Auger - SRS #3622

DESCRIPTION: 1976, CME; Model: 750; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: ATV; Truck Engine Make: 5-Cylinder Deutz with only 500 Hours; Tools/Options: CME 750 Year: 1976: Approx. 500 Hrs. on Engine. Auto Hammer, Rod Holder. This Rig has Extra Pullback as it has been Retrofitted with 2 Extra Ramps and Extra Leveling Jacks. Four Winches, 1,800#, 3,000# and a 10,000# Pull Master and a 8,000# Pull Master on the Front. Bean 435 Pump. Breakout Jaws and Wrench. No Hour Meter and Rig could use a Paint Job. Tool Boxes have some Rust on them.

Auger - SRS #3621

DESCRIPTION: Dando; Model: Twin Mast Terrier; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: Rubber Tracks (Small, Compact); Truck Engine Make: Kohler Diesel - EPA Compliant; Condition: Working Drill; Tools/Options: Dando Twin Mast Terrier: approx. 325 Engine Hours. Percussion Mast, Tophead Drive Rotary Head, Hydraulically Slides into Position. Can Sample and Perform SPT to a Depth of approx. 65' and Core to an approx. Depth of 164' plus Probing Capabilities. Single Line Pull Winch, Telescopic Mast. Swing-out control Panel with Illuminated Digital Blow Counter Mounted at the Front of the Rig. Sub-Frame, Auto Hammer: 140# and 30# additional Weight for TXDOT Drilling. Mast is Hinge/Pin Mounted to Main Structure, Hydraulically Raised & Lowered. Hydraulic Mast & Rotary Head, Rotational Speeds in Forward & Reverse, Side Inlet Water Swivel & BW Rod Connection. High - Max. Torque 155.6 ft.-lb. (Low Range: 1089 ft.-lb.) High Max. Spindle Speed 360 rpm (Low Range 70 rpm). Water Cooled Diesel Engine, Compact, Maneuverable Track Mounted Design Fitted with Tilt Mechanism Allowing Rig to Operate Vertically on Slopes Inclined up to 30, Two Hydraulic Leveling Jacks, Includes 30' Solid Stem Augers, 4 Windowless Sampling Tubes, Associated Plastic Sampling Sleeves and Accessories, Spare Rubber Tracks, Indoor Exhaust Extraction Fans & Ducting, Small Trailer for Tooling and a Custom Enclosed Trailer. Unit Weighs approx. 3,220. Crawler Width is < 3' and approx. 3' with Control Box. Carriage Length 9', Height - 6.4', 5.25' Stroke, Runs 3.28' Rod. Approx. 15,000# Pullback and 2,200# Feed Force.

Auger - SRS #3620

DESCRIPTION: 2013, Buck Rogers; Model: 2500; Mud Pump: Moyno 2L6; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: Rubber Tracks 32.5" Wide Low Overhead Clearance; Truck Engine Make: Perkins Diesel; Condition: Excellent; Tools/Options: Buck Rogers 2500 Year: 2013: Mini Track Rig, Low Overhead Clearance. Rubber Tracks are 32.5" Wide in the Retracted Position, Planetary Drive Motors, Maneuvers well around Tight Corners or Small Areas. Hydraulically Expanding & Retracting Rubber Tracks. Approx. 800 Hours on the Perkins Engine. Moyno Mud Pump is Equipped with Hydraulic Flow Control. Hydraulic Tophead (hydrostatically pump driven), Cathead, Buck Rogers 2500 Mast with 3-Chain Pulldown, 2,500# Winch, AWJ Wet Swivel, 3 Hydraulic Leveling Jacks, AWJ Rod Rack Capable of Holding 100' of 5' Pieces. Capable of Drilling SPT Borings to 250' and HAS to 40'. Total Weight of Rig is approx. 3,500#. Has been used as a backup rig since 2013. Includes the 6,000# Tandem Axle Flatbed Trailer. No Tooling Available with Rig.

Auger - SRS #3619

DESCRIPTION: Simco; Model: 2800; Compressor: 25 CFM/100 PSI; Mud Pump: 2X3 Centrifugal; Engine: Deutz Diesel; Mounted On: 2000 Chevy W4500 2WD; Truck Engine Make: 4-Cylinder Isuzu Diesel; Tools/Options: Simco 2800: Auger Rotary Combo. 25 HP Kohler Engine that Runs the Mud Pump. Rig is set up to run 2-7/8" X 10' Drill Rod with Simco Thread and has a 10' Derrick Extension that Allows you to Work with 20' Lengths of Pipe. Breakout Wrench and Air Compressor on the Truck Includes 170' of Drill Rod and Two Roller Cone Bits. 5-Speed Cab Over Truck with approx. 135,239 Miles on it.

Rotary E-F - SRS #3618

DESCRIPTION: Failing; Model: 1500; Mud Pump: Gardner Denver 5X8; Mounted On: 1995 GMC Topkick; Truck Engine Make: CAT 3116; Tools/Options: Failing 1500: Lot f Extra Failing Parts Available from Gears, Transmissions, Hydraulic Cylinders, too many parts to name. No Pulldown Did have an Allen Set Drive Jaw Chuck on End of Drill Bar when needed but rarely used it so it was Removed. The Manual Swing back Drill Table Mounts on back with 2 Bolts . Connections made with 36" Wrenches and Breakout with Wrench and Cathead. Rig is in Operating Condition, just needs some TLC. Last Well it Drilled was in July 2019. This Rig Drilled 40 + Wells in 2019 Averaging 300' Depths. New Engine was Installed in 2007.

Cable - SRS #3617

DESCRIPTION: Bucyrus Erie; Model: 22W Series I; Engine: 4-Cylinder Ford Gas; Mounted On: 1976 White; Truck Engine Make: Diesel; Tools/Options: Bucyrus Erie 22W Series I: Early 1960's Drill. 3 Hydraulic Jacks, Single Axle Truck. Fully Tooled and Cabled up.

Rotary A-B - SRS #3616

DESCRIPTION: 2005, Atlas Copco ; Model: T3-DH70; Compressor: IR HR2.5 1070/350 with Compressor Disconnect In/Out Box; Mud Pump: Plumbed; Engine: CAT C15 525 HP; Mounted On: Peterbilt 357 6X4; Truck Engine Make: CAT C12; Tools/Options: Atlas Copco T3-DH70 Year: 2005: 70,000# Pullback Capacity with Integrated Regeneration System, 18,000# Single Line Braden Main Winch, 2,000# Capacity High Speed Sandreel Winch, High Torque, 2-Speed Tophead Drive (8,000 Ft.-Lbs. @ 0-105 RPM and 5,500 Ft.-Lbs. @0-145 RPM), Hydraulic Power on Board to Operate either an Off-Board or On-Board Mud Pump. 20" Table Opening with Bushing Removed, 6-Rod Carousel Set Up for 4.5" O.D. X 20' Drill Pipe, 35 GPM FMC Water Injection Pump.

Rotary A-B - SRS #3615

DESCRIPTION: 2007, Atlas Copco; Model: RD 20 Range III; Compressor: IR 1250/350 HR2.5; Engine: Cummins QSK-19C 755 HP; Mounted On: CCC; Truck Engine Make: CAT C13 380 HP; Tools/Options: Atlas Copco RD 20 Range III Year 2007: 120,000# Pullback, Heavy Duty Tophead Drive. 51'7" Clearance between the Spindle and the Table allows for Plenty of Room for 30' Drill Pipe. 8,000 ft-lb. Spur Gear Head Drive maintains Full Torque regardless of Changes in the Speed. The Engine, Compressor and Hydraulic Pumps are Mounted on a Floating Power-Pack which Assures Proper Alignment of Power Components and Decreases Wear. Hi Ambient Cooling System for Engine Coolant, Compressor Oil and Hydraulic Oil is rated for 125 to Assure Long Trouble Free Component Life. Rig has approx. 26,866 Hours and Carrier has approx. 30,016 Miles. Includes a 2014 Foremost 4000 Series Pipe Handler.

Auger - SRS #3614

DESCRIPTION: 1985, Mobile; Model: B-47; Engine: John Deere 4.5L; Mounted On: 2009 Ford F-450 4WD Super Duty; Truck Engine Make: 6.8L V10 Gas; Tires: Newer Drive Tires, Brand New Steer Tires; Condition: Ready to Drill; Tools/Options: Mobile B-47 Year: 1985: Hydraulic Actuated Mast, 2,000# Hydraulic Hoist, Koenig Wireline Winch, 3-Line Crown Block, Cathead, 3L6 Moyno, Slidramatic, 1-1/8" Hex Universal Auger Coupling, Safety Shut-off System, (2) Rear 24" Hydraulic Jacks, (1) Front Jack. Truck has approx. 175,239 Miles on it, Manual Transmission (rebuilt in 2018), New Clutch in 2018, New Drive Tires in 2017, Very Little Wear, New Steer Tires in 2019, Brand New. Drill had a new Alternator in 2019, Rig was Rewired in 2019, New Starter in 2019, New Hydraulic Pump and Motor in 2017, New Cathead Hydraulic Motor in 2017, Mast/Tower Reinforced/Rebuilt in 2018 (added 3rd Sheave for Second Winch, Not Installed), Slide/Feed Rollers Re-engineered and Rebuilt in 2019, Moyno Pump Rebuilt in 2019.

Rotary H-I - SRS #3613

DESCRIPTION: 1980, Model: HT-2000; Mud Pump: 8X6 Mission; Engine: Detroit 6V53; Mounted On: Trailer; Condition: Ready to Drill; Tools/Options: HT 2000 Year: 1980: All Mechanical, Table Drive Rotary Rig, 18" Table, Mast is approx. 45', Kelly 35', Includes approx., 820' of 4.5" Bottleneck Drill Pipe, Drill Collars, Bits, Hole Openers. More Pipe available.

Rotary M - SRS #3611

DESCRIPTION: Midway; Model: 15M; Mud Pump: Gardner Denver 5" X 10"; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1981 Ford L9000; Tools/Options: Midway 15M: Drawworks with Air Clutches & 8" Wide Brakes, 54' Long 3" Square Tubing Derrick., Hydrostatic Brake, Midway 12" Retractable Table. Includes 900' of 3.5" IF Drill Pipe and Pipe Trailer.. Condition

Rotary S - SRS #3610

DESCRIPTION: 2002, Speedstar; Model: 15K; Compressor: 500/200; Mud Pump: 4.5 X 5 Duplex Piston and a 4X3X13 Mission Magnum; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2002 Peterbilt 330; Truck Engine Make: CAT C7 Brand New; Tires: 85% +; Tools/Options: Speedstar 15K: Brand New Engine! 4-Cylinder FMC 20 GPM Bean Water Injection, Two Winches (12K Single Line Pull, 4K Sandline High Speed), Hydraulic PTO Welder/Generator, Tool Boxes, Jib Boom, Rod Box, Driller 7 Helper Platforms, Sliding Tophead, Sliding Table Opening, Sliding Fork Wrench, Breakout Wrench, Shock Sub. All Filters Changed. Truck has an 8LL Transmission with New Clutch, A/C.

Rotary M - SRS #3609

DESCRIPTION: Midway; Model: 1300; Compressor: LeRoi 256; Mud Pump: 5X6 Gardner Denver; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1984 International; Truck Engine Make: 6V92 Detroit; Condition: Solid Reliable Rig; Tools/Options: Midway 1300: Rig has a 37' Mast, has a Mast Extension and a Racking Board (53' Mast with Extension). Can Pull and Rack Doubles. Three New Jacks, New 794 Spicer Gear Box, New 2" Little Giant Swivel, 7-1/2" Retractable Gardner Denver Table that has been Rebuilt, Newer 3-1/2" X 24' Kelly, 4-Cylinder Bean Injection Pump. Detroit Engine Rebuilt in approx. 2015, 13-Speed, New Tires. Rig is Very Solid Mechanically and Very Reliable according to Owner.

Auger - SRS #3608

DESCRIPTION: 1989, CME; Model: 750; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: Rubber Tire ATV; Truck Engine Make: 6-Cylinder Cummins Diesel; Tools/Options: CME 750 Year: 1989: One Owner Machine, Hydraulic rod Holder & Wrench (4.5"), 140# Automatic Hammer, 14" Jack Pads, Front PTO Mechanical Winch, 7,000# Hoist, 3,200# Hoist, 1,800# Hoist, Wireline Hoist for Bedrock Coring, Front Winch, Rollover Protection System (ROPS), Stop Disc on Hoist Cables, Moyno 3L8 Water Pump with Mechanical Transmission, 2" Water Pump Plumbing, Electric Engine Block Heater, Espar Engine Coolant Heater, 2J King Water Swivel, Custom Tool Tray on Front Bumper, Retrofit CME Double Clutch System, 2" Receiver Hitch on Rear, (3) 36" Leveling Jacks, Heated Tool Box at Helpers Station. Rig has approx. 19,000 Engine Hours (5,890 on Hour Meter, Meter was Replaced at approx. 4,000 Hours and Meter Rolled over at 10,000 Hours).

Rotary H-I - SRS #3607

DESCRIPTION: 1973, Ingersoll Rand; Model: T4W; Compressor: IR 600/250; Engine: Detroit 8V71NA; Mounted On: CCC; Truck Engine Make: Detroit 6V53NA; Tools/Options: Ingersoll Rand T4W Year: 1973: 37,500# Pullback, Worm Gear Powerhead with 6,000 Ft-Lbs. Torque. One Jib and One Winch, 7-Rod Carousel plus a 4-Rod Auxiliary Carousel. Rig is set up to run 4.5" X 25' X 3.5 API Regular Drill Pipe. Includes 500 of Drill Pipe. Has an Extra Reman 8V71 Military Surplus Engine that can be Purchased for an Extra Cost.

Water Truck - SRS #3606

DESCRIPTION: 1995, Flatwater Fleet; Model: 2000 Gallon; Mounted On: 1995 Ford LTS-9000; Truck Engine Make: CAT 3406; Tires: 11RX22.5 Rear Radials, 385/65RX22.5 Front Radials; Tools/Options: 1995 Flatwater Fleet 2000 Gallon Water Truck: 240" X 91-3/4" Deck, Dual Front Corner 5" 45 with Dust Caps, (2)Front corner and (4) Rear Drains, Full Length Chain Rail with 4" Channel Stakes, New Rear Water Level Gauge, Heavy Duty Bumper with HD Pintle , Air & Electric, Folding Platform on Bumper with 12" Drop Step, (4) New Mud Flaps, Divided (2 @ 115 Gallons each) Auxiliary Fuel Tanks, 12V Fuel Pump, Manual Fuel Hose Reel with 50' of Hose, Swivel and Nozzle, (2) Front Toolboxes with Hinge-down HD Snap-Latch and Lockable (6' X 2' X 20" each). (2) Vertical Cabinets each 64" X 24" X 24" (LH has removable Shelves and RH is Open). 2" Hydraulically Driven Water Pump that is Mounted Rear Center Under Tank, 5,000# Capacity Crane with a 20' Boom, Tethered Remote Control, Mounted on the Rear Left Side, Welder Mount and Lead Stands Mounted in Front of the Crane. Truck has a 350 HP Engine, Fuller 10-Speed Transmission, 40,000# Tandem Rear Axle with a 4.33 Ratio, 16,000# Ford Steel Front Axle, Hendrickson RT2-400 Spring Rear Suspension, Air Cam Front & Rear Brakes, 11RX22.5 Rear Radials, 385/65RX22.5 Front Radials, 50 Gallon LH Under Cab Fuel Tank. Odometer Currently Reads 90,305.

Parts Tooling - SRS #3605

DESCRIPTION: Foremost; Model: 1500 Series; Tools/Options: Foremost 1500 Series Pipe Handling Systems for Reverse Circulation Drilling. Mounts to the side of the Mast to Load and Unload Drill Pipe while Drilling at an Angle. Jaw Range: 2-7/8" - 8-5/8", Capable of Handling Pipe up to Range II, 1,500# Lift Capacity, 12,000 ft.-lbs. of Breakout Torque capacity. Estimated Weight is 3,500#.. Condition:

Pump Hoist - SRS #3604

DESCRIPTION: Sanderson Cyclone; Model: F40; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1971 Ford F-350; Truck Engine Make: 300 Cubic Inch 6 Rebuilt, Low Mileage; Tools/Options: Sanderson Cyclone F40 Year: PTO; Compressor: N/A; Mud Pump: N/A; Mounted On: 1971 Ford F-350; TrEngine: , 300 cu. In.; Tools/Other Options: Cab & Chassis was Special Ordered with Increased Cooling and other Features, Pump Hoist was Factory Mounted, 4-Speed Transmission, One Owner Truck. Pump Hoist is Hydraulically Powered from the PTO, Variable Speed Engine Control, Pipe Racks, Tool Boxes, 2 Rear Jacks, 4-Speed Transmission Drawworks, Free Spool Drum for Bailing, Heavy Duty Double Arm Spudder and Remote Control on the Drawworks. Original Service Manual. Truck and Motor are in Good Condition as is the Service Unit. Truck Motor is a Rebuilt 300 du. In. 6 with Low Mileage. All the Tooling and Two Bailers are Included.Versatile & Powerful Hoist.

Cable - SRS #3603

DESCRIPTION: Bucyrus Erie; Model: 22W Series I; Engine: Ford Industrial 4-Cylinder Gas; Mounted On: 1993 Kodiak 70 Series; Truck Engine Make: 427 Gas; Condition: Good; Tools/Options: Bucyrus Erie 22W: Hydraulic Jacks, Catwalk, New Clutches being Installed. Approx. 1,000' of 3/4" Drill Line, has a Drill Line Saver, Sand Reel with approx. 1,200' of Line and a Casing Reel with approx. enough Cable to Run Pipe. Swivel Jack on the Front, Hydraulic Jacks. Mast is not Hydraulic but goes up Easy, Gears are in Good Condition. Truck has Disc Brakes and approx. 91,000 Miles on it, 2nd Owner on the Truck. Tooling Available for an Extra Cost.New Fender Ordered for Truck.

Pump Hoist - SRS #3602

DESCRIPTION: 1980, Smeal; Model: 12T; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1998 IHC 4900 4X2; Truck Engine Make: DT 466; Tools/Options: Smeal 12T Year 1980: 36,000# Capacity, Double Drum Drawworks with a Tailout Winch. Truck Odometer Reads 237,478 Miles. Truck has a Salvage Title..

Mud Grout Pumps - SRS #3601

DESCRIPTION: Mud King; Model: PAH RMKP; Mud Pump: 5X4 Mission Centrifugal; Engine: 60 Series Detroit 475 HP; Mounted On: Skid; Tools/Options: Mud King PAH RMKP 275 Mud Pump: 5" Swab with 8" Stroke, 5,000 psi. 1,655 Engine Hours. Murphey Power View, New Single Stage Air Compressor, Radiator Rebuilt in 2018, Allison 750 Automatic Transmission with Bennett Shifter, Transmission Cooler, EVCO Hydraulic Pump, Chelsea PTO, Hydraulic Cooler. Mission 5X4 Centrifugal Pump with Brank Hydraulics, 1-1/4" Control Valve with Nachi Relief Valve, External Roper Secondary Oiler Pump for PAH with 3/4" Control Valve. Oteco Pressure Relief Valve, 6,000# MF Type D Pressure Gauge on Swivel, 1" Belt Driven Centrifugal Splash Pump, 2" NuFlo Meter, Hard Line Rack, Piper 5 Valve Manifold with Chiksan Swivels and 602 Hammer Unions, 8" I-Beam, 97" Wide, 25' Long Skid, Built by EVCO in 2013 has had Limited use. CIRCULATING TANK: 8" I Beam Skid 20' Long, 94" Wide, Tank 16' Long, 5' Tall, 84" Wide, V-Bottom, with 2 Compartments with Solids Catch Tub, 2 Walkways with Handrails, Hose Racks, 3" Figure 100 Hammer Unions. Built by EVCO in 2013.

Bucket Rig - SRS #3600

DESCRIPTION: Calweld; Model: 175B; Engine: Chrysler 32 Industrial Gas; Mounted On: 1985 AFE 1/2 Cab Truck; Truck Engine Make: CAT 3208 with 3,000 Miles; Tools/Options: Calweld 175B: 42" Ring Gear, 75' Kelly Bar, 3 Hydraulic Outriggers. Truck Engine Only has 3,000 Miles on it. Includes (1) 28" Drilling Bucket, (1) 24" Cleanout Bucket, (1) Gad to Break Rock, (1) Boot to Drive Casing. Truck has been parked but was in working order when it was parked.

Mud Grout Pumps - SRS #3599

DESCRIPTION: Tools/Options: GeoLoop 50-500 Grouter, Excellent Condition. Also has a GeoLoop Hydraulic Hose Reel that is New Condition.

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