Rotary G - SRS #3759

DESCRIPTION: Gardner Denver; Model: 1500; Compressor: None; Mud Pump: GD FXX172; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1979 IHC F2574; Truck Engine Make: Cummins NTC 290 HP; Condition: Gearbox Needs Replaced.; Tools/Options: Gardner Denver 1500 Year: PTO; Compressor: None; Mud Pump: GD FXX12; Mounted On: 1979 IHC F2574; TrEngine: , Cummins NTC-290; Tools/Other Options: 16" Stationary Table, Standard Mast, Chain Pulldown, Mechanical Clutches. Gearbox Needs Replaced.

Rotary A-B - SRS #3758

DESCRIPTION: Badger; Compressor: WCG 1005; Mud Pump: FXG 172; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1997 Mack; Truck Engine Make: Mack EM7-300; Tools/Options: Badger: 16" Stationary Table, Bean Pump, Standard Mast, Chain Pulldown, Mechanical Clutches. Transmission Rebuilt. Never Ran Compressor.

Auger - SRS #3757

DESCRIPTION: 2020, Acker; Model: Kodiak; Engine: 22 HP Honda 690; Mounted On: Axle -Rubber Tires; Condition: Near New; Tools/Options: Acker Kodiak Year: 2020: Used on One Job, < 12 Hrs. Has Auger Capabilities and a Core Head, 140# Hammer Assembly, 3-1/4" and 4-1/4" Auger Guides. Power Unit - 15 GPM, 2000 PSI, 22 HP, 5 Gallon Hydraulic Tank. Feed Mechanism Consists of a Hydraulic Motor Driving a Single Strand Roller Chain. 3,000# Pullback and 3,000# Pulldown. Feed Speeds are Variable between 0-120 FPM. Welded Steel Mast with Supports and Guides. Feed System can Break Down to Change OAL from 47" Stroke (7'6" OAL) or 77" Stroke (10' OAL). Has Extra Anchor Points in the Front and Rear of the Unit. Jib has Removable Crown Block Assembly with Sheaves. Auger Drill Head is Hydraulically Driven with Planetary Design. The Head is Completely Sealed. Speeds are 0-60 RPM @ 1014 Ft Lbs. Core Drill Head is Hydraulically Driven and Includes an Integrated Water Swivel to an AWJ Drill Rod Connection. Speeds are 0-577 RPM @ 106 Ft. Lbs. Manual Rod Clamp to Handle Rod Size 1-3/4" - 3-1/2". Hydraulically Powered Breakout Wrench, Cathead, Auger Guide, Rod Bushing.

Cable - SRS #3756

DESCRIPTION: Bucyrus Erie; Model: 28L; Engine: Diesel; Mounted On: Trailer; Tools/Options: Bucyrus Erie 28L: Rig has a Casing Strut and Triple Block Pulley. Set up for an A-Frame. A-Frame is available.

Pump Hoist - SRS #3755

DESCRIPTION: 2006, Smeal ; Model: 5T; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2015 Dodge 3500 4X4; Truck Engine Make: Cummins 6.7 L Turbo Diesel; Condition: Good; Tools/Options: Smeal 5T Year: 2006: Utility Bed, Wireless Remote, Front Jack added in 2018. 2 Pipe Racks, Work Lights. No Sandline. Hoist was Refurbished in 2015. Truck has an Automatic Transmission and approx. 104,000 Miles on it.

Rotary G - SRS #3754

DESCRIPTION: 1981, Gardner Denver; Model: 2500; Mounted On: CCC 8X10; Tools/Options: Gardner Denver 2500 Year: 1981: Triple Drum. Condition:

Rotary G - SRS #3753

DESCRIPTION: 2016, Geoprobe; Model: 8150LS 50DT; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: TC50 Tracks; Truck Engine Make: CAT C7.1 Tier 3 Flex 275 HP Engine; Tools/Options: Geoprobe 8150LS Sonic 50DT Year: 2016: Full Size Rotary Sonic Rig with 50K Force, Rotation (high torque/low speed) 4,000 ft-lbs @ 90 rpm, Rotation (low torque/high speed) 2,500 ft-lbs @140 rpm. 157LS Mast, 157" Head Feed Stroke, Standard Winch has 2,500# Line Pull and 110 Ft/Minute. Geoprobe GV5 Rotary Sonic, Triplex Water Pump has 1,000 psi Maximum Pressure and 25 GPM Max Flow. Double Wrench Breakout Clamp Force of 0 to 20,000#, Breakout Torque of 13,500#, Compatible with 2" to 14" Casing, 9" Vertical Travel. GV5 Spindle Adapter 6.0, 4.5, 3.5 Assembly,GV5 High Speed Coring Head Drive, Float Sub with NWJ Pin Assembly, 140# Automatic Drop Hammer, Drill Mast Adjustable Brace Kit, Rod Handler System (3" to 9", Double Jointed, Integral Safety Features), Hose Pump Kit & Hose Reel Kit, Wireline Winch Kit (1,800# with Quick Change Hook, Indexing Racks - 4.5" & 6" Casing (available), HP Limited Pump 4,000 psi Max Pressure, 100 GPM Max. Flow. Hydrostatic Pump has 5,000 psi Max Pressure and 55 GPM Max Flow. 36" Drill Mast Dump, 157" Head Travel, 20,000# Retract Force/11,000# Crowd, Standard Head Feed Pressure Control, 32" Head Side Shift, 90° Head Tilt Out, (4) Corner Outriggers, 26" Outrigger Travel, Engine Rated at 275 HP, 90 Gallon Fuel Capacity, 45° Max Angle Vertical Drilling, (angle in Transport is 24°, 1.5 mph Ground Speed, V2 Electronic Controls, GVS Sonic Head. 48" Toolbox, Sonic has approx. 1,210 Hours, Sonic Head has 210 Hours. Tooling Available for an Extra Cost: Two tooling Indexing Racks with Rollers. 230' of 4" Tooling, 230' of 6" Tooling, 100' of 8" Tooling. One Actuator Core for Rod Handler, One SDT-60 Weighted Wire Line Core Barrel, Several Bits & Adapters. Also Available for an Extra Cost is a 2010 Freightliner and 2017 Rolls Rite 60K Semi Drop Deck Flatbed Trailer.

Rotary H-I - SRS #3738

DESCRIPTION: 2000, Ingersoll Rand; Model: T3W; Compressor: IR 900/350; Mud Pump: Plumbed; Mounted On: IHC 2674; Truck Engine Make: Navistar 370 HP; Condition: Rebuilt; Tools/Options: Ingersoll Rand T3W Year: 2000: Rig has been completely redone (compressor, cooler, electronics, hydraulics, paint), except for deck engine which has approx. 11,000 hours. Standard 33' Mast, Clutch between Air End and Engine, 8,000# Ft. Lbs. Torque, Single Speed Rotary Head, Torque Limit, 18 Gallon Bean Water Injection, Single Rod Loader, 2,000# Auxiliary Hoist, Standard 3.5" API Regular Rod System, King Swivel on Rotary Head, Hydraulic Pump (controls & Piping to Operate). 20,000# Front Axle, 46,000# Rears (no spin rears), Jake Brake, Air Horn, AM/FM Radio, Special Off Road Hi Traction Rear Tires. Truck has aprox. 70,500 Miles on it.

Water Truck - SRS #3752

DESCRIPTION: Flatwater Fleet; Mounted On: Peterbilt; Truck Engine Make: CAT 3126; Tools/Options: Approx. 2,600 Gallon Flatwater Fleet, 24" Overhead Fill Hole, Truck is +/- 2002. Has an 8-Speed Transmission and Jake Brake. Needs New Decking.

Rotary T-Z - SRS #3751

DESCRIPTION: 2002, Versa-Drill; Model: V-100; Compressor: 300/200; Mud Pump: 3X4 Centrifugal; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2002 IHC 4900; Truck Engine Make: DT 560; Condition: Working Drill; Tools/Options: Versa Drill V-100 Year: 2002 PTO; Compressor: 300/200; Mud Pump: 3X4 Centrifugal; Mounted On: 2002 IHC 4900; TrEngine: , DT 560; Tools/Other Options: Mud Pump Rebuilt 6 Wells Ago. Compressor Runs Good, Deck Engine has New Injectors and Crank Shaft, Pos. Switch. 7-Rod Carousel, has a MudSlayer with New Screens Mounted on Deck. Includes an Extra Cotta Box that is New, an Older Carousel, Misc. Parts.

Auger - SRS #3749

DESCRIPTION: Shopbuilt; Model: Similar in Size to a Simco 2800; Engine: 4-Cylinder Deutz; Mounted On: 1989 Ford F-600; Truck Engine Make: Diesel; Tools/Options: Shopbuilt Similar to a Simco 2800: Cathead, Winch, Breakout Table, 10' Stroke, Mast Extension. 4-Speed Transmission in Truck. Also Includes an Older Simco 2400 on Skids Powered by a 2-Cylinder Wisconsin Gas Engine. Trailer that it was on is available. Multiple Heads are included along with Head Mounting Plates & Gear Boxes, Two Shop built Derrick Assemblies. Available for an Extra Cost IR 25 HP Motor that Turns a Moyno Pump and a Moyno 3L6 Pump with 4-Speed Tranny and a 15 HP Air Motor.

Auger - SRS #3748

DESCRIPTION: 1990, CME; Model: 55; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: IHI 50 Tracks; Truck Engine Make: Cummins Diesel; Condition: Ready to Drill; Tools/Options: CME 55 Year: 1990: Auto Hammer, 3L6 Moyno, 3 Winches, in/out Slide, Side to Side Slide Base, Rod Vice, Breakout Wrench. Carrier has Wide Rubber Tracks.

Cable - SRS #3747

DESCRIPTION: Cable Rig Tooling; Tools/Options: 8" - 16" Bits, Stems 4X5, Converts to 2-3/4", 3-3/4" on Top. 50 Year Accumulation of Cable Rig Tooling Including Rope Sockets up to 4X5, Jars, Bits, Subs, Fishing Tools, Rope Sockets

Cable - SRS #3746

DESCRIPTION: Speedstar; Model: 55; Compressor: See Below; Engine: 4-Cylinder Red Seal - Completely Rebuilt Top and Bottom; Mounted On: 1971 4X4 Military Truck; Truck Engine Make: Diesel; Condition: Good; Tools/Options: Speedstar 55: Truck has air Locking Tires, approx. 30,000 Miles on it and Runs Great. 20,000# Winch on the Front, Friction Drive moves the 3rd Line. Has it's own Air System. Deck Engine has been Completely Rebuilt top and Bottom. New Wheels. Everything is in Good Condition.

Rotary G - SRS #3745

DESCRIPTION: 1989, GEFCO; Model: 25K; Compressor: 850/350; Mud Pump: 3X4 Mission; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1989 IHC Paystar 5000; Truck Engine Make: 475 HP Cummins N14; Condition: Good, Well Maintained; Tools/Options: Gefco 25K Year: 1989: One Owner Drill. New Batteries in 2020, New Hydro for Mud Pump, New Tophead & Motor in 2017, New Bean Water Injection Pump, New Welder, New Tires, New Mud Pup, New Air Piping, New Starter, New Winch & Pulldown Cables, New Seat for the Rig in 2016. New Engine in 2013 (approx. 4,125 Current Hours), New Clutch in 2012, New Transfer Case in 2005. Rig has been Serviced every 300 Hours. Rod Box, 4 Jacks. Approx. 27,237 Total Hours and 94,253 Miles. Service Record, Extra Tophead, Hydro Pumps, many Filters and Belts Included.

Rotary S - SRS #3744

DESCRIPTION: 1983, Speed; Model: Ministar; Compressor: 220/125; Mud Pump: 5X6; Engine: NEW John Deere; Mounted On: 1983 International; Truck Engine Make: DT 466; Condition: Working Drill; Tools/Options: Speedstar Ministar Year: 1983: New Deck Engine. 2-Cylinder Bean Water Injection Pump, Rod box. Lots Rebuilt including Spool Bank and Most Pistons. Single Arm Loader has been Removed. Rig is set up to run 2-3/8" X 20' Mayhew Jr. Drill Rod.

Rotary E-F - SRS #3743

DESCRIPTION: 1956, Failing; Model: 1500; Mud Pump: Gardner Denver 5X6 (may be bigger); Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1973 Ford; Truck Engine Year: 360 ? To be Confirmed; Tools/Options: Failing 1500 Year: 1956: Mud Pump may be Bigger than a 5X6 per Owner. Need to Confirm Engine Size. Table retracts where the kelly goes through, Measures 4-1/8" at the top and tapers down to 3-3/8". Kelly has 3/4" Pins. Has a Sandline Drum with approx. 300' of Cable on it. Mechanical Clutches, No Jacks, Hydraulic Pulldown. Has a Paddle Stem for Reaming Out Test Holes. Several New Parts Recently Installed. Set up to run 2-3/8" X 10' Drill Rod. Approx. 250' - 300' of Rod Available for an Extra Cost.

Auger - SRS #3742

DESCRIPTION: 2006, CME; Model: 45C; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: Yanamar C50R Tracks; Truck Engine Year: 2005; Truck Engine Make: 3-Cyl Deutz; Tools/Options: CME 45C Year: 2006: High Torque Double Chain Box, 3L6 Moyno Pump, 1,800# and 3,200# Hoists, 10" Drum Wireline, 140# Auto Hammer (calibrated), In-Out and Sideways Slide Base, Standard Mast. Deutz is a 2005, and has approx. 2247.5 hrs.

Rotary D - SRS #3347

DESCRIPTION: 2005, Deep Rock; Model: DR 150; Mud Pump: 5X6; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2005 Ford F750 2-Wheel Drive; Truck Engine Make: Cummins 6-Cylinder Turbocharged; Condition: Good - Excellent; Tools/Options: Deep Rock DR 150 Year: 2005: Approx. 1,500 Hours, 20' Mast, Pullback is approx. 18,000# - 20,000#. Hydraulically Driven Mud Pump, Downhole Hammer Oiler, Auxiliary Hydraulics, Dynaset High Pressure Water Injection Pump, Hydraulic Rod box, Hydraulic Break-Out Wrench, Hydraulic Winch, 6,000# Winch, Three Hydraulic Leveling Jacks, Driller & Operators Platforms, Two Large Underdeck Lockable Storage Boxes. Ready to Work, Includes 400' of 2-7/8" O.D. AWJ Drill Rod, some Newer Subs. Truck has a 7-Speed Transmission and Odometer Reads 8,059 Miles, Truck is in Great Condition.

Rotary A-B - SRS #3737

DESCRIPTION: 2005, Atlas Copco ; Model: T3W-DH50; Compressor: 1070/350 with Clutch; Mud Pump: Plumbed; Engine: CAT C15 565 HP; Mounted On: Paystar 5600i; Truck Engine Make: CAT C13 380 HP; Tools/Options: Atlas Copco T3W-DH50 Year: 2005: Compressor Completely Redone and a New In/Out Box on Deck Engine, All New Cables & Roller Bushings. 35' Mast with 50K Pullback, 8,000# 2-Speed Head, 25 GPM Bean Water Injection, 18,000# Hoist, Single Rod Loader, Deck Engine has a Diesel Per-Heater, Torque Limit Control, 7-Gallon DHD Lubricator, Frame Mounted Mud Piping, No Mud Pump Included, Aluminum Operators Platforms, Dress up Package. 22,000# Front Axle, 46,000# Rears (no spins in both rears), Approx. 52,000 Miles on Truck and approx. 10,600 Hours on Deck Engine.

Rotary E-F - SRS #3741

DESCRIPTION: Failing; Model: CF15; Compressor: LeRoi 3-Cylinder Developmental; Mud Pump: Failing FM45 Duplex 5" X 6-1/4"; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1995 IHC 2500 Series 6X4; Truck Engine Make: Cummins N14; Tools/Options: Failing CF15: Failing 7-1/2" Retractable Rotary Table, Double Drum Drawworks with Air Clutches, Four Hydraulic Leveling Jacks. Carrier has an Eaton Fuller 8-Speed Transmission with Lo-Lo and approx. 171,314 Miles. Approx. 600' of 2-7/8" O.D. X 20' Drill Pipe with 2-3/8" IF Available for an Extra Cost.

Pump Hoist - SRS #3739

DESCRIPTION: Semco; Model: S8000; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2003 Ford F 650 4X2; Truck Engine Make: Diesel; Tools/Options: Semco S8000

Pump Hoist - SRS #3740

DESCRIPTION: Semco; Model: S15000; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1992 IHC 4700; Truck Engine Make: Diesel; Tools/Options: Semco S15000

Steel - SRS #3736

DESCRIPTION: Tools/Options: 99 Joints of 4.5" X 20' Drill Pipe with 2-7/8" IF Tool Joints. There is at least 80 to 90 % life in the pipe, heavy wall pipe.

Mud Grout Pumps - SRS #3735

DESCRIPTION: Mud Pump: Gardner Denver FXZ 7" X 12"; Engine: 2007 Volvo; Tools/Options: GD FXZ 7" X 12" Mud Pump: Powered by a 2007 Volvo Engine. Has a Wichtex True Air Clutch.

Compressors - SRS #3734

DESCRIPTION: 1978, Compressor: Gardner Denver WEJ 1009 650/250; Tools/Options: 1978 GD WEJ 1009 Compressor: Compressor made Great Air when Pulled off the Rig 3 Years Ago. Includes Drive (needs rebuilt), Radiator/Intercooler (good condition, No leaks or cracks), and Coolant Pump

Steel - SRS #3732

DESCRIPTION: Condition: Good/Used; Tools/Options: 3,000' of Good/Used 3.5" X 20' Drill Pipe with 2-3/8" IF Connections.

Steel - SRS #3730

DESCRIPTION: Condition: Used; Tools/Options: 860' of Matrix 4-1/2" X 20' drill pipe

Parts Tooling - SRS #3729

DESCRIPTION: Weldco Beals; Tools/Options: Weldco Beals Casing Hammer Hydraulic Ram on Track, Includes Jib and Steel Rails That Were Welded to the Mast. Came off of a TH-60.

Steel - SRS #3728

DESCRIPTION: Condition: Good/Used; Tools/Options: (13 Pieces) 2-7/8" X 20' Drill Rod with 2-3/8" IF Threads.

Water Truck - SRS #3727

DESCRIPTION: Mounted On: 1996 IHC; Truck Engine Make: 500 Cummins; Condition: Running Condition; Tools/Options: 2,300 Gallon Water Bed, Crane, 350 Gallon Fuel Tank. Odometer is Broken. Can Haul 25' PIpe.

Rotary C - SRS #3726

DESCRIPTION: 1974, Chicago Pneumatic; Model: T-650; Compressor: 750/300 GHH; Engine: CAT 3406; Mounted On: 1974 Ford L9000; Truck Engine Make: 290 Cummins; Tools/Options: Chicago Pneumatic T-650 Year: 1974: 40,000# Pullback, Bean Pump, Compressor and Deck Engine was installed in 1981 (newer than drill), all 3/4" and 1" Hoses have been Replaced. CAT Engine was Completely Rebuilt and has 3 Wells on Rebuild, Starter also Rebuilt in 2020. Rig is capable of running 25' drill rod but drill has a rod box built for 20' rod. Truck has a 13 Speed Transmission. A Few Hammers Available but not Drill Rod. Rig is Set Up to Run 4.5" X 20' Pipe. Could Handle 25' Pipe but Carousel would need to be Modified. Jib Extends and Rotates.

Rotary H-I - SRS #3725

DESCRIPTION: 2000, Ingersoll Rand; Model: T3W; Compressor: 900/350 with Disconnect Clutch; Engine: CAT 3406; Mounted On: 2000 iHC; Truck Engine Make: CAT C10; Condition: Ready to Drill; Tools/Options: Ingersoll Rand T3W Year: 2000: 18,000# Winch (Rebuilt +/- 2014), 3-Stage Jake Brake, New Exhaust. Ready to Drill. Has Approx. 9,000 Hours and approx. 19,731 Miles on it. Compressor was Rebuilt at 5,000 Hours. New Battery, Started and Recently Serviced. New Cables +/- 2018). Driller & Helper Platforms, Control Panel Cover. Includes approx. 1,100' of 3.5" Drill Rod and an 8" Hammer over Stabilizer.

Pump Hoist - SRS #3724

DESCRIPTION: 1995, Smeal; Model: 5T; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1995 Ford F450 4X4; Truck Engine Make: Diesel; Tools/Options: Smeal 5T Year: 1995: No Remote, Truck has approx. 100,000 Miles on it.

Rotary A-B - SRS #3723

DESCRIPTION: 2009, Atlas Copco ; Model: T3W 40; Compressor: 1070/350 with Disconnect Clutch; Mud Pump: Wilden; Engine: CAT C15; Mounted On: 2009 IHC; Truck Engine Make: Diesel; Condition: Clean; Tools/Options: Atlas Copco T3 Year: 2009: Drill is Set Up to run 4.5" Drill Rod, 7 Rod Carousel, 12,000# Main Winch, 4-Motor Tophead, Compressor Disconnect Clutch, 20 GPM Bean Water Injection, Oiler. < 11,000 Hours, Truck has a Jake Brake and approx. 30,000 Miles. Includes approx. 700' of Drill Rod, Hammer, Stabilizer. New Disconnect Clutch and New Tophead.

Pump Hoist - SRS #3722

DESCRIPTION: G&R; Model: 500; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2014 GMC 3500 4X4; Truck Engine Make: Duramax Diesel; Tools/Options: G&R 500: Truck is a Crew Cab and has an Allison Automatic Transmission.

Rotary P-Q - SRS #3721

DESCRIPTION: Quickdrill; Model: QM 300; Compressor: See Below; Mud Pump: Gardner Denver 5X6 Rebuilt in 2020; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2020 Hino 279; Truck Engine Make: Diesel; Condition: Good; Tools/Options: Quickdrill QM 300: Late 70's Quickdrill that has been upgraded to the DrillMax Controls. Mud Pump Rebuilt in 2020 (Fluid & Gear Ends), Gone through about 5-6 Years Ago. 20' Rod Rack, Single Rod Loader. No Compressor but has a Spare Hydraulic Motor that can be used to Drive a Developmental Air Compressor. Rig was Recently Mounted on this New Truck, has an Allison Automatic Transmission. Includes approx. 520' of Mayhew Jr. Drill Rod. Truck has a 7 Year Warranty. Odometer Reads 1,924 Miles.

Auger - SRS #3720

DESCRIPTION: 1995, Mobile; Model: B 59; Mounted On: 1995 IHC 1900; Truck Engine Make: DT 466; Tools/Options: Mobile B59 Year: 1995: One owner drill, has been garage kept its whole life. Auto Hammer, 3L6 Water Pump, 3 Jacks, Steel Water Tank, (2) Auger Racks, Rod Storage. Approx. 4,264 Hours.

Cable - SRS #3719

DESCRIPTION: Bucyrus Erie; Model: 28L; Engine: Waukesha; Mounted On: 1972 IHC; Truck Engine Make: V8; Tools/Options: Bucyrus Erie 28L: 3-Line Machine (drill Line, Sand Line, Casing Line), approx. 600' of New 7/8" Drill Line and approx. 600' of New Sand Line. Deck Engine was Rebuilt at some Point, New Drive Belt approx. 2-3 Years Ago. Some Tooling Available for an Extra Cost. Truck has the Bigger V8 and approx. 74,000 Miles on it.

Rotary E-F - SRS #3718

DESCRIPTION: 1982, Failing; Model: CF-15; Mounted On: 2004 Mack; Tools/Options: Failing CF 15 Year: 1982: Truck has approx. 219,221 miles on it.. Condition:

Rotary G - SRS #3717

DESCRIPTION: 2007, Gefco; Model: SS-135; Compressor: 300/200; Mud Pump: 5-1/2" X 8" Piston; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2007 Tandem Axle Mack; Truck Engine Make: 405 HP; Tools/Options: Gefco SS-135 Year: 2007: 3 New Batteries. 24' X 4-1/4" Kelly, Four Hydraulic Leveling Jacks, 33' Mast Rated at 43,600# Capacity, , 8.5" Hydraulic Rotary Table that Opens to 18", 3-Part Line, Double Drum Drawworks with Friction Clutches, Bare Drum Single Line Pull (10.900#), 30,738# Maximum Hook Load with Traveling Block at Bottom of Mast. 20,000# Working Hook Load with block at Top of Mast. 2" Swivel, Sand reel, 8' Hinged Driller Platform (center section is removable). Odometer Reads 4,471 Hours and approx. 44,435 Miles. 18K Front Axle, 46K Rears, 10-Speed Transmission, Two Fuel Tanks (60 gallon each), AC, Jake Brake.

Rotary H-I - SRS #3714

DESCRIPTION: 1994, Ingersol Rand; Model: T4W; Compressor: IR HR2 900/350; Engine: KT19; Mounted On: CCC; Truck Engine Year: Cummins L10; Tires: New; Condition: Great, Working Daily; Tools/Options: Ingersoll Rand T4W Year: 1994: Worm Gear Rotary Head with Main & Auxiliary Carousels (400' Capacities), Bean 18 GPM Water Injection Pump and a 7 Gallon Oiler. Many Extras. Carrier has a Jake Brake. Includes all Tools and Drill is Ready to Work. 800' of 4.5" X 2-7/8" IF Rods also available. Great Condition, Working Daily.

Sold - SRS #3713

DESCRIPTION: 1978, Failing; Model: Jed-A; Mud Pump: 5X6; Engine: 5.9L Cummins & Detroit 471; Mounted On: Trailer; Condition: SOLD; Tools/Options: Failing JED-A Year: 1978: New Mud Pump Installed in Nov. 2019. All three hoist line drums were gone through in 2015. Kelly is Rated for 60,000# and the 4-Part Line for Hoisting is Rated for 40,000#. 18" Table, 43',5' Mast. 2004 Cummins Deck Engine Powers the 5X6 Mud Pump and a Detroit 471 Powers the Hydraulics, Rotary Table and all Three Hoist Lines. Equipped with 6-5/8" Old Style Hacker Pin & Box Drill Rod. (219'). Rod has New Pin & Box Ends Installed. Also Includes 60' of Regular 20' Rods and a New 6" X 38' Kelly Hose. All Maintenance Records Available since 2003. SOLD

Auger - SRS #3712

DESCRIPTION: Mobile; Model: B54; Compressor: IR/Doosan 300/200; Engine: Diesel; Mounted On: 2010 IHC 7400; Truck Engine Make: CAT 430 HP Maxxforce; Tools/Options: Mobile B54: 24,000# Retract Force, 16,000# Ram Force, 13' Stroke. Mast is approx. 31' Mast from Ground to Top of the Crown. Single Rod Loader, 1,000# Jib Hoist & Winch, Hydraulic Break-Out Wrench, Hydraulic Rod Clamp, 8,500# Main Hoist, 4,500# Auxiliary Hoist, 1,200# Wireline Hoist. 2" Mast Standpipe, 2" Rotary Swivel, Splined Floating Spindle. Water/Foam Injection Pump, FMC 34 gpm Water Pump, Mission 3X2 Water Pump. Cotta Transfer Case, Linde Hydraulic Pump, FMC Bean Water Pump, Dennison Hydraulic Motor. Pullmaster Main Winch, Pullmaster PL6 Auxiliary Winch, Veljar Wireline Winch, Jib Hoist. Water Swivel, Lifeline, Mast Assembly has Rod Clamp, Breakout Wrench Assembly, Rod Loader Assembly, 10" Diameter Sheave, 3.5" Hydraulic Cylinder, Telescoping Table. 10-Speed Drill head Assembly Right Angle Drive Assembly. Floating Spindle, 36" Front Jack and a 36" Rear Jack, Auger/Rod Racks. Drill has approx. 7,124 Hours, 10,803 Engine Hours, Truck has approx. 785 Miles on it. Maintenance History Available.

Rotary S - SRS #3711

DESCRIPTION: 1978, Schramm; Model: T64-HB; Compressor: Sullair 750/350; Engine: CAT 3406; Mounted On: 1984 Brigadier; Truck Engine Make: Detroit 8B92T; Tools/Options: Schramm T64-HB Year: 1978: Original Owner! Retrofitted, Includes 300' of 4.5" Drill Rod. Has Been Parked about 5-6 Years. Ran Good when Parked.

Water Truck - SRS #3710

DESCRIPTION: Model: 1500 Gallon; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2000 Sterling LT9513; Truck Engine Make: CAT C12; Tools/Options: 1500 Gallon Wellmaster Flat Tank. Painted in 2017, New Transmission in 2019. 20' Bed, 9-Ton Pitman Crane (57'), Eaton Fuller Transmission with Hi-Lo, Double Lockers on Rear, 20,000# Front Axle, 46,000# Rears. Tool Boxes. Truck has approx. 5,774 Hours and approx. 160,419 Miles on it. Front Axle Rated at 15,600#, Rears at 22,300#.

Rotary H-I - SRS #3709

DESCRIPTION: 1995, Ingersoll Rand; Model: TH-60; Compressor: 750/300; Mud Pump: 3X4X13; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: IHC Paystar 5000; Truck Engine Year: Cummins Diesel; Tools/Options: Ingersoll Rand TH-60 Year: 1995: Rig has a 9-Rod Carousel and is Set Up for 3.5" Rods. 16,000# Main Winch, 2,000# Sandline, 30,000# Pullback. Two Front and Two Rear Jacks. Driller & Operator Platforms, Catwalks, Rod Box. Drill has approx.18,500 Hours and approx. 46,535 Miles. Includes 340' of 3.5" Drill Rod.

Parts Tooling - SRS #3708

DESCRIPTION: Tools/Options: See Photo of list.

Miscellaneous - SRS #3706

DESCRIPTION: Engine: 671 Diesel; Tools/Options: 671 Diesel Power Unit with Rockford Clutch.

Miscellaneous - SRS #3705

DESCRIPTION: Engine: Detroit 353; Mounted On: 16' Oilfield Skid; Tools/Options: Detroit 353 with Rockford Clutch, 150 Gallon Fuel Tank and Belt Guard. Set Up for a GD 5X8 Mud Pump. Approx. 1,500 Hours on Detroit.

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