Rotary C - SRS #3464

DESCRIPTION: Chicago Pneumatic; Model: T-650 HH; Compressor: See Below; Mud Pump: None; Engine: 4 Cylinder CAT Industrial Turbo; Mounted On: 1988 AWD 6X6 Oshkosh; Truck Engine Make: CAT 3306; Condition: Working Drill; Tools/Options: Chicago Pneumatic T-650 HH: 70K Pullback, 200 Chains on Crown with Extra Reinforced Mast, Inverted 5" Pullback Cylinders, Industrial CAT Turbo Engine on Deck Runs Hydraulic Pumps, Dual Hydraulic Pumps. Wireless Remote Control Jib Crane, Rod Loader and many Nice Features. Rig is Currently Running 25' Pipe but rod loader can accept various style and length pipe. A skid Mounted 1170/450 IR Compressor with Diesel Generator Available for an Extra Cost.

Rotary S - SRS #3461

DESCRIPTION: 2001, Speedstar; Model: SS 15 III; Compressor: Sullair 500/200; Mud Pump: 3X4 Centrifugal, 5-1/2" X 8" Gardner Denver; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2001 Peterbilt 357; Truck Engine Make: CAT C-15 435 HP; Tires: 90%; Condition: Good; Tools/Options: Speedstar SS 15 III: All Hydrostatic with Air Clutches, Standard Mast with Extension, Rod Rack, 3" Swivel, (2) Kellys - one is 5" and one is 3-1/2", (Bushings 24' Long), 10" Table with Master Bushing, Triple Blocked. RTO 1708LL Transmission.

Rotary P-Q - SRS #3460

DESCRIPTION: 1985, Portadrill; Model: 524/741; Compressor: Atlas Copco; Mud Pump: 5-1/2" X 8" Gardner Denver; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1985 IHC 2674; Truck Engine Make: DT 466; Tires: New; Condition: Good; Tools/Options: Portadrill 524/741: 7.5" Table with Bushings to 5", 38' Mast (capacity estimated at 40-60,000#), Compressor is 450 CFM on 55 psi and 325 CFM on 125 psi, Rod Rack,4 Hydraulic Jacks, 2" Swivel, Double Blocked., 5X4 Transmission, New Pinion & Ring Gear in Drawworks, New Brake Bands, Rebuilt Table, Bushings in all Levers on Control Console, New Metal in each Side of Rig, Driller's Platform, New Hydraulic Bank on Driller's Console, New Paint, Mud Pump Oiler. Parts Book Available.

Rotary S - SRS #3458

DESCRIPTION: 1976, Speedstar; Model: SS-15; Compressor: Leroi 256; Mud Pump: 5-1/2" X 8" - Like New; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: Crane Carrier; Truck Engine Make: Cummins; Condition: Good; Tools/Options: Speedstar SS-15: 8-1/2" Retractable Table, Mud Pump is Like New. Three Hydraulic Jacks, New 3" High Pressure Plumbing, Cathead, Bailing Drum, Slickline Wireline , Hydraulic Cooler, Heavy Duty PTO. Tall Hood with Rebuilt Radiator, 350 or 400 Cummins Engine, 13-Speed Transmission. Good Sound Rig. Pulldown System Repaired, Included but not Installed on Rig. Gefco Repair/Parts Manual Included.

Rotary S - SRS #3457

DESCRIPTION: 1999, Simco; Model: 5000; Compressor: 250 CFM; Mud Pump: 3X4 (20 wells on it since rebuild); Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1990 Ford L8000; Truck Engine Make: 270 HP Ford Diesel; Tires: Front - Flotation; Condition: Good, Working Order; Tools/Options: Simco 5000 (1990): Includes 300' of 2-7/8 Drill Rod, Mud Pan, Built in Grouter, New Sand Line, 40,000# Tool Line, Locking Rear End, Hydraulic Motors Rebuilt in 2016, New Rear Springs in 2016. 20 Wells on Bowie Pump. Come with Lots of Extras, Some New and Rebuilt Components.

Rotary G - SRS #3455

DESCRIPTION: 2008, Gus Pech; Model: JP900XHR; Compressor: 700/200 Sullair; Mud Pump: 7X10 Centerline; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: Freightliner M112; Truck Engine Make: 450 HP Mercedes; Condition: Good; Tools/Options: Gus Pech JP900XHR (2008): All Hydraulic Rig, Tophead Drive. All Redone at Factory, Spent $48,000, Ready to Work. 5.000 Hours..

Rotary G - SRS #3454

DESCRIPTION: 2007, Gus Pech; Model: JP900XHR; Compressor: 700/200 Sullair; Mud Pump: 7X10 Centerline; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: Sterling LT 9530; Truck Engine Make: 450 HP Mercedes; Condition: Good; Tools/Options: Gus Pech JP900XHR (2007): All Hydraulic Rig, Tophead Drive. All Redone at Factory, Spent $115,000, Ready to Work. 10,000 Hours.

Rotary G - SRS #3453

DESCRIPTION: 2006, Gus Pech; Model: JP900XHR; Compressor: 700/200 Sullair; Mud Pump: 7X10 Centerline; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: Sterling LT 9530; Truck Engine Make: 450 HP Mercedes; Condition: Good; Tools/Options: Gus Pech JP900XHR ( 2006): All Hydraulic Rig, Tophead Drive. All Redone at Factory, Ready to Work. 11,600 Hours.

Auger - SRS #3177

DESCRIPTION: 1990, Mobile; Model: B57; Compressor: None; Mud Pump: None; Engine: Cummins 4BT-3.9; Mounted On: 1990 Ford F-800; Truck Engine Make: Diesel; Condition: Operational; Tools/Options: Mobile B57: Approx. 6,358 Rig Hours and approx. 158,126 Miles on Truck. Moyno 3L6 Pump, (3) Hydraulic Leveling Jacks, Auger Racks on both Sides, Cathead, Wiggle Tail, Slide Base (2) Winches - 8,500# & 3,200#. No Tooling Included. Ready to Work. Gearboxes have been Rebuilt. PRICE REDUCED, GREAT BUY

Rotary H-I - SRS #3451

DESCRIPTION: 1999, Ingersoll Rand; Model: TH-60; Compressor: 900/350; Mud Pump: 3X4 Mission Sandmaster; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: IHC; Truck Engine Make: CAT C15; Condition: Working Drill; Tools/Options: Ingersoll Rand TH-60 (1999): Short Mast, Carousel, Pipe Rack, Set Up to Run 4.5" Drill Pipe, Sand Line, Water Injection, Front & Rear Jacks, Approx. 9,700 Hours, Needs New Compressor Clutch. Factory Rebuild on Swivel in 2017.

Rotary D - SRS #3450

DESCRIPTION: 1996 , Drilltech; Model: D25K; Compressor: 900/350; Mud Pump: None; Engine: CAT 3406; Mounted On: Ford; Truck Engine Make: 8.3 L Cummins; Condition: Good/Working; Tools/Options: Drilltech D25K (1996): 18 GPM Pump, Swinging Jib, Has a Sand Line but it is not Plumbed in, Front & Rear Jacks. Includes 360' of 4.5", 3.5" Regular Thread Drill Pipe. Rig & Truck in Good Condition. Owner Believes the CAT & Compressor has approx. 2,000 Hours on it.

Auger - SRS #3446

DESCRIPTION: Early 1990's, Mobile; Model: B24; Engine: Deutz Diesel; Mounted On: Box Frame (similar to a truck camper, can back a pickup under it); Condition: Like New; Tools/Options: Mobile B24 (Early 90's) Like New Condition. Box Frame it is Mounted on is Similar to a Truck Camper, Can back a Truck Under it to Load onto a Pickup Truck. Owner has a Trailer Available for an Extra Cost, Rig Could bolt to a the Deck of a Trailer. Engine has Low Hours (approx. 200 Hrs), Cathead, Runs 5' Augers, Swing-Out Head, Step Type Mast that is Removable. Also has some Small 2.25" Diameter Augers Available.

Rotary R - SRS #3434

DESCRIPTION: 2007, Reichdrill; Model: T 650 W II Legend 4; Compressor: 1000/350; Mud Pump: None; Engine: CAT 3406C; Mounted On: 2007 Mack Granite with Tag Axle; Truck Engine Make: Mack Diesel; Condition: Good, Ready to Work; Tools/Options: Reichdrill T 650 W II Legend 4 (2007): Standard Length Mast, 40,000# Pullback, 27,000# Feed and a 28' Stroke, Single Cylinder Derrick, 6-Pod Carousel, Drill can Haul 500' of Drill Rod in Rod box and Carousel. Remote Loading (not tethered), Auto Slide Wrench, Hammer Oiler, 4-Cylinder Bean Water Injection Pump, REGEN, Two Rear Jacks and Two Behind Cab, Driller/Operators Platform, Catwalk, Jib Boom Winch, Toolbox, Mesabi Cooler. With 500' of Rod Still Legal Weight in Most States. Owner feels the engine will need a normal overhaul (pistons, rods, rings) in the near future. Tachometer Reads 9,540 Hours. Approx. 2,000 Hours Since Compressor was Rebearinged & Resealed. Truck has an Engine Brake and approx. 30,000 Miles on it. Includes 500' of 4-1/2" X 20' 2-7/8" IF Drill Rod, 6" & 8" Hammer and a Stabilizer. More Rod Available.

Rotary R - SRS #3179

DESCRIPTION: 1986, Reichdrill; Model: T-650W HH S.A.M.; Compressor: 825/350; Mud Pump: None; Engine: CAT 3406 Overhauled; Mounted On: International; Truck Engine Make: Cummins; Condition: Ready to Work; Tools/Options: Reichdrill T-650W HH S.A.M. (1986): Heavy Hoist Drill, Heavy Hoist Drill, 60,000# Pull Back, 60,000# Pulldown with Adjustable Safety Valve to Prevent Tip Over. New Injectors in CAT Deck Engine, Direct Turbo Charge 400 HP @ 2100 RPM. Sliding Angle Package, Heavy Hoist, Side Pipe Handler and Pipe Crane, Positive Air Shutoff. Owner has Complete Service Manual. Deck Engine was Overhauled by Previous Owner ($125K), Little Use Since. Approx. 86,000 Miles on the Truck, 10-Speed Transmission. Set up with a RC Head. (No Rod or Original Head Available).

Auger - SRS #3134

DESCRIPTION: 1991, Mobile; Model: B61 HDX; Compressor: N/A; Mud Pump: See Below; Engine: Cummins; Mounted On: 1992 Ford F-800; Truck Engine Make: Diesel; Tools/Options: Mobile B61 HDX : 26' Mast, Cathead, Wireline Winch (2) Auxiliary Hoists, Moyno 3L8 Pump Rated at 85 GPM @ 225 psi, In/Out Slide Base, Wiggle Tail, (3) Hydraulic Jacks. Hour Meter Reads 2,673. Compact, Single Axle Truck with approx. 33,043 Miles, 4-Speed Automatic Transmission Rated at 20,000 ft lb. of Torque in Low Gear. Auger & Core Capabilities and has the Highest Rated Rotation Torque of any Drill in its Class. Tooling Included. 100' of Drill Rod, (2) Complete Core Bbls., (1) Diamond Bit, Sub to Connect Rod to Auger Motor. ALL OFFERS CONSIDERED!

Pump Hoist - SRS #3440

DESCRIPTION: Smeal; Model: 5T; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2009 Dodge HD 3500 Series 4X4; Truck Engine Make: 6.7 L Cummins; Condition: Great; Tools/Options: Smeal 5T: Hoist recently reconditioned! Changed cylinders, Hydraulics, Pulleys. 36' Mast, Sand Line, Winch Line, Pipe Racks, Remote, Lights, Rig has been Sand Blasted and Powder coated, New Cables, PTO and Pumps. Truck has a 6-Speed Manual Transmission and approx. 85,000 Miles on it, miles put on prior to hoist being installed. Hoist has been Mounted for 3,000 Miles.Truck has New Tires Fuel Pump and Clutch, Newer Engine, LED lights in Rear, AC, Carpet, Elec. Windows, Double Seats. Includes Tooling such as Lifting Bails, Two Styles of Jacks for Holding Pipe. Rigid Pipe Wrenches (12", 18", 24", 36", 48"). A lot more available depending on what is needed.

Pump Hoist - SRS #3439

DESCRIPTION: Smeal; Model: 5T; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2017 Dodge HD 3500 Series 4X4; Truck Engine Make: Cummins 6.7L; Condition: Great; Tools/Options: Smeal 5T: Brand New Service Bed, Winch Line & Sand Line, Remote, Lights. Like New! Truck has approx. 16,500 Miles on it. Includes Tools.

Mud Grout Pumps - SRS #3436

DESCRIPTION: Mud Pump: Mission 5X6; Engine: Brand New John Deere; Mounted On: Skids; Tools/Options: Mission 5X6 Mud Pump

Rotary D - SRS #3335

DESCRIPTION: 2003, Drilltech; Model: Marlin 6; Compressor: None; Mud Pump: Mission Magnum 4X3X13; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2003 IHC 2 Wheel Drive 5800 Series; Truck Engine Make: IHC 344 HP; Condition: Like New, Low Hours; Tools/Options: Drilltech Marlin 6: Low Hours, Like New. 40,000# Pullback, 20,000# Single Part Hoisting Line, 5,000# Sand Line (1,000' of Cable), Two Jibs (hoisting & Sand Line), Four Hydraulic Jacks, 200 GPM@ 250 psi Moyno Pump, Hydraulic Breakout. Includes 500' of 3.5" IF X 20' Flush Drill Rod. Been down 800', 36" Hole set 20" Casing.

Rotary C - SRS #3435

DESCRIPTION: Chicago Pneumatic; Model: T-650; Compressor: 450/250 PB-83; Mud Pump: 5X6; Engine: Detroit 6V71; Mounted On: 1990 Ford L9000; Truck Engine Make: CAT 3303; Condition: Working Drill; Tools/Options: Chicago Pneumatic T-650: Many Rebuilds including PTO, New Winch Cable, Engine Completely Rebuilt, Everything has been Gone Through and Serviced. Deck Engine has approx. 1800 Hours, and approx. 250 Hours on Banjo (chain) Case. One Front and Two Rear Jacks, Rod box, Carousel, Tool Box. All New Belts, Complete Service, Mud Pump not Completely Hooked up Yet. New Hoses and Radiator in Truck. Truck has an 8-Speed Transmission and is Road Worthy. Includes Tooling, Bits, IR 260 Air Hammer with 6.5" Bit and approx. 300' of 4.5" X 20' 3.5" Regular Drill Rod.. Condition: Working

Pump Hoist - SRS #3429

DESCRIPTION: Smeal; Model: 10T; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2003 Ford F750 XL; Truck Engine Make: Cummins 5.9L Diesel; Tools/Options: Smeal 10T: 30,000# Capacity, Main Drum. Sand Line Drum, Tailout Winch, Two Rear Hydraulic Outriggers (missing front outriggers), Hydraulic Oil Cooler. Truck has approx. 55,000 Miles on it..

Water Truck - SRS #3289

DESCRIPTION: Mounted On: 1996 International; Truck Engine Make: 600 Cummins; Condition: Working; Tools/Options: 2006 - 2,300 Gallon Amthor Water Body, Flat Tank is 23' Long, 350 Gallon Fuel Tank, Work Lights. Crane has been Rewired and New Controls Installed. Engine doesn't Burn Oil, Rocker Panel has a Little Rust. Suspension Needs to be Rebuilt.

Rotary M - SRS #3428

DESCRIPTION: Mayhew; Model: 1000; Compressor: LeRoi 100S; Mud Pump: Wheatley 6X6; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1974 Ford 9000; Truck Engine Make: Detroit; Condition: Working Condition; Tools/Options: Mayhew 1000: Includes approx. 400' of 2-3/8" IF Thread Drill Pipe, Some New & Rebuilt Bits. Also Includes a 1977 IHC Support Truck with a Mud Trailer and Mud Pan.

Bucket Rig - SRS #3422

DESCRIPTION: Gus Pech; Model: GH 48; Compressor: N/A; Mud Pump: N/A; Engine: CAT 3208; Mounted On: 1997 Mack RB690S; Truck Engine Make: EM7 300 HP Diesel; Tires: Good; Condition: Runs Great; Tools/Options: Gus Pech GH 48: Hydraulic Gear Pump, Updated Hydraulic Valves, cylinders and a New 18,000# Braden Main Winch Line ($21K alone) from Gus Pech. Maxi Torque Extended Range Transmission. Low Miles. Rig is Ready to Work and Tooling is Available and Negotiable. A Cylinder was Added in the Tower to Raise and Pull Out Arm to Drill Position. Helper does not need to climb mast. Various Kelly Bars and Buckets can be Sold with it, a Few Options are Available on a Bucket and Kelly Bars. Odometer Reads 14,403 Miles but was Changed Out in 2014 @ 89,777 Miles so there are approx. 110,000 Miles on Truck.

Rotary S - SRS #3415

DESCRIPTION: Simco; Model: 9100; Compressor: None; Mud Pump: GD 5X6, 3L6 Moyno; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1992 Ford Tandem Axle; Truck Engine Make: Ford 210 HP Diesel; Tools/Options: Simco 9100: Jib Boom, 3 Winch Lines, Cat Head, Tool Boxes, Auger Rack, Breakout Wrench. Hour Meter Reads 744. Gardner Denver Mud Pump has it's own Power. Rig is Set Up to Run 2-7/8" IF Drill Pipe.

Rotary G - SRS #2786

DESCRIPTION: 1972, Gardner Denver; Model: 14W; Compressor: See Below; Mud Pump: N/A; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1972 CCC; Truck Engine Make: 350 Cummins Big Cam REMANUFACTURED IN MAY 2015 BY CUMMINS; Condition: Fair to Average; Tools/Options: Gardner Denver 14W (1972): Hours and Miles Unknown, 39' Mast, Air Clutches - 4-Speed Transmission, 4-1/2" X 25' Fluted Kelly, Rod Rack, Newer Sliding Driveshaft, all Switched over to 18-10. , Rebuilt Transfer Case, Rebuilt Drawworks, Rebuilt 2" Little Giant Swivel, Rebuilt 10" Retractable Table. Air Shift Spicer 784 PTO, Hydraulic Chain Pulldown. Cummins Big Cam Remanufactured in May 2015 by Cummins, 13-Speed Transmission. New Injector Pump, New Truck Air Compressor. Painted in 2013. Lots of Spare Parts. Rig is in good Condition, Working Daily. Includes 300' of 4-1/2" XX 20' Drill Rod & a 6" Hammer. Also has a Never Used GD 1200/150 Screw Air End Available. Some Rust on Doors & Cab Floor. Sullair 750/250 w/ Clutch has been removed. Air Powered Underdrive Clutches for a Mud Pump and Air Compressor are still intact. Rebuilt Compressor & Clutch in 2012. All work was done a few years ago, last time rig drilled a hole was in 2016..

Cable - SRS #3296

DESCRIPTION: 1970's, Bucyrus Erie; Model: 28L; Compressor: None; Mud Pump: None; Engine: Waukesha MZ6 - Recently Rebuilt; Mounted On: Pull Behind Trailer; Truck Engine Make: N/A; Condition: Working Drill; Tools/Options: Bucyrus Erie 28L: PRICE REDUCED !! Low Hours on Recently Rebuilt Waukesha, Leveling Jacks, 3,500' of Drill Line, 3,500' of Sandline, 3 Drums, 52' Mast. No Tools Included.

Rotary M - SRS #3326

DESCRIPTION: Midway; Model: 1500MW; Compressor: LeRoi SDS 256 450/250; Mud Pump: Gardner Denver 5-1/2" X 8"; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1982 International Paystar; Truck Engine Make: Cummins M11 400 HP; Tires: Good; Condition: Good - Excellent; Tools/Options: PRICE REDUCED !! Midway 1500MW: 40' Mast, 8-1/2" Retractable Midway Table, 5-Speed Rotary Transmission, 4-Speed Hydraulic Pulldown, Rig is set up for 20' Drill Rod, Large Pipe Rack will Hold 1,100' of 2-7/8" Pipe, 2" Little Giant Swivel, also has an Injection Pump that is Included, all Air Controls except for the Table, 34M Drawworks with Air Clutches and also has a Master Clutch. Gardner Denver 8-Strand PTO with Oiler Pump, 400 HP Engine, 13-Speed Transmission, 125 Gallon Fuel Tank. Drill is Ready to Work. Drill Pipe, Subs and Pipe Truck also Available. In 2015 the Rig had a Partial Paint Job, New Steps, Pipe Rack Rebuilt, New Aluminum Fuel Tank, New Rotary Driveline, Table Resealed and Pinion Bearings Replaced, Rear Truck Suspension Rebuilt with new Pads & Bushings, New Kelly and Drive Bushings, Rebuilt Swivel, all New Plumbing for Air & Mud, New Jack Knife Hose, New Kelly Hose, New Belts and Coolant Hoses on Engine, New Power Steering Pump, New Rig Lights, New Charge Air Cooler. In 2016 - New Injectors with Overhead, New Rear Jack (DSM Style), New Compressor Clutch. A Total of approx. 1500' of Pipe is available for an Extra Cost, will Include 500 of 3.5" Flush Joint Pipe'. Pipe Truck is a 1997 IHC Tandem Axle with a 20' flat bed, tool Boxes on both Sides, 350 HP N14 Cummins with a 10-Speed transmission, approx. 550,000 Miles.

Rotary H-I - SRS #3414

DESCRIPTION: 2000, Ingersoll Rand; Model: T4W-DH; Compressor: Ingersoll Rand HR2.5 1250/350 REBUILT 2013; Engine: Cummins QSK19; Mounted On: 6X4 CCC; Truck Engine Year: CAT 3306C; Tires: New; Tools/Options: Ingersoll Rand T4W-DH, (Year 2000): 70,000# Deephole Package, 7-Rod Carousel and a 4-Rod Storage Rack, Jib Hoist & Boom, Compressor Rebuilt in 2013, Spur Gear Rotary Head Rebuilt in 2015 @ 12,500 Hours, All Hydraulic Pumps Rebuilt in 2014, New Injectors in 2012, New ECM in 2014, New Seal Kit on Deck Engine 2014, New Tires All Around, New Funk Gearbox, Hydraulic System Flushed, Rotary Head Packing Oil Changed in 2017, Compressor Oil Changed 3 Hours Ago. $18K Recently Spent on Deck Engine Maintenance. Fuller Transmission, Torque Limit Control, DHD Lubricator, 25 GPM CAT Water Injection Pump. Includes 975' of 4-1/2" X 25' Drill Pipe, Misc. Crossover Subs an (1) 10" X 20' Long Drill Collar.

Rotary A-B - SRS #3413

DESCRIPTION: 2006, Atlas Copco; Model: T4W; Compressor: Ingersoll Rand HR2.5 1250/350; Engine: CAT 3412E; Mounted On: CCC; Tools/Options: Atlas Copco T4W, 2006: Deephole Package with 70,000# Pullback Rating, Rig has Approx. 9,850 Hours. Compressor has 2,000 Hours on it since it was replaced under warranty. Worm Gear Powerhead (6,000 Ft.-Lbs. Torque. 7-Rod Carousel that is Set Up for 4.5" O.D. X 25' Drill Pipe. FMC 35 GPM Water Injection Pump, 60 Gallon Capacity DHD Lubricator, Diesel Fired Engine Preheater. 2,200' of Drill Pipe Available for an Extra Cost.

Rotary H-I - SRS #3412

DESCRIPTION: 2003, Ingersoll Rand; Model: T3; Compressor: 1050/350; Mud Pump: Plumbed; Engine: C15; Mounted On: 2003 Sterling; Truck Engine Make: C12; Condition: Working Drill; Tools/Options: Ingersoll Rand T3 Year: 2003: Rig Currently has Approx. 15,250 Hours, Working Daily. No Mud Pump or Rods Included. 12,000# Winch, Rig Runs 3.5" Drill Rod, 2-3/8" IF. July 2018 New Rotation Pump and Motors Installed, Hydraulic Oil and Filters Changed..

Rotary H-I - SRS #3411

DESCRIPTION: 2000, Ingersoll Rand; Model: T3; Compressor: 900/350; Mud Pump: See Below; Engine: CAT 3406; Mounted On: International; Truck Engine Make: C10; Condition: Working Drill; Tools/Options: Ingersoll Rand T3 Year: 2000: Rig Currently has approx. 14,000 Hours, Working Drill Changes Daily. 18,000# Winch, 4.5" Rods, 2-7/8" IF, Hydraulic Oil Recently Changed, New Tophead Swivel Bearings July 2018. Rig has a Centerline Mud Pump but not Included in Price, would be Removed. No Rod Included.

Water Truck - SRS #3407

DESCRIPTION: Mounted On: 2001 IHC; Truck Engine Year: 530 International; Condition: Good; Tools/Options: 1200 Gallon Amthor Flat Tank Water Truck. 200 Gallon Diesel Tank, 20 X 20 Crane (low use, maybe used 10 times), Tool Boxes. Truck has a Split Shift 10-Speed Transmission, Odometer Reads 30,054.

Auger - SRS #3401

DESCRIPTION: Simco; Model: 2800 HSHT; Compressor: None; Mud Pump: Moyno 3L6; Engine: Deutz 3-Cylinder Diesel; Mounted On: Texcomma Buggy; Truck Engine Make: Ford 300 Gas; Tools/Options: Simco 2800 HSHT: 13' Stroke, Cathead, Tophead Drive, (2) Leveling Jacks, Articulating Buggy. Recently Used, Good Running Rig..

Rotary G - SRS #3399

DESCRIPTION: Gardner Denver; Model: 15W; Compressor: GD WEJ 650/250 with Blower; Mud Pump: GD 6X8; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1973 4-Axle CCC; Truck Engine Make: 350 Cummins; Tools/Options: Gardner Denver 15W: Nice Clean Rig! Reworked approx. 2013. 3-Drum Drawworks with Air Clutches, 38' Mast, 10" Retractable Table, Hydraulic Pulldowns, 4-1/2" X 24' Fluted Kelly, (3) Hydraulic Leveling Jacks, Side Pipe Rack, Platforms, New Swivel and New Mast Cylinders. Rig Completely Overhauled in 2010 Including Diesel Engine. Also Available 1,460' of 3.5" Drill Rod,, Collars, Pipe Truck.

Rotary E-F - SRS #3334

DESCRIPTION: Failing; Model: Jed A RC; Compressor: 260 IR - See Below; Mud Pump: None; Engine: Cummins Diesel (Hospital Enclosure); Mounted On: Trailer; Condition: Good; Tools/Options: Failing Jed A RC: Rig is set up for Reverse Circulation, Internal Air on Swivel. Needs Paint but is in good Operating Condition. Engine is in a Hospital Enclosure and runs Quiet. 18" Table, 8,000# 6-Part Main Winch Line, 8,000# 5-Part Hoisting Line, and also has a Sand Line with 1,000' of Cable, 50', 90,000# Mast. 10' 6" Kelly, Four Hydraulic Jacks. Table Rebuilt in 2018. Includes a Tag Along Sullair Compressor Motor approx. 1 Year Old, 40' Trailer with approx. 500' + of 6" Drill Rod, Tooling to set up and Drill, 20' Dog House on Trailer with Small Hand Tools to run Job, 2 Year old Miller Welder.

Rotary H-I - SRS #3397

DESCRIPTION: 1977, Ingersoll Rand; Model: TH-60; Compressor: LeRoi 256S2 450/250; Mud Pump: Gardner Denver 5X6; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1997 Western Star; Truck Engine Make: Cummins M-11 350 HP; Condition: Great, Ready to Drill; Tools/Options: Ingersoll Rand TH-60: REMOUNTED AND REBUILT! Mud Pump and Compressor both in Good Condition. 7-Rod Carousel, Rod Box, Standard Mast (32'?), High Speed Bailing Drum with New Line. 4X3X10 Mission Centrifugal Pump runs off PTO on Main Truck Transmission, Rig Throttle is Electric, running off of Electronic Cummins Engine. All hydraulic Cylinders on Rig were Removed and Rebuilt Including Leveling Jacks. All New Hydraulic Hoses and Air Lines. New Tophead Hoisting Cables and Tophead Completely Rebuilt with 4 New Motors. Rebuilt Pipe Tub and New Cooling Radiators on the air Compressor. Gearmatic Winch Rebuilt to New Specs (16,000# Single Line Pull). New 2.5" Water and Air Discharge Hose. Funk box Rebuilt (gears flipped, new bearings and seals). One New Saur Danfoss 90 Series Pump (100cc) Runs Tophead, One Sunstrand still in use (bench tested at 92% efficiency) and Commercial Gear Pump Completely Rebuilt. New Saur Danfoss (75cc) Runs Mission off Main Transmission. Control Panel has Air Controls for most Functions but has Electric over Hydraulic Controls for Tophead Motors and Mission Pump Control. New Belts on Air Compressor and Hydraulic Cooler. Truck has Twin Steer Axles, 9-Speed Transmission, 46,000# Full Locking Rear Differentials, Rebuilt Fuller 2A92 Gear Box with Power Tower that Runs Rig, Truck is in Excellent Condition. Includes approx. 300' of 4" Drill Pipe with Subs and Bits.

Rotary D - SRS #3379

DESCRIPTION: 1983, Dresser; Model: T-70W; Compressor: See Below; Mud Pump: See Below; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 4-Axle CCC; Truck Engine Make: Detroit Diesel 671; Condition: Excellent; Tools/Options: Dresser T-70W ( 1983): REFURBISHED IN 2014! 70,000# + Retractable Head with Heavy Swivel, 4-Part Range II 70,000# Casing Line, 2,500' Sand Line, 1,500# Swivel with Jib Winch, 24" + Hydraulic Pivoting Table with Tongs, Hangers, Jacks, Spinner & Hydraulic Under-Table Breakout, 35 GPM Bean Triplex, Full Decking, Steps, Ladders, LED and EP Lights, 3" Air/Mud Plumbing on Both Sides, Auxiliary Hydraulics with Controls, Terrell Box. Includes: Skid Mounted 7-1/2" X 10" Gardner Denver Duplex Mud Pump Powered by a Detroit Diesel471 Engine with Remote from Rig console, 1.,500 Gallon Mud System with a 4X8X3 Screen Shaker, 1,200' of 5-1/2" X 4-1/2" IF X 30' Drill Pipe with Slips, 1600 CFM Air compressor (off board), Parts/Service Manuals. Approx. 200 Hours since Refurbished in 2014. Hour Meter Reads 6,888.

Rotary D - SRS #3378

DESCRIPTION: Drillmax; Model: 250; Compressor: Champion 92/175; Mud Pump: Gardner Denver FXF 4-1/2" X 5"; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2005 Ford F550 4X4; Truck Engine Make: 6.0 L Diesel; Tools/Options: Drillmax 250: Rig has approx. 7,002 Hours on it., Braden 6,000# Main Winch, 22' Stroke, 34' Mast, Rig is Set Up to Run 15' Rod, 12,000# Pullback, 10,000# Pulldown, 4 Leveling Jacks, 2 Tool Boxes. Mud Pan, Desander, 200' of 2-3/8" OD Pipe, Many Bits and all Tooling to Run the Rig is Included. Truck has approx. 24,584 Miles..

Pump Hoist - SRS #3377

DESCRIPTION: 2011, Smeal; Model: 6T; Compressor: N/A; Mud Pump: N/A; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1999 International 4700; Truck Engine Make: DT 466 190 HP; Tools/Options: 2011 Smeal 6T: Freefall Sand Reel, Hydraulic Power to Rear, Oil cooler, Hydraulic Breakout Wrench, Outrigger Frame, PTO for Allison Transmission, Work Light Kit, 3-Part Line Modification with Block Including Cable, Sand Line with 1 3T Hook (300' of 3/8" NR set up for Triple Line Pull (18,000#). Mast Length 20' Retracted, 38' Extended. Truck has 190 HP Engine, Dual 50-Gallon Fuel Tanks, 8,000# Front Axle, 17,500"# Rear Axle, 4.44 Ratio, 20,000 Spring Suspension, Hydraulic Brakes.

Rotary S - SRS #3213

DESCRIPTION: 1977, Speedstar; Model: SS-22; Compressor: None; Mud Pump: 6X10; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 3-Axle Crane Carrier; Truck Engine Make: 400 Cummins; Tires: New; Condition: Ready to Drill; Tools/Options: Speedstar SS-22 (1977): 2018 NEW 6" Kelly, Drive Bushing for Kelly New Hydraulic Pump, and New Cable on Drawworks. New Rotary Table, New 3" Water Swivel, 10" Gardner Denver Table that Retracts to 27", Air Clutches, Bailing/Sandline, 3" Plumbing, 54' Derrick, 4 Leveling Jacks, Small Hydraulically Powered Cathead. Rig can Run 20' or 30" Drill Rod. Hours Unknown, Paint is Decent. Has the Biggest Drawworks in the 2000 Class of Drills. Has the Bigger Clutches 7 Brakes also. 2018 Carrier has New Tires, Brakes, Clutches, Injection Pump on Motor, New Fuel Tank Lines, Fuel Tank and Canisters. New Clutch in Transmission.. Includes Approx. 600' of 5" O.D. X Random Lengths 30' X 4-1/2" IF X 3-1/4" I.D. Drill Rod. Also Included is a 30' Dual Tandem Axle Big Tex 30' Trailer. 1985 Ford L9000 Tandem Truck with a 2500 Gallon Fiberglass Water Tank and 3" Suction Pump also Included, Good Condition. Will Sell as a Package or just Rig Alone.

Rotary P-Q - SRS #3373

DESCRIPTION: 1974, Portadrill; Model: 10TG600; Compressor: Atlas Copco DT4 715/125; Mud Pump: Failing 5X6; Engine: Detroit 6V71; Mounted On: Crane Carrier; Truck Engine Make: Cummins 8.3L; Tires: Good; Condition: Ready to Drill; Tools/Options: Rig is set up for water well drilling. Fully Tooled and Ready to Drill. Noster Gear Tophead with 3" King Swivel. 30,000# Pulldown, Double Drum 2-Part 5/8" Drawworks for Casing Line/Tophead with Brakes. Rod box, and Auto Carry Out. Breakout Table, CAT Triplex Water Injection, 3" Versa-Matic Diaphragm Grout Pump, 250 Gallon Fuel Tank, Locking Hydraulic Jacks, Owner has been down to 650', Drilled 22" Holes. Tool & Block Storage Area. Carrier has Hendrickson Rear Suspension, 13-Speed Transmission. Includes Tooling, Mud Pit, (11) Pieces of 4.5" X 2-7/8" IF X 25' Drill Rod, 6" OB Stabilizer, Casing Clamps, Petol , Parts Manual.

Rotary T-Z - SRS #3360

DESCRIPTION: 2004 , Versa Drill; Model: V-1555; Compressor: 900/350; Mud Pump: Mission 4X3 - Recently Rebuilt; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: International; Truck Engine Make: CAT C15; Condition: Working Drill; Tools/Options: Versa Drill V-1555 : 2004. 12,000# Winch, 12-Pod Carousel set up for 3.5" Rod. Rig can also be set up to run 4.5" drill rod. Includes 300' of 3-1/2" Drill Rod, No Tooling. $40K in Updated Cotta Box. Truck has approx. 474,764 Miles on it, Truck Engine Hours 12,281, Rig Hours 4,630, Compressor Hours, 3,374. Can be set up for 4.5" also.

Rotary G - SRS #3359

DESCRIPTION: 2007, Gefco; Model: 30K; Compressor: Sullair 1000/350; Mud Pump: Gardner Denver 5X6 Hydraulically Driven; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2007 Peterbilt 357 6X4; Truck Engine Make: CAT C15; Tools/Options: Gefco 30K 2007: 30,000# Pullback, 16,000# Capacity Single Line Main Winch (2-Part 32,000#), 6-Rod Carousel set up for 4-1/2" Drill Rod, Single Rod Loader, FMC 18 GPM Water Injection Pump, 7-Gallon Capacity DHD Lubricator, 4 Hydraulic Leveling Jacks, Drill Pipe Spinner.

Rotary C - SRS #3361

DESCRIPTION: 1971 , Chicago Pneumatic ; Model: T-650; Compressor: 450/250 PB 83; Mud Pump: None; Engine: Diesel; Mounted On: Ford; Truck Engine Year: Ford Gas 477; Condition: Working Drill; Tools/Options: Chicago Pneumatic T-650 , 1971: Deck engine is getting tired. Owner is including a CAT 3306 with "ZERO" Hours. Has a Rod Box.

Rotary E-F - SRS #3363

DESCRIPTION: Failing; Model: 1000; Compressor: LeRoi 256; Mud Pump: Gardner Denver 5X6 Piston; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1974 Mack; Truck Engine Make: V8; Tools/Options: Failing 1000 : Truck has Low Miles. Drill Sat for 30 Years in a shop. New 2" Little Giant Swivel, 23' Kelly, 5-1/4" Non Retractable Table, Two Hydraulic Jacks, Rod Box, Driller & Operator's Platforms.

Rotary H-I - SRS #3355

DESCRIPTION: 1979, Ingersoll Rand; Model: TH-60; Compressor: 750/250 Screw; Mud Pump: Gardner Denver 5X6; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1995 Kenworth T800; Truck Engine Make: Cummins 425 HP N14; Condition: Very Good; Tools/Options: Ingersoll Rand TH-60 : 4-Motor Tophead with 2-7/8" Threads, set up for 4.5" O.D. Pipe. 20K Front End, 40,000# Pullback, Rod Box, 7-Rod Carousel, Bean Water Injection, 2-Stage Air Compressor, Sand Line, Auxiliary PTO for Lift Pump, Two Brand New Batteries. Capable of Handling a Casing Hammer (not included), Ready to Work, Includes 200' of 4.5" O.D. Drill Rod. Can be Sold with a service truck and water truck for an extra cost. Rig has approx. 2,080 Total Hours, put approx. 600 hours on it since rebuild in Feb., 2015. Meter Reads 9,734. Truck is all Original.

Cable - SRS #3351

DESCRIPTION: Speedstar; Model: 55; Compressor: None; Mud Pump: None; Engine: CAT Diesel; Mounted On: 2009 Ford F-650 Super Duty; Truck Engine Make: Cummins 6.7L ISB 240 HP; Tires: Original - Good; Condition: Very Good; Tools/Options: Speedstar 55 Year: One Owner Rig, Never run on salt, very good condition and ready to drill, stored in-doors. Truck is Like New, Never Run on Salt, Dual Wheels, 26,000# GVW with 9,100 Actual Miles, Manual 6-Speed Transmission, Electric/Hydraulic Front Lift, has Current DOT. 2008 CAT Deck Engine has approx. 1,300 Hours Tac Time, Pre-emissions Engine, Engine was Brand New at time of Installation. Good on Fuel, runs 4 Days on a 10 Gallon Fuel Tank. Four Line Machine (drill line, bailer line, casing lift reel, rope line), Cat Heads on both Sides with Rope Pulley at Top of Mast & Rope. Modified Cathead on Operator Side of Rig for Heaving Lifting/Pulling. Separate Leveling Screw Jacks at each Side of Mast. Hydraulic Jack on Front of Truck. Aircraft Generator/Welder (newly rebuilt) with Cables Mounted with Belt Drive to Pulleys on Deck Engine. 2' X 6' Tool Box between Cab & Rig. Drill Stem Break Wrenches, Screen Developing Tool & Screen Puller. Drill is 3-1/4" Diameter by 25' Total Length including Stem, Jars, Swivel and Bit. Telescoping Center Drill Rest. Grundfos 20 GPM Constant Pressure Jet Pump Mounted on Passenger Side Cat Walk. Cat Walks on each Side of Rig with Bentonite Storage area below Drivers Side Catwalk. Wood Blocking in Enclosed Box above Drivers side Catwalk. Mudtrack Rack Underneath as Well. Oxygen/Acetylene Tank Holders in Passenger Side Catwalk. All Breaks & Gears in Excellent Condition, Mast & Walking Beams are Straight, Completely rebuilt Jack Shaft with only 25 Wells Drilled after rebuild. Brand New 500' of Drill Line added at same time as jackshaft rebuild. Includes Drill Bit for 4", 5" and 6" Wells, Several Bailers. Many Extra Tools & Spare Rig Parts Available at an Additional Cost.. Truck is not a 4 wheel drive but there is a kit that can be put in for that.

Rotary R - SRS #3349

DESCRIPTION: Refurbished 2001, Reichdrill; Model: C-650-D; Compressor: GHH 850/350 2-Stage; Mud Pump: None; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: CAT E-300 Tracks; Truck Engine Make: CAT 3406; Condition: Refurbished; Tools/Options: Reichdrill C-650-D: Refurbished. Drill Engine Rated at 460 HP @ 2100 RPM with Exhaust Kit (new in 2001). Compressor Rebuilt in 2001. 30,000# Pullback, 40,000# Pulldown, 34' Mast with a 28' Stroke, Rotary Head 0-150 RPM @ 80,000 in. lb. Torque with Nylon GuideShoes, 4-Pod Carousel Set up for 5" X 25' Reichdrill Drill Rod. Multicore Cooler for Operation up to 110 degree F Ambient Temp. (new), Night Lights, DHT Oiler, 2,200# Winch, Hydraulic Breakout tong & Wrench, Intermittent Duty Angle Drill (struts only), Metroplex (dry type) Dust Collector, Mast Locking Indicator Lights, Jack Indicator Lights, Operator's Cab with Tinted Safety Glass & Twin Access Doors, Cab Heater, Pressurization, Air Conditioning & Sound Abatement, Fast Full Service Center, 3 Leveling Jacks (1 Front, 2 Rear), New REICHdrill Paint (2001). Carrier Rated at 80,000#.

Rotary S - SRS #3100

DESCRIPTION: 1979, Schramm; Model: T 66H; Compressor: 600/300 Screw; Mud Pump: None; Engine: 8V92; Mounted On: 1979 GMC Brigadier; Truck Engine Make: 6V53; Tools/Options: Schramm T66H: Some 4-1/2" X 20' Drill Rod, Stabilizer Included. Rig needs some work such as Hoses, Tires and Belts. Air and Engine in Good Shape, should run down the road with a new Battery per Owner. Includes an Extra Hydraulic Bank. Can be Sold as a package with SRS #3099, #3103 and #3283.

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