L

Rotary P-Q - SRS #3662

DESCRIPTION: 1976, Portadrill; Model: RVT RC Rig; Compressor: Atlas Copco 375/125; Mud Pump: Centrifugal - See below; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: International; Truck Engine Make: CAT 3208; Condition: One Owner, Well Maintained.; Tools/Options: Portadrill RVT RC Year: 1976: 42' Mast (from above rotary table to center line of crown block sheaves), Rated at 50,000# Hook Load on 3-Part Line. Can Lift 30' Pipe through it, Runs 6" X 15' Pipe. HY-FLO 6" I.D. Water Course Swivel and Two 2" Air Connections. 6" I.D. Square Kelly for 6" Rod, Flooded Reverse Rig, Triple Drawworks, Kelly, Sandline with approx. 500' of 1/2" Cable, Hoist Drawworks, can pick up 35' +/-.,Rotary Table Drive is Powered by a Mechanical Transmission with 5-Speeds and Reverse. 31" Table Opening, Table is Removable and can set 42" Casing, Clutch Drive. Centrifugal pump is used to get down to 40' before switching to air. Two Rear Hydraulic Jacks and one Front Jack. Truck has approx. 80,000 Miles on it, approx. 13,000 Hours. Not the Original Compressor. Includes approx. 300' of Drill Rod, 30" Downhole Assembly, one each 30", 28" and 16" Mohab Drag Bits, Two 10' Manif. Pipes (new) for Reverse Pipe, Spare Parts, Drive Shaft, Clutch Parts.

Cable - SRS #3661

DESCRIPTION: Bucyrus Erie; Model: 22W; Engine: 4-Cyl Ford Industrial; Mounted On: Trailer; Tools/Options: Bucyrus Erie 22W: Deck Engine has a Transmission. Has been Converted to V-Belts but the Belts have been Removed.. No Hydraulics or Braces. Babbitt Bearings and New Bushings, 2,200' of New 5/8" Drill Line, 2,200' of New 5/16" Sandline. Has Catheads. No Tooling.

Rotary D - SRS #3637

DESCRIPTION: 1997, Drilltech; Model: D25KW; Compressor: 900/350; Engine: CAT 3406; Mounted On: Ford Louisville; Truck Engine Make: 300 HP Cummins; Tools/Options: Drilltech D25KW Year: 1997: Compressor Rebuilt in approx. 2006, New Injectors, New Leveling Jacks, New Engine Exhaust Brake. Chains are loose, may need new chains and sprockets. Approx. 65,000 Miles on the Truck. Deck Engine all Mechanical other than Injectors. Computer Replaced around 7-8,000 Hours, Current Hours Unknown, approx. 10,000. Will Include some extra parts including an extra compressor filter.

Rotary R - SRS #3660

DESCRIPTION: 2003, REICHdrill; Model: T-650 W II; Compressor: 900/350; Engine: CAT 3406C; Mounted On: 2003 Mack; Truck Engine Make: Mack 427 HP; Condition: Good; Tools/Options: Reichdrill T-650 W II Year: 2003: Standard Mast and Pullback, 9-Pod Carousel, 4-Cylinder Bean Water Injection Pump, Reichdrill Style Oiler, Approx. 8,100 Hours. Rig is set up for 25' drill rod but could easily be switched back to 20' rod. Includes 1100' of 4" X 25' Drill Rod, Subs and Owners Manual. No Hammers. Rig has been Well Maintained. New Style Motor Fan Blade, New Coupler (engine/compressor), New Shaft on Cooling Fan. Working Daily, Clean Rig, Few Little Drips.

Cable - SRS #3659

DESCRIPTION: Bucyrus Erie; Model: 60L; Mounted On: Trailer; Tools/Options: Bucyrus Erie 60L: Newer Axle. Includes a String of 6" Tools.

Steel - SRS #3658

DESCRIPTION: Condition: Good; Tools/Options: 285' of 2-7/8" X 15' Drill Rod with 2-3/8" IF Thread. 105' Basically New and 180' in Good Condition.

Miscellaneous - SRS #3657

DESCRIPTION: 2009, Offshore Work Barge; Tools/Options: Year: 2009: Offshore Mining, Oil, Military Accommodation Work Barge. 330 Man Complete. Fully Air Conditioned, (4) 1 Man Suite Cabins, (6) 1 Man Cabins, (80) 4 Man Cabins, Hospital and Medic Room, Offices, Conference Room, Mess Room, Officer Mess Room, Recreation Room, Auditorium, Gymnasium, Internet Room, Waiting Room. OAL is 100 M, Gross Tonnage - 10,575. Rescue Boar and Inflatable Life Raft. Fire Pumps, Foam Pumps for Heli Deck, Sprinkler Pump. Fabrication and Welding Workshops Including Welding Machine, Lathe, Milling, Drilling, Grinding Machines, Table Vice. Also has Oil/Water Separator, Sewage Treatment, Fresh Water Maker, Ballast/Drill Water Pump. High Holding Power Anchor with a Capacity of 5,000 kg. Deck Equipment Includes a Windless Anchor, Tugger Winches, Mooring Winch, Main Crane, Provision Crane, Helideck. Unit is Power by (5) 590 kW Main Generators and (1) 99 kW Emergency Generator. Navigation and Communication Equipment includes; GPS, Gyro & Magnetic Compass, Radar, AIS, Echo Sounder, Anemometer, CCTZ, VHF and MF/HF Radio Stations, GMDSS Portable VHF, Inmarsat, EPIRB,SART, NAVEX Receiver, Weather Fax, Helicopter Communication, Fleet Broadband, VSAT, Interior Com. System, PA System and Sound Power Phone. Also Includes Drill Water, Fresh Water, Cooling Water, Anti Rolling, Fuel Oil and Misc. Tanks. Ship Diagram Available.

Auger - SRS #3656

DESCRIPTION: Mounted On: Morooka MST-800 Carrier; Tools/Options: 1980's Morooka MST-800

Pump Hoist - SRS #3655

DESCRIPTION: Jessen; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1999 Chevy 3500 4X4; Truck Engine Make: Diesel; Tools/Options: Jessen: Has been sitting about a year. Needs paint.

Auger - SRS #3654

DESCRIPTION: Mobile; Model: B-53; Engine: 4-Cylinder Deutz Diesel; Mounted On: 2001 Ford F 650; Truck Engine Make: Cummins; Tools/Options: Mobile B-53 Year: 4-Cyl Deutz; Compressor: ; Mud Pump: ; Mounted On: 2001 Ford F 650; TrEngine: , ; Tools/Other Options: Two Winches, 435 Bean Pump, Three Jacks, Cathead, Slidramatic Head, 300 Gallon Water Tank. 60% New Hoses, Truck has approx. 47,000 Miles on it. . Rig is going to be painted.

Auger - SRS #3653

DESCRIPTION: Mobile; Model: B-53; Engine: Needs PTO; Mounted On: 2007 GMC 6500; Tools/Options: Mobile B-53: Rig Needs a PTO for the Drill Head, Valves need Resealed and whatever Geotech Options needed as this is just an Auger Drill. 10-Speed Rotary Drive System (needs PTO), Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder Attached Directly to the Rotary Drive System, 14,140# Of Retract Force and 18,850# Of Ram Force. The Feed has a 6' (72") Stroke. 90° in the Transport Position. Angle Drilling Capabilities. All Electric Welded Tube Steel Channel Mast with Rigid Cross Bracing, 3-Sheave Crown Block Assembly. All Controls are Located in the Operator's Console Positioned at the Left Rear of the Body Fabrication, Easy access to Hoses and Fittings. Has Mobile's LIFELINE Emergency Shutdown System with Manual Reset Positioned in the Control Panel. Safety Alarm - Mobile's Mast Raise/Lower Alarm Warns the Operator and Others in the Proximity that the Mast is in Operation and to Watch for Overhead Obstructions such as Power Lines. Hydraulic Oil Cooler and Fan Assembly, 6,000# Main Hoist, 3,000# Auxiliary Hoist. Truck has approx. 186,000 Miles. Underbody Tool Boxes, Front and Rear Jacks..

Auger - SRS #3652

DESCRIPTION: 2009, CME; Model: 45C; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: CME 300 Rubber Tracks; Truck Engine Make: Deutz Diesel; Condition: Ready to Work; Tools/Options: CME 45C Year: 2009: Moyno 3L6, Auto Hammer, Remote Control, Angle Drilling and Wireline Coring Capabilities. Hour Meter Reads 9,514. Tooling Available for an Extra Cost..

Auger - SRS #3651

DESCRIPTION: 2000, CME; Model: 45C; Engine: Deutz; Mounted On: CME 300 Rubber Tracks; Truck Engine Make: PTO; Condition: Ready to Work; Tools/Options: CME 45C Year 2000: 3L6 Moyno, Auto Hammer, Remote Control, Angle Drilling & Wireline Coring Capabilities. Ready to Drill. Hour Meter Reads 5,641 - Actual Hours 15,641. Miscellaneous Tooling Available for an Extra Cost.

Cable - SRS #3644

DESCRIPTION: Walker Neer; Model: C25A; Engine: Cummins; Mounted On: Mack; Truck Engine Make: Mack; Tools/Options: Walker Neer C25A: 7,000' of 5/8" Swab Line, New Casing Line. Rig also has a Spudding Beam, 8X7 Twin Poles. Rig is Currently Being Painted.

Rotary T-Z - SRS #3650

DESCRIPTION: 2005, Versa Drill; Model: V-100; Compressor: 300/200; Mud Pump: 5X6 Failing; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2004 International; Truck Engine Year: DT 570; Condition: Working Drill; Tools/Options: Versa Drill V-100 Year: 2005: Rod Rack, 11 Rod Carousel, Mud Pan, Breakout Tools, Air Hose. 40,000# Pulldown. Truck has approx. 85,000 miles on it. Drills has approx. 5,000 Hours on it. Will Include approx. 200' of 3" OD (2-7/8" ID) Drill Pipe.

Rotary S - SRS #3649

DESCRIPTION: 1996, Speedstar; Model: SD 300; Compressor: 750/350; Mud Pump: GD 5X6; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1996 IHC; Truck Engine Year: N14; Condition: Not Used Daily; Tools/Options: Speedstar SD 300 Year: 1996: Air Compressor is not Mounted on board. 44,000# Pulldown, No Carousel, Single Rod Loader, Rod Rack, Manual Levers, Chain Driven, Runs Smooth. Truck has approx. 196,420 Miles on it. Hasn't Drilling since 2018. Will Include approx. 200' of 3" OD (2-7/8" ID) Drill Pipe.

Miscellaneous - SRS #3648

DESCRIPTION: Tools/Options: Two sand pumps  BE pumps 6" 2,000 - 3,000 Old Boring Rig - ring gear tore up, needs new truck.  CP-T 670   Radiator & Cooler CP T-650 Compressor on old truck. 

Rotary S - SRS #3647

DESCRIPTION: 1996, Simco ; Model: WS 5000; Compressor: 435/200 Sullair; Mud Pump: 4X3 MCM - Low Hours; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1995 L8000; Truck Engine Make: 300 HP Cummins; Condition: Good Working Drill; Tools/Options: Simco WS 5000 Year: 1996: Turn Key Geothermal Drill Includes Everything you need to Drill, Install Loops and Grout. 12,000# Main Winch with Automatic Break, 2,500# Auxiliary Winch, Water Injection Pump, Hydraulic Retractable Table with Flat Wrench, New Top Feed Water Swivel, Four Hydraulic Leveling Jacks, Rod Box with Rod Slide and Stabilizer Holder, Catwalk on Box Side, Hydraulic Breakout Wrench, One Large and Two Small Tool Boxes. Truck has an 8-Speed Transmission. Mud pump is Two Years Old and has Low Hours. Includes approx. 300' - 400' of 2-7/8" FEDP Drill Pipe Purchased New in 2017. Also Includes a Loop reel and 450' of 1" Tremie Line, Cement Mixer with Moyno Pump, 14' Enclosed Support Trailer with all the tooling you Need to Drill.

Cable - SRS #3646

DESCRIPTION: Bucyrus Erie; Model: 28L; Mounted On: Trailer; Tools/Options: Bucyrus Erie 28L : Been Sitting, Bushings, Gears and Pins in Good Shape. Cable needs Replaced.

Rotary H-I - SRS #3645

DESCRIPTION: Honghua; Model: HH-ZJ40DBS; Compressor: None; Mud Pump: See Below; Engine: See Below; Condition: Purchased 5 years ago Never Used; Tools/Options: Honghua HH-ZJ40DBS: Two Drills Available, Purchased 5 Years ago and Never Used, Turned on or Tested. Was part of a set of four, Two have been sold and they were Tested and Worked Perfectly. Each Rig comes with 8 CAT Generators. Helicopter Transportable Rig with 3,000 Kg Loads, Drilling Depth Capacity of 12,000'. 146' Mast, Static Hook Load Capacity 716,800#, 6-Pulley with Perforating Cable Crown Block Maximum Load Capacity 716,800#, Monkey Board Capable of DP 5" Range II with Fall Protection Harness System and IR Man Rider Winch, 320 Ton Rotary Table Beam, Height of Drill Floor is 25', Prepared to Receive Walker System Removable by Pins, Moveable in Two Axis. Pin Drive Type Rotary Table with Opening Diameter of 27-1/2" Maximum Rotary Speed of 220 RPM and Maximum Static Load of 1,000,000#. Disc Brake Type Drawworks actuated by 2 Electric Motors with Minimum 870 HP each and Bit Feeder System. Emergency Shutdown Installed in the Doghouse. YM-16 Cathead, 6-Sheave Traveling Block with Maximum Static Load Capacity of 790,000#. Hook Built to API Spec 8C with Maximum Load Capacity of 790,000#. US Warranty/US Bearings. Includes BOP's 3-1/2" - 4-1/2" IF, DP Elevator 3-1/2" - 5", Pipe Spinner, Manual Slips and Automatic Slips, Casing Spiders, Side Door, Elevators, Aux. Elevators, Slips, Tong, Mud Saver. 8 Sets of CAT Generators 455 kW/60Hz/480V with Soundproof Enclosures, 2 Sets of Cooltech Generators Rated at 200 KVA, SL450 Swivel with Max. Static Load of 1,000,000# Max. Dynamic Load of 630,000# and Max. Rotary Speed of 300 RPM. Kelly Spinner Made by International with Max. Torque of 1,80 ft lbs. and Max. Speed of 150 RPM. Model ST80C NOV with Tubular OD Range of 4-1/24" to 8-1/2" and Drill Pipe Range of 3.5" to 5/5". Type C Drill Pipe tongs with Jaws from 2-7/8" to 5", Type DB with Jaws from 5" to 9-1/2", Type B Casing Tongs from 3-3/8" to 12-3/4" and Hydraulic Drill Pipe Power Tong Made by ECKEL with Hydraulic Backup. 3 Sets of Blowout Preventers, BOP Accumulator, Choke Manifold. 3-Sets of Heli-Transportation Triplex Single-Acting Piston Type Mud Pumps, 6.5" X 9", 3 Sets of Shale Shakers, Mud Cleaner, Degasser, Decanter Centrifuge, 13 Sets of Mud Tanks, Cargo Handling System. Siemens Mud Pits Volume Sensors, WOB Indicator, Torque Indicator, Tong Torque Gauge, Mud Pump Indicators, Bit Tracking System, Digital Drilling Recorded, NOV Deviation Survey Double Recorder, Honeywell Gas Detection System. Diesel Fuel Reserve of 190 bbl. Water Treatment System for Filtering, Purification, Chlorination and PH Control for Daily Water Consumption for the Camps. No Drill Pipe Included.. Condition:

Rotary E-F - SRS #3643

DESCRIPTION: 2004, Enid; Compressor: Sullair 500/100-200 Screw; Mud Pump: Halco 6X5X14; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2003 Peterbilt 357; Truck Engine Make: Diesel; Tools/Options: Enid Year: 2004: Originally Built as a Flooded Reverse Circulation Rig that has been Converted to Direct Mud Rotary in 2018. 52' Derrick, Kelly Drum, Trip Drum Sandline, Hydraulic Winch, 4-1/4" X 26' Kelly for Direct Rotary Drilling. RT 11609A Transmission, Model 1250 Drawworks Gear Box 2:1 Ratio, Reversing Box, 38cc Pulldown Pump, 2.24 ci/rv Gear Pump. Includes approx. 1,000' plus of 4.5" X 20' Drill Pipe, 8" and 9" Collars and Multiple Subs. Also includes a 16' Kelly with Drive Bushing for Flooded Reverse, Swivel Attachment for Air Assist and all Piping to Return to Flooded Reverse Drilling. Hour Meter Reads 2,247.

Rotary E-F - SRS #3642

DESCRIPTION: 1977, Failing; Model: 2500; Mud Pump: 5X10 GD; Engine: Detroit 4031C; Mounted On: Trailer; Condition: Good; Tools/Options: Failing 2500 Year: 1977: 18" Failing Rotary Table, 58' Mast with 6-Part Line, 67,500# Pull with Static Load of 90,000#. Sandline, Catline, 30 kg King Swivel, Hydromatic Brake. 9,200# Front, 33,740# Rears, 43,020 Gross. Many Parts Recently Replaced Including Drum Brakes, Clutch Pads, Drive Shaft and Gear Box. New Mainline Cable in 2018. One Engine was new in 2017. Capable of Range II Drill Pipe. Newer 4-1/4" Square Bushing.

Rotary H-I - SRS #3641

DESCRIPTION: 1995, Ingersoll Rand; Model: T3W; Compressor: IR HR2 900/350; Engine: CAT 3406; Mounted On: 1995 IHC Paystar 5000; Truck Engine Make: IHC; Tools/Options: ngersoll Rand T3W Year: 1995: 26,500# Pullback, 18,000# Braden Single Line Main Winch, Single Rod Loader, Seven Rod Carousel that is set up for 4.5" X 20' Drill Pipe, Rod Box, FMC 18 GPM Water Injection Pump, 7 Gallon DHD Oiler. Tophead Drive has been Rebuilt (2017 new swivel & rotary head, head retract gates replaced, lower sheave repair - bushings, new spindle sub, battery disconnect 7 alternator replaced.).

Pump Hoist - SRS #3640

DESCRIPTION: 2006, Pulstar; Model: P10000; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2006 Ford F-550 4X4; Truck Engine Make: 6.0L Powerstroke Diesel; Condition: Working; Tools/Options: Pulstar P10000 Year: 2006: Front Jack and Hydraulic Ran with Breakout Wrench. Omaha Tool Box with Tooling Needed to Service most Domestic Wells. Tethered Remote Winch Control, Diesel Engine, Manual Transmission. 117,000 Miles on Motor and Powertrain, Approx. 5,919 Hours.

Rotary S - SRS #3639

DESCRIPTION: Schramm; Model: T685H; Compressor: 850/350 GHH; Mud Pump: 3X4 MCM Centrifugal; Engine: CAT 3408; Mounted On: 1986 Paystar 5000; Truck Engine Make: 400 Cummins; Tools/Options: Schramm T685H: 75,000# Pullback, Two Traverse Pullback Cylinders, Centrifugal Mud Pump, No Carousel. Rig is set up for Air, Mud or Casing Hammer Drilling. 2-3/8" IF Tool Joint. Funk Box and Tophead was Rebuilt by Previous Owner. Newer 18" Retractable Table, Includes Mud Box, Desanding Cone, Hoses, 280' of Drill Rod, and a 17' X 8" Stabilizer, Casing Hammer (two others also included condition unknown). Suspension has been Rebuilt on the Truck, 3/4 of the Hydraulic Hoses have been Replaced and Outriggers have been Rebuilt. Truck has approx. 186,000 Miles on it. Hours Unknown

Rotary S - SRS #3638

DESCRIPTION: 1978, Speedstar; Model: SS 22; Mud Pump: GD 7-1/4" X 10" Duplex; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 4-Axle Crane Carrier; Truck Engine Make: Cummins N14 460 HP; Tools/Options: Speedstar SS22 Year: 1978: 3" Mud Piping, 52' Derrick, Double Drum Drawworks with PO-218 Air Clutches (same clutches as a 2500), Hydromatic Drawworks Brake, Kelly and Tripping Drums that are set up on a 4-Part Line, Sandline Winch, Retractable Gardner Denver 10" Rotary Table, Hexagon Kelly, Hydraulic Cathead, LF Breakout Tong, Four Hydraulic Leveling Jacks.

Rotary E-F - SRS #3636

DESCRIPTION: 1999, Foremost; Model: DR 40; Compressor: Sullair 1150/350; Mounted On: Tracks; Tools/Options: Foremost DR 40 Year 1999: 9,613.4 Hours.

Pump Hoist - SRS #3635

DESCRIPTION: Smeal; Model: 5T; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1982 Chevy One Ton 2WD; Truck Engine Make: 350; Tools/Options: Smeal 5T: Utility Body. Newer "crate motor" with approx. 500 miles on it.

Rotary H-I - SRS #3634

DESCRIPTION: Ingersoll Rand; Model: T2W; Compressor: None - Plumbed for Air; Mud Pump: 5-1/2" X 8" GD with Hydraulic Operated Valves; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2002 IHC 7500 SBA 6X4; Truck Engine Make: IH 530 Diesel; Tools/Options: Ingersoll Rand T2W: Approx. 7,258 Hours, 3-Speed Hydraulic Tophead 12,000/8,000/3,500 ft./lb. Torque, Floating Sub Single Tube Derrick, 12,000# Main Hoist, 4,000# Auxiliary Hoist, 2,000# Sand Reel (700' 1/4" gacc 220 fpm) Dual Hoist Controls, 3-1/2" - 9-Rod Carousel, Rod Box holds 20 Rods, Rod Spinner, Water Injection, DHD Lubricator, Auxiliary Hydraulic Couplers. Rig is Plumbed for air but no air on board, would need to run auxiliary air. 10-Speed Road Ranger Transmission.

Auger - SRS #3633

DESCRIPTION: Tooling; Condition: Slightly Used; Tools/Options: Various size 2-Key and 3-Key Used Augers, Jet Augers, Hex cor, Misc. Augers. Fishtail, Pointed Hammer, AWJ Pin X 1-5/8" Shank, AWJ Rod Ring, AWJ Rod, AWJ Hoist Plug, Auger Holders, AWJ Hammer Rod, 6-1/4" 2k HD Bullet, Cutterheads, DP 12", Drive Cap, Adjustable Auger Extension, Socket.

Rotary A-B - SRS #3632

DESCRIPTION: 1981 or 82, Badger; Model: 1250; Compressor: Leroi 100 S1; Mud Pump: GD 5X6; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1996 Ford L9000; Truck Engine Make: L10 Cummins; Tools/Options: Badger 1250: Nice Clean Drill! Walking Beam, Flotation Tires in the Front. 1981 or 82 Rig, One Owner. 40,000# Rears, 20,000# Fronts. 3-Speed Main Transmission with an Auxiliary Transmission. 4 Jacks, 8.5" Gardner Denver Table, 2" Little Giant Swivel, 4-Cylinder Bean with Tank.

Rotary H-I - SRS #3631

DESCRIPTION: 1995, Ingersoll Rand; Model: T4W; Compressor: 1050/350 HR2; Engine: Cummins KTA19C600; Mounted On: CCC; Truck Engine Make: Diesel; Condition: Well Maintained; Tools/Options: Ingersoll Rand T4W Year: 1995: 50,000# Pullback, 4.5" X 25' Seven Rod Carousel, 34' Mast, Water Injection, DTH Lubricator, Casing Hoist, Split Cooler, Worm Gear Rotary Head. Compressor has approx. 15,412 Hours, Deck Engine12,471 Hours (replaced Nov. 2005), Truck has approx. 95,971 Miles on it. 300' of Drill Pipe, 6" Bit and 6" Hammer Included. Rig has been well taken care of.

Mud Grout Pumps - SRS #3599

DESCRIPTION: GeoLoop; Model: 50-500; Engine: Honda GX690; Condition: Excellent; Tools/Options: GeoLoop 50-500 Grouter: 0-35 GPM at Pressures up to 500 psi. 80 Gallon Stainless Steel Mixing Tank with Smooth Taper cone Bottom, Stainless Paddle Mixer with Hinged Lid covers. Electric Start Engine, approx. 27 HP. Hydraulic Pump, Hour Meter, Water Fill Pump, Hydraulic Oil Reservoir, 12 Gallon Hydraulic Oil Reservoir, Oil Cooler, Bag Platform, Grout Pump, Fork Lift Pockets. Also has a GeoLoop Hydraulic Hose Reel that is New Condition.

Rotary E-F - SRS #3630

DESCRIPTION: 1973, Failing; Model: CFD 1B; Mud Pump: 6 X 4.5 Failing; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: Ford F600 Single Axle; Truck Engine Make: 351 Cleveland; Tires: New; Condition: Rebuilt - Ready to Drill; Tools/Options: Failing CFD 1B Year: 1973: Completely Rebuilt. 5-1/4" Stationary Table with a 3-Speed Transmission (new bearings), Three Hydraulic Jacks, Hydraulic Chain Pulldown. Drawworks has new Lines, Seals and Brakes. Includes Tooling, Mud Pan, 10' Rod and some Bits. Truck has a 5-Speed Transmission that has been Rebuilt. Ready to Drill.

Cable - SRS #3629

DESCRIPTION: Sanderson Cyclone; Model: 42; Engine: Red Seal 4-Cylinder Gas; Mounted On: 1970 Chevy C50; Tools/Options: Sanderson Cyclone 42: Has a Spare Deck Motor, both the spare and the one on the Deck are Gas Engines. Owner Never used the Drill. Some Tooling Available.

Truck - SRS #3628

DESCRIPTION: Manitex; Model: 1461; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1991 Ford F800; Truck Engine Make: Ford Diesel; Condition: Working; Tools/Options: Manitex 1461 Boom Truck with approx. 67,000 Miles on it. See Photo for Capacity..

Truck - SRS #3626

DESCRIPTION: Tools/Options: 2006 Freightliner Columbia, Mercedes Engine, 374,890 Miles. 2000 IHC Eagle, CAT 9200Engine, 268,999 Miles. 2007 Freightliner Columbia, Mercedes Engine, 207,581Miles. 2007 Freightliner Columbia , Mercedes Engine, 264,930 Miles. 2006 Freightliner Columbia, Mercedes Engine, 383,792 Miles. All of the trucks above are 10-Speeds. 2012 IHC Pro Star, IHC Engine, 152,406 Miles.. 2012 IHC Pro Star IHC Engine, 162,746 Miles. Both 2012 Trucks are Automatics. All are in Great Condition. Mileage is approx. because all trucks are running off and on but still within a few thousand miles. All run well and have been well maintained. Most have upgraded interiors.. Condition: Great

Parts Tooling - SRS #3625

DESCRIPTION: Tools/Options: Assorted Drilling Equipment: 58' Gefco Failing Mast with Attached Crown Block, 11' Gefco Failing Substructure with Leveling Pads, 20-1/2" Oilwell Rotary Table, Gefco Failing 325HP Drawworks, (1) Set of 5" Drill pipe Elevators, (1) Set of 5" Drill Pipe Tongs, (1) Set of 5" Slips, (1) Set of Collar Slips, (1) Dog Collar, Assorted used Bits, (5) Lengths of 5" X 30' Drill Pipe with 4.5" IF Threads, (1) Mud Basket.

Pump Hoist - SRS #3624

DESCRIPTION: Semco; Model: S15000; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1988 GMC; Truck Engine Make: 8.2L Diesel; Tools/Options: Semco S15000: 48' Telescopic Mast, 15,000# Mainline, and a 6,000# Sandline, Two Rear Jacks, Tool Boxes. 5-Speed Transmission with a 2-Speed Axle. Rig Runs Fine, Motor in truck is weak but will get you from one point to another and runs fine.

Auger - SRS #3622

DESCRIPTION: 1976, CME; Model: 750; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: ATV; Truck Engine Make: 5-Cylinder Deutz with only 500 Hours; Tools/Options: CME 750 Year: 1976: Approx. 500 Hrs. on Engine. Auto Hammer, Rod Holder. This Rig has Extra Pullback as it has been Retrofitted with 2 Extra Ramps and Extra Leveling Jacks. Four Winches, 1,800#, 3,000# and a 10,000# Pull Master and a 8,000# Pull Master on the Front. Bean 435 Pump. Breakout Jaws and Wrench. No Hour Meter and Rig could use a Paint Job. Tool Boxes have some Rust on them.

Auger - SRS #3621

DESCRIPTION: Dando; Model: Twin Mast Terrier; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: Rubber Tracks (Small, Compact); Truck Engine Make: Kohler Diesel - EPA Compliant; Condition: Working Drill; Tools/Options: Dando Twin Mast Terrier: approx. 325 Engine Hours. Percussion Mast, Tophead Drive Rotary Head, Hydraulically Slides into Position. Can Sample and Perform SPT to a Depth of approx. 65' and Core to an approx. Depth of 164' plus Probing Capabilities. Single Line Pull Winch, Telescopic Mast. Swing-out control Panel with Illuminated Digital Blow Counter Mounted at the Front of the Rig. Sub-Frame, Auto Hammer: 140# and 30# additional Weight for TXDOT Drilling. Mast is Hinge/Pin Mounted to Main Structure, Hydraulically Raised & Lowered. Hydraulic Mast & Rotary Head, Rotational Speeds in Forward & Reverse, Side Inlet Water Swivel & BW Rod Connection. High - Max. Torque 155.6 ft.-lb. (Low Range: 1089 ft.-lb.) High Max. Spindle Speed 360 rpm (Low Range 70 rpm). Water Cooled Diesel Engine, Compact, Maneuverable Track Mounted Design Fitted with Tilt Mechanism Allowing Rig to Operate Vertically on Slopes Inclined up to 30°, Two Hydraulic Leveling Jacks, Includes 30' Solid Stem Augers, 4 Windowless Sampling Tubes, Associated Plastic Sampling Sleeves and Accessories, Spare Rubber Tracks, Indoor Exhaust Extraction Fans & Ducting, Small Trailer for Tooling and a Custom Enclosed Trailer. Unit Weighs approx. 3,220. Crawler Width is < 3' and approx. 3' with Control Box. Carriage Length 9', Height - 6.4', 5.25' Stroke, Runs 3.28' Rod. Approx. 15,000# Pullback and 2,200# Feed Force.

Auger - SRS #3620

DESCRIPTION: 2013, Buck Rogers; Model: 2500; Mud Pump: Moyno 2L6; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: Rubber Tracks 32.5" Wide Low Overhead Clearance; Truck Engine Make: Perkins Diesel; Condition: Excellent; Tools/Options: Buck Rogers 2500 Year: 2013: Mini Track Rig, Low Overhead Clearance. Rubber Tracks are 32.5" Wide in the Retracted Position, Planetary Drive Motors, Maneuvers well around Tight Corners or Small Areas. Hydraulically Expanding & Retracting Rubber Tracks. Approx. 800 Hours on the Perkins Engine. Moyno Mud Pump is Equipped with Hydraulic Flow Control. Hydraulic Tophead (hydrostatically pump driven), Cathead, Buck Rogers 2500 Mast with 3-Chain Pulldown, 2,500# Winch, AWJ Wet Swivel, 3 Hydraulic Leveling Jacks, AWJ Rod Rack Capable of Holding 100' of 5' Pieces. Capable of Drilling SPT Borings to 250' and HAS to 40'. Total Weight of Rig is approx. 3,500#. Has been used as a backup rig since 2013. Includes the 6,000# Tandem Axle Flatbed Trailer. No Tooling Available with Rig.

Auger - SRS #3619

DESCRIPTION: Simco; Model: 2800; Compressor: 25 CFM/100 PSI; Mud Pump: 2X3 Centrifugal; Engine: Deutz Diesel; Mounted On: 2000 Chevy W4500 2WD; Truck Engine Make: 4-Cylinder Isuzu Diesel; Tools/Options: Simco 2800: Auger Rotary Combo. 25 HP Kohler Engine that Runs the Mud Pump. Rig is set up to run 2-7/8" X 10' Drill Rod with Simco Thread and has a 10' Derrick Extension that Allows you to Work with 20' Lengths of Pipe. Breakout Wrench and Air Compressor on the Truck Includes 170' of Drill Rod and Two Roller Cone Bits. 5-Speed Cab Over Truck with approx. 135,239 Miles on it.

Rotary E-F - SRS #3618

DESCRIPTION: Failing; Model: 1500; Mud Pump: Gardner Denver 5X8; Mounted On: 1995 GMC Topkick; Truck Engine Make: CAT 3116; Tools/Options: Failing 1500: Lot f Extra Failing Parts Available from Gears, Transmissions, Hydraulic Cylinders, too many parts to name. No Pulldown Did have an Allen Set Drive Jaw Chuck on End of Drill Bar when needed but rarely used it so it was Removed. The Manual Swing back Drill Table Mounts on back with 2 Bolts . Connections made with 36" Wrenches and Breakout with Wrench and Cathead. Rig is in Operating Condition, just needs some TLC. Last Well it Drilled was in July 2019. This Rig Drilled 40 + Wells in 2019 Averaging 300' Depths. New Engine was Installed in 2007.

Cable - SRS #3617

DESCRIPTION: Bucyrus Erie; Model: 22W Series I; Engine: 4-Cylinder Ford Gas; Mounted On: 1976 White; Truck Engine Make: Diesel; Tools/Options: Bucyrus Erie 22W Series I: Early 1960's Drill. 3 Hydraulic Jacks, Single Axle Truck. Fully Tooled and Cabled up.

Rotary A-B - SRS #3615

DESCRIPTION: 2007, Atlas Copco; Model: RD 20 Range III; Compressor: IR 1250/350 HR2.5; Engine: Cummins QSK-19C 755 HP; Mounted On: CCC; Truck Engine Make: CAT C13 380 HP; Tools/Options: Atlas Copco RD 20 Range III Year 2007: 120,000# Pullback, Heavy Duty Tophead Drive. 51'7" Clearance between the Spindle and the Table allows for Plenty of Room for 30' Drill Pipe. 8,000 ft-lb. Spur Gear Head Drive maintains Full Torque regardless of Changes in the Speed. The Engine, Compressor and Hydraulic Pumps are Mounted on a Floating Power-Pack which Assures Proper Alignment of Power Components and Decreases Wear. Hi Ambient Cooling System for Engine Coolant, Compressor Oil and Hydraulic Oil is rated for 125° to Assure Long Trouble Free Component Life. Rig has approx. 26,866 Hours and Carrier has approx. 30,016 Miles. Includes a 2014 Foremost 4000 Series Pipe Handler.

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