Compressors - SRS #3558

DESCRIPTION: Compressor: LeRoi 256 S2 500/250; Engine: Detroit 6-71; Mounted On: 12' Gooseneck Trailer; Tools/Options: LeRoi 256 S2 500/250 Compressor: Also has Extra Parts Available. Blocks, pistons and Vales.

Auger - SRS #3557

DESCRIPTION: Mobile; Model: B80; Engine: 4-Cylinder Deutz; Mounted On: Chevy Kodiak; Truck Engine Make: 3208 CAT; Tools/Options: Mobile B80: Four Leveling Jacks, 3-Cylinder Bean Pump, Winch Line, Wire Line, Sliding Tophead, 8-Speed Transmission. Truck has a 10-Speed Transmission. Includes 100' plus of 4" Augers, 500' BX Wireline, NQ Barrel, 130' of N Rods.

Rotary S - SRS #3556

DESCRIPTION: 1976, Speedstar; Model: SS-15-THH; Compressor: LeRoi 252 S2C; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: CCC; Truck Engine Make: 350 Cummins; Tools/Options: Speedstar SS-15-THH Year: 1976: 40' Mast, 3-Line Machine with an Auxiliary Line, BJ Tongs, Bean Injection Pump, Auto Oiler. Engine and Compressor have < 550 Hours on them. Carrier has a 13-Speed Transmission. Misc. Tooling Available.

Rotary D - SRS #3335

DESCRIPTION: 2003, Drilltech; Model: Marlin 6; Compressor: None; Mud Pump: Mission Magnum 4X3X13; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2003 IHC 2 Wheel Drive 5800 Series; Truck Engine Make: IHC 344 HP; Condition: Like New, Low Hours; Tools/Options: Drilltech Marlin 6: Low Hours, Like New. 40,000# Pullback, 20,000# Single Part Hoisting Line, 5,000# Sand Line (1,000' of Cable), Two Jibs (hoisting & Sand Line), Four Hydraulic Jacks, 200 GPM@ 250 psi Moyno Pump, Hydraulic Breakout. Includes 500' of 3.5" IF X 20' Flush Drill Rod. Been down 800', 36" Hole set 20" Casing.

Rotary E-F - SRS #3334

DESCRIPTION: Failing; Model: Jed A RC; Compressor: 260 IR - See Below; Mud Pump: None; Engine: Cummins Diesel (Hospital Enclosure); Mounted On: Trailer; Condition: Good; Tools/Options: Failing Jed A RC: Rig is set up for Reverse Circulation, Internal Air on Swivel. Needs Paint but is in good Operating Condition. Engine is in a Hospital Enclosure and runs Quiet. 18" Table, 8,000# 6-Part Main Winch Line, 8,000# 5-Part Hoisting Line, and also has a Sand Line with 1,000' of Cable, 50', 90,000# Mast. 10' 6" Kelly, Four Hydraulic Jacks. Table Rebuilt in 2018. Includes a Tag Along Sullair Compressor Motor approx. 1 Year Old, 40' Trailer with approx. 500' + of 6" Drill Rod, Tooling to set up and Drill, 20' Dog House on Trailer with Small Hand Tools to run Job, 2 Year old Miller Welder. WEB SPECIAL !! PRICE REDUCED, MOTIVATED SELLER.

Rotary E-F - SRS #3075

DESCRIPTION: Emsco; Model: 200; Compressor: N/A; Mud Pump: See Below; Engine: 500 HP CAT 3406; Mounted On: 3-Axle Trailer; Tires: All New; Condition: Excellent; Tools/Options: Emsco 200: Smooth Operating, Straight, Solid Rig, Gone Through Rig, Deck Engine, Drawworks, Rotary Table, Crown Sheaves, al Cables. Rebuilt Main Derrick Lift Cylinders, Sandblasted and Replaced all Rusted Out/Deteriorated Steel on Rig, Sub Structure and Monkey Board, Rebuilt Hydraulic Breakout Cylinder, Replaced Air Control Valves, Installed and Automatic Driller. Skid Mounted GD PZ7 Mud Pump Operated by a 396 CAT Engine. 200,000# Hook Load, 68' Mast. Approx. 1,000' of New 1" Cable on Front - Parted 6 Times, Single Drum 3-speed Drawworks, Air Clutches, Weight Indicator, 38' Square Kelly 4-1/2" X-Hole, 3" Brewster Water Course Swivel, 18" Brewster Rotary Table, Emsco Drawworks, Hydraulic Break-out Tongs, Chain Spinners, Cat Heads, Monkey Board has been Rebuilt, Hydromatic (not hooked up), 7' Tall Rebuilt Sub Structure 10' Wide, all Support Beams Replaced, Sandblasted and Painted. 6 Hydraulic Leveling Jacks. Mud Pump is Powered by a 471 Detroit Engine. Includes approx. 2,000' of 4-1/2" X-Hole Drill Rod, Random 30' Lengths, approx. (6) 6" Heavy Weight Collar, Rod Slips. Doghouse, 2,200 Gallon Stainless Steel Fuel Tank and Auxiliary Air all Mounted on one 52' Dropdeck Trailer. Pipe Racks, (2) Skid Mounted, Generator Operated Light Plants (one big, one small). Rig is Tooled Up and Ready to Drill. 1,000 Gallon Rig Fuel Tank.

Pump Hoist - SRS #3555

DESCRIPTION: 2019, RHR; Model: Pumptrax Well Pump Puller; Engine: Gas; Mounted On: Frame; Condition: Working, Near New; Tools/Options: RHR Pumptrax Well Pump Puller Year: 2019: Remote, Pulley System, Two Wheels.

Rotary G - SRS #3554

DESCRIPTION: Gardner Denver; Model: 1000; Compressor: Leroi 100 SDS (to be confirmed); Mud Pump: 5X6; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1985 Mack; Truck Engine Make: Mack; Condition: Working Daily; Tools/Options: Gardner Denver 1000: Bean Pump, 4 Hydraulic Jacks, 300' of 4" X 20' Drill Pipe, 7.5" Retractable Table. Also Includes a 2,800 Gallon Water Truck with Gravel Bin on the back, can also hold Casing on Top, Mileage and Hours on the Water Truck Unknown. Must be sold as a package.

Pump Hoist - SRS #3553

DESCRIPTION: 1998, Smeal; Model: 6T; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1998 International; Truck Engine Make: 7.3 L; Tires: Newer; Condition: Excellent; Tools/Options: Smeal 6T Year: 1998: 46,800 Original Miles. Remote, Sandline, Extremely Nice Truck.

Rotary G - SRS #3552

DESCRIPTION: 2004, Gefco; Model: 30K-DH; Compressor: Sullair 1000/350; Mud Pump: Mission 3X4X13 Hydraulic Centrifugal; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2004 Peterbilt 357 6X4; Truck Engine Make: CAT C15; Tools/Options: Gefco 30K-DH Year: 2004: Deephole Package. 11,049 Total Rig Hours (drilling & driving), 40,000# Pullback, Hydraulic Mission Mud Pump, 20,000# Capacity Single Line Main Winch (2-part 40,000#). 6-Rod Carousel set up for 4.5" Drill Pipe, Single Rod Loader. FMC 18 GPM Water Injection Pump, 7 Gallon Capacity DHD Lubricator, 4 Hydraulic Leveling Jacks, Drill Pipe Spinner. Truck has approx. 59,715 Miles Driven. Major Repairs Completed Recently: Engine Rebuilt 10/2016, Compressor Rebuilt 3//2017, All Pumps are either New or Rebuilt Mid 2018, New Compressor Clutch Installed Mid 2018, Rebuilt Centrifugal Mud Pump Fluid End April 2018.

Auger - SRS #3551

DESCRIPTION: 2005, Diedrich; Model: D-120; Engine: 4-Cylinder Deutz; Mounted On: 2006 Freightliner; Truck Engine Make: Mercedes Diesel 330 HP 6-Cylinder; Condition: Ready to Drill; Tools/Options: Diedrich D-120 Year: 2005: Rig has a 4-Forward and 1-Reverse Transmission., 29' Mast, Auto Hammer, Hydraulic Rod Holder and Breakout Wrench, (2) Hydraulic Auger Racks, Auto-Chuck, FMC Bean Pump, with 40.6 GPM Capacity, Cathead, 3 Winches with a Wireline Winch. Rig has approx. 10,400 Hours, No Tooling Included. Dual Axle Truck with approx. 80,000 Miles on it, 52,000 GVW. Nice, Clean Rig.

Rotary T-Z - SRS #3550

DESCRIPTION: TransQuip; Model: AT-400; Mud Pump: Gardner Denver 5X6; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: Buggy; Truck Engine Make: Detroit 453; Tools/Options: TransQuip AT-400: Ramsey 700 Winch, 400' of Sandline, 2-Speed Transfer Case.

Rotary G - SRS #3549

DESCRIPTION: Geospace; Model: 750; Mud Pump: Gardner Denver 5X6; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: Buggy; Truck Engine Make: Detroit 453; Tools/Options: Geospace 750: 300' of Sandline, 2-Speed Transfer Case. Geothermal Drill.

Rotary R - SRS #3548

DESCRIPTION: Rolligon; Mud Pump: Centerline; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: Tracks; Truck Engine Make: John Deere 6068; Tools/Options: Rolligon : Seismic Drill that has been Converted to a Geothermal Drill. Hydrostatic Transmission.

Water Truck - SRS #2145

DESCRIPTION: 1800 Gallon Flat Bed Water Truck; Mounted On: 1994 T-800 Kenworth; Truck Engine Make: Detroit Series 60; Tools/Options: Flatbed Water Truck: SOLD 1800 Gallon Water Tank, 200 Gallon Fuel Tank, (2) Vertical Boxes, (6) Horizontal Boxes. All boxes are weather-proof. Heavy duty bumper with Pintle Hitch, (6) Internal Stake Pockets, Stake Pockets & Rails on Outside Rim. #3203 Series AUTO CRANE. Crane is Mounted 2' from the Front of the Bed. Bed is 19'4" Long. And 8' Wide. 365 HP Engine, 10-Speed Eaton Transmission, 544,373 Miles.

Sold - SRS #3542

DESCRIPTION: 2007, Reichdrill; Model: T-650W Legend 4; Compressor: 900/350 Sullair; Mud Pump: Skid Mounted; Engine: 465 HP; Mounted On: 2007 Mack Granite; Truck Engine Make: 460 HP; Condition: SOLD; Tools/Options: Reichdrill T-650 Legend 4 Year: 2007: 38,000# Pullback, 20 GPM Water Injection Pump, Oil Injector, Rod Box (holds 420' of rod), Walkways, 9-Pod Carousel, Wireless Helper Remote, Air Wrench, Hydraulic Power Breakout Wrench, Auxiliary Blowdown. Includes 1,080' of 4" X 20' Drill Pipe with 2-7/8" Threads. 3,400 Hours on Drill. Truck has an 18-Speed Transmission, 41,772 Miles. Also Includes a Gardner Denver 5X6 Air Driven Mud Pump with Hoses and Connections, (4) 7-7/8" PDC Bits, (2) 8-1/2", (3) 12-1/2" and (2) 13-1/2" and a 1997 Ford Louisville 9513 Truck with a 1600 Gallon Flat Waterbed, Double Trip Hopper for Gravel, 4 Underbody Boxes. Truck is Powered by a 410 HP Engine, 257,219 Miles. SOLD

Sold - SRS #3450

DESCRIPTION: 1996 , Drilltech; Model: D25K; Compressor: 900/350; Mud Pump: None; Engine: CAT 3406; Mounted On: Ford; Truck Engine Make: 8.3 L Cummins; Condition: SOLD; Tools/Options: Drilltech D25K (1996): 18 GPM Pump, Swinging Jib, Has a Sand Line but it is not Plumbed in, Front & Rear Jacks. Includes 360' of 4.5", 3.5" Regular Thread Drill Pipe. Rig & Truck in Good Condition. Owner Believes the CAT & Compressor has approx. 2,000 Hours on it. Holds 300' in the Rod Box and another 120' in the Carousel. SOLD

Rotary H-I - SRS #3541

DESCRIPTION: 1986, Ingersoll Rand; Model: TH-60; Compressor: 750/300; Mud Pump: 4X3; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1985 International; Truck Engine Make: Detroit 8V92; Tires: Good; Condition: Operational; Tools/Options: Ingersoll Rand TH-60 Year: 1986: Approx. 8,500 Hours on the Compressor and approx. 80 Hours on the Engine, Recently Replaced. Water Injection Pump, Carousel, Pipe Rack, Gearmatic Winch, (4) Hydraulic Jacks. Updates Include, New Tophead with 4 Motors, New Main Cylinder, Clutch Plate, Diaphragm Gear on Main Compressor Replaced, Mud Pump Rebuilt. Truck has an 8-Speed Transmission and Approx. 86,000 Miles. Includes 180' of 3.5" X 20' Drill Rod and Breakout Wrench.

Auger - SRS #3509

DESCRIPTION: 1985, CME; Model: 75; Mud Pump: 3L8 Moyno; Engine: 6-Cylinder Ford Gas; Mounted On: 2001 Chevy C7500; Truck Engine Make: CAT; Condition: Ready to Drill; Tools/Options: CME 75 Year: 1985: Auto Hammer, Sample Extruder, 500 Gallon Water Tank, 5-Speed Transmission. The Truck has a 6-Speed Transmission, approx. 160,000 Miles. Includes a 140# and a 170# Hammer and the Anvils to go with them. Three Hydraulic Jacks, Two Winches (one fast, one slow), Rod Holder, Underbody Toolbox. No Tooling available but HAS, NWJ, Augers, Bits, Water Swivel, etc. is Available for an Extra Cost. Rig is Ready to Drill and Well Maintained. Hours Unknown.

Auger - SRS #3547

DESCRIPTION: 1986, Mobile; Model: B57; Engine: Ford 300 Industrial Gas; Mounted On: 1980 Ford F-800; Truck Engine Make: 429 Gas; Condition: Needs Work; Tools/Options: Mobile B57 Year 1986: Auger Racks, Cathead, No Auto Hammer, No Tooling, good Tires. Both engines ran when parked 5 years ago after Purchasing from 2nd owner. Have not been started since then. Has not drilled in 10 years. Needs work..

Mud Grout Pumps - SRS #3546

DESCRIPTION: Mud Pump: Gardner Denver Air Driven 5X6; Mounted On: Frame/Skid; Tools/Options: Gardner Denver 5X6 Mud Pump: Includes Hoses & Connections, Trailer.

Water Truck - SRS #3545

DESCRIPTION: Mounted On: 1997 Ford Louisville 9513; Truck Engine Make: 410 HP Cummins; Tools/Options: 1,600 Gallon Flat Waterbed, Double Trip Hopper for Gravel, 4 Underbody Boxes. Truck has approx. 257,219 Miles on it.

Rotary G - SRS #3544

DESCRIPTION: Gus Pech; Model: Brat 22R; Mud Pump: Gardner Denver; Mounted On: 1987 Ford FT 8000; Truck Engine Make: Cummins 6BTA5.9; Tools/Options: Gus Pech Brat 22R: Aardvark Casing Hammer. Includes 390' of 2-7/8" Near New Drill Rod, also includes some bits..

Sold - SRS #3360

DESCRIPTION: 2004 , Versa Drill; Model: V-1555; Compressor: 900/350; Mud Pump: Mission 4X3 - Recently Rebuilt; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: International; Truck Engine Make: CAT C15; Condition: SOLD; Tools/Options: Versa Drill V-1555 : 2004. 12,000# Winch, 12-Pod Carousel set up for 3.5" Rod. Rig can also be set up to run 4.5" drill rod. Includes 300' of 3-1/2" Drill Rod, No Tooling. $40K in Updated Cotta Box. Truck has approx. 474,764 Miles on it, Truck Engine Hours 12,281, Rig Hours 4,630, Compressor Hours, 3,374. Can be set up for 4.5" also. SOLD

Rotary S - SRS #3458

DESCRIPTION: 1976, Speedstar; Model: SS-15; Compressor: Leroi 256; Mud Pump: 5-1/2" X 8" - Like New; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: Crane Carrier; Truck Engine Make: Cummins; Condition: Good; Tools/Options: Speedstar SS-15: 8-1/2" Retractable Table, Mud Pump is Like New. Three Hydraulic Jacks, New 3" High Pressure Plumbing, Cathead, Bailing Drum, Slickline Wireline , Hydraulic Cooler, Heavy Duty PTO. Tall Hood with Rebuilt Radiator, 350 or 400 Cummins Engine, 13-Speed Transmission. Good Sound Rig. Pulldown System Repaired, Included but not Installed on Rig. Gefco Repair/Parts Manual Included.

Sold - SRS #3131

DESCRIPTION: DSI; Model: Quickdrill; Compressor: Unmounted; Mud Pump: Gardner Denver 4X5; Engine: Cummins 4BT; Mounted On: 1982 C-60 Chevy; Truck Engine Make: Detroit; Condition: RIG HAS BEEN SOLD; Tools/Options: DSI Quickdrill : Tophead Drill, Single Axle Truck, Complete Rebuild on Mud Pump, Never Drilled Since. Rig & Truck Runs and Operates but Owner Never Drilled with it. Hour Meter Reads 1,355 and Odometer Reads 23,754. Includes some (approx. 200' +/-) 2-3/8" Drill Rod and Subs to Fit the 3-1/2" Setup on the Rig. Would need Slip to run the 2-3/8" Rod. The Sullair 375DP Compressor is Mounted on a Wagon/Trailer, it Runs but has an Unloader Problem. Would Include a Grout King Grouter (never had any material run through it) with Hydraulically Driven Homemade Hose Reel, 250' of Sewer Jetting Hose (never used) for an Extra Cost. RIG HAS BEEN SOLD

Water Truck - SRS #3543

DESCRIPTION: Waterbed; Mounted On: Unmounted; Condition: Little Use; Tools/Options: Unmounted Waterbed: 1,400 Gallon Waterbed. Bed is 18' Long, 11'6" to Center of Axles. Not Much Use.

Rotary D - SRS #3531

DESCRIPTION: 1996, Tamrock - Drilltech; Model: D25KW; Compressor: 900/350 Sullair; Engine: CAT 3406B DITA 445 HP; Mounted On: 1996 Ford LTS 9000; Truck Engine Make: 300 HP Diesel; Condition: Working Condition; Tools/Options: Tamrock - Drilltech D25KW Year: 1996: Holte 140 Casing Hammer, 445 HP Deck Engine with approx. 2,860 Hours on a Frame-out Rebuild. 30,000# Pullback and 20,500# Pulldown, Dual Air Intake system, 89 RPM High Torque Head 0 72,000in lbs Torque, Heavy Duty 1-3/4" Feed chain Group, Remote Helpers Station for Independent Control of Winch, Jib Swing & Extension, Compressor Airline Blowdown, 6 Rod Carousel, 20 GPM Water Injection Pump, Foam Injection, electric Airline Lubricator with a 10 Gallon Reservoir, Swinging Jib Boom, Night Lights, Rod Box that Holds 15 Rods, Stabilizer Trough and Hammer Holder, 4 Leveling Jacks, (2) 48" Front, (2) 36" Rear. Approx. 13,000 Rig Hours, Truck has approx. 41,379 Miles on it, 10-Speed Transmission, 18,000# Front and 46,000# Rear Axles. Includes 420' of 4.5" O.D. Drill Rod and the Hand Tools that come Stock on a Rig. Used as a Backup Rig, Drills Once Every Week or Two.

Rotary D - SRS #3378

DESCRIPTION: Drillmax; Model: 250; Compressor: Champion 92/175; Mud Pump: Gardner Denver FXF 4-1/2" X 5"; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2005 Ford F550 4X4; Truck Engine Make: 6.0 L Diesel; Tools/Options: Drillmax 250: Rig has approx. 7,002 Hours on it., Braden 6,000# Main Winch, 22' Stroke, 34' Mast, Rig is Set Up to Run 15' Rod, 12,000# Pullback, 10,000# Pulldown, 4 Leveling Jacks, 2 Tool Boxes. Included: Mud Pan and Hoses, Desander and Hoses, 200' of 2-3/8" OD Pipe, (1) 4" Brand New Rerun Bit, (1) 6" and (1) 8" Tricone Bits that only have a few hours on them, Hydraulic Breakout Wrench. 2019 Hydraulic Pump Rebuilt, Several Cylinders were Repacked. Truck has approx. 24,584 Miles. Truck has approx. 24,584 Miles..

Pump Hoist - SRS #3540

DESCRIPTION: Pulstar; Model: P7; Mounted On: Unmounted; Tools/Options: Pulstar P10: Double Drum, No Hydraulic Pump. Owner Believes it is a P10 Model.

Pump Hoist - SRS #3539

DESCRIPTION: Smeal; Model: 5T; Mounted On: Unmounted; Tools/Options: Smeal 5T: Double Drum.

Pump Hoist - SRS #3538

DESCRIPTION: Semco; Model: 6000; Mounted On: Unmounted; Tools/Options: Semco 6000: Single Drum.

Sold - SRS #3386

DESCRIPTION: Olathe Mfg. Co.; Model: 750; Compressor: None; Mud Pump: Yes; Engine: 20 HP Onan; Mounted On: 1981 Ford F-350 4X4; Truck Engine Make: 5.8L/351; Condition: RIG HAS BEEN SOLD; Tools/Options: Olathe Mfg. Co. 750: SOLD Tophead Drive Rotary Rig. Small Rig, Good for Tight Locations. Runs Two 3" Centrifugal Pumps in Tandem, Honda and Subaru Engines. Also Runs a 2" Centrifugal Mud Mix Pump. Removable Mast goes down to 16' Work Height, has a 30' Extended Mast with Pumps, 20 HP Onan Runs the Hydraulics. Hoses and all Related tooling Removable Mast goes down to 16' Work Height, has a 30' Extended Mast with Pumps,20 HP Onan Runs the Hydraulics. Hoses and all Related tooling Included. 4-Speed Drawworks and Several other Upgrades Done. Service/Operators Manual, Available. Includes 160' of Mayhew Jr. 10' Drill Rod plus (2) Drill Collars, 300' NX Flush Joint Drill Pipe, Several Chevron, Fishtail and Tricone Bits, Portable Aluminum Mud Box, 16' Pipe and Equipment Trailer, spare 20 HP Onan, SOLD

Rotary T-Z - SRS #3536

DESCRIPTION: 2012, Watson 3110; Model: 3110 Eagle; Engine: 6068 HF 485; Mounted On: 2012 Western Star; Truck Engine Make: Diesel; Condition: Near New; Tools/Options: Watson 3110 3110 Eagle Year: 2012: Approx. 3,010 Rig Hours, 130,000 ft lb Rotary Torque, Kelly Winchline Pull is 32,000#, Speed - 180 fpm, Service Winchline Pull is 18,000#. 10", 8", 6", 4-1/4" Kellys, Approx. Depth: 120', and 48" - 96" Diameter Depending on Soils. Sub Size: 4-1/4". Aluminum Walkways. Approx. 5,031 Carrier Hours and 83,218 Miles.

Pump Hoist - SRS #3535

DESCRIPTION: 2004, Semco; Model: S6000; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2004 Ford F-550 4X4; Truck Engine Make: 6.0 L Diesel; Tools/Options: Semco S6000 Year: 2004: Remote, No Sandline, Standard Mast, 12,000# Capacity, Front Outrigger. Engine had Top End Gone Through In Feb. Truck has a 6-Speed Manual Transmission and Approx. 155,000 Miles on Truck. Tooled up Including: (1) E-line with 800' of line, 1" - 3" Lifting plugs and slips, (1) Foot Jack, 1" - 2" Elevators & Casing Elevators, (1) - Compression Slip, 1.25" - 3" Steel Slip Plates, 14" - 48" Pipe Wrenches, Hand Wrenches, Standard Sockets, 4" - 8" Casing Cutter, 8-Ton Traveling Block, Rubber Wheel Chucks, Wooden Jack Blocks.

Rotary S - SRS #3461

DESCRIPTION: 2001, Speedstar; Model: SS 15 III; Compressor: Sullair 500/200; Mud Pump: 3X4 Centrifugal, 5-1/2" X 8" Gardner Denver; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2001 Peterbilt 357; Truck Engine Make: CAT C-15 435 HP; Tires: 90%; Condition: Good; Tools/Options: Speedstar SS 15 III: All Hydrostatic with Air Clutches, Standard Mast with Extension, Rod Rack, 3" Swivel, (2) Kellys - one is 5" and one is 3-1/2", (Bushings 24' Long), 10" Table with Master Bushing, Triple Blocked. RTO 1708LL Transmission. PRICE REDUCED

Rotary S - SRS #3100

DESCRIPTION: 1979, Schramm; Model: T 66H; Compressor: 600/300 Screw; Mud Pump: None; Engine: 8V92; Mounted On: 1979 GMC Brigadier; Truck Engine Make: 6V53; Tools/Options: Schramm T66H: Some 4-1/2" X 20' Drill Rod, Stabilizer Included. Rig needs some work such as Hoses, Tires and Belts. Air and Engine in Good Shape, should run down the road with a new Battery per Owner. Includes an Extra Hydraulic Bank. Can be Sold as a package with SRS #3099, #3103 and #3283. WILL LISTEN TO ALL OFFERS

Sold - SRS #3526

DESCRIPTION: 2000, Smeal; Model: 6TSHRPPG; Mounted On: Unmounted; Condition: RIG HAS BEEN SOLD; Tools/Options: Smeal 6TSHRPPG Year: 2000: Sandline, Remote Plug in, Hydraulic Outriggers. Hydraulic Outriggers and Mast Cylinders need Repacked. Willing to sell "as is" and Include a 3-Cylinder Kohler Diesel Engine or have Cylinders Replaced for Cost. UNIT HAS BEEN SOLD

Rotary G - SRS #3534

DESCRIPTION: Gardner Denver; Model: 1000; Compressor: Developmental; Mud Pump: 5X6; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: Early 70's Mack; Truck Engine Make: Mack; Condition: Been Sitting a While; Tools/Options: Gardner Denver 1000: 7-1/2" Retractable Rotary Table, Planetary Pulldown, 2 Rear Hydraulic Jacks, Bean Pump, Mechanical Clutches. Air Compressor not Working , Clutch needs worked on. Heads were Rebuilt on Compressor and not used since. Includes approx. 300' of 2-7/8" Drill Pipe.. Condition:

Sold - SRS #3533

DESCRIPTION: Chicago Pneumatic; Model: T-670; Compressor: Sullair 750/300; Engine: CAT 3406; Mounted On: 1994 IHC Paystar; Truck Engine Make: Cummins; Condition: NOT AVAILABLE; Tools/Options: Chicago Pneumatic T-670 Year: CAT 3406; Compressor: 750/300 Sullair; Mud Pump: None; Mounted On: 1994 IHC Paystar; TrEngine: , Cummins; Tools/Other Options: Heavy Hoist. Includes 120' of 4.5" Drill Pipe in Carousel. More rod is available for an additional cost. Truck has a 13-Speed Transmission. NOT AVAILABLE

Compressors - SRS #3463

DESCRIPTION: Compressor: IR 1170/450; Mounted On: Oilfield Skid; Tools/Options: Low Hours, approx. 2,000. Unit is Mounted on a Full Belly Pan Oilfield Skid. Includes a Kubota Diesel Generator (was a trailer unit). Axles and Tongue available.

Rotary S - SRS #2165

DESCRIPTION: 1978, Speedstar; Model: SS-15 III; Compressor: Removed; Mud Pump: Removed; Mounted On: 1978 International; Truck Engine Make: 400 Cummins; Condition: Good; Tools/Options: Speedstar SS-15 III Year 1978: Top head Recenty Rebuilt, 70,000# of torque, Pulldown Removed, Single Rod Loader, Bean Water Injection Pump, (2) Winches and Sandline. 34' Mast, . 40,000# - 50,000# pullback. Leveling Jacks and Plumbing going to Mud System needs TLC. Runs Great. Open to Offers

Rotary G - SRS #3532

DESCRIPTION: 2000, Gefco; Model: 30K; Compressor: 1000/350; Mud Pump: 3X4; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2000 Peterbilt 357; Truck Engine Make: CAT C-15; Condition: Working Drill; Tools/Options: Gefco 30K Year: 2000: Weldco Beals Casing Hammer. Approx. 2,700 Rig Hours. Includes 480' of 4.5" O..D. X 20' Drill Pipe with 3.5" Reg Tool Joints, 35' of Drill Collars, Pipe Spinner and Tools. Tulsa Mud Pit/shaker, Hoses, Bits, Hole Opener, Atlas Copco Hammer, Wing Bits and Roller Bits all Available for an Extra Price. Recent Work Includes a New Compressor Oil Cooler, New Clutch in Compressor and Rig Motor. Rig needs very little, has only a few hydraulic leaks. Truck has approx. 101,108 miles on it.

Rotary H-I - SRS #3530

DESCRIPTION: 1992, Plains; Model: A2000 SIMILAR TO A T2W ; Compressor: 200/300; Mud Pump: 3X5 Mission; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1992 GMC Topkick; Truck Engine Make: Jasper < 200 Hrs.; Condition: Ready To Drill; Tools/Options: Plains A2000 Year: 1992: Similar to a Late Model IR T2, Most Parts are Interchangeable. Purchased in 2006, Every Main Component has been Rebuilt or Replaced since then. 30,000# Pullback, No Carousel. Good for 600' Geothermal or Water Wells. 2-Speed Tophead, New Jasper Engine with < 200 Hours on it, Two Winch Lines 8,000# and 12,000#, Ready to Drill. Truck has a 10-Speed Transmission, Odometer Reads 490,000 Reads as it is Drilling. Includes 600' of Near New 3.5" Drill Rod and a 1982 GMC 20' Box Truck that is Set up to Haul Casing and Extra Drill Rod, Welder and Tooling. Has Carried 600' of 3.5" Rod in the Rod Box.

Water Truck - SRS #3529

DESCRIPTION: Mounted On: 1989 Ford 800; Truck Engine Make: Brazilian Straight 6; Condition: Well Maintained; Tools/Options: 1,500 Gallon Rosewall Flat Tank, Three Valves, 100 Gallon Fuel Tank, Work Lights, Two Vertical Tool Boxes and Four Horizontal tool Boxes. Bed is 20' Long, Truck has approx. 65,000 Miles on it, 5-Speed Transmission with Split and Air Brakes. One Owner, No Major Issues.. Condition: Well Maintained

Auger - SRS #3528

DESCRIPTION: 2011, Mobile; Model: B-37 RAD; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: MT 20 Rubber Tracks; Truck Engine Make: Deutz 230 Diesel Tier 3; Condition: Good; Tools/Options: Mobile B-37 RAD Year: 2011: Rig, Track Carrier and Engine was Recently Refurbished and is Ready to Drill. Hour Meter Reads 1,904. Hydraulic Components Powered by Dual Piston Hydraulic Pumps, both Pumps @ 3,600 PSI. One Pump is used for the Rotation, the Second is used for Feed, Auxiliary Functions and the Water Pump. 60 Gallon Capacity Hydraulic Oil Tank. Two Speed Hydraulic Motor through a Planetary Drive. Two-speed Head has 3600 lb.-ft of Torque @ 75 RPM in Low Speed and 1800 lb.-ft @ 150 RPM in High Speed. High Speed Coring Head with 390 lb.-ft Torque @ 772 RPM. Both Tophead Drives are Mounted on the EZ-SELECT which allows for one touch control to change from standard rotation to high speed coring. Two Hydraulic Mast Raising Cylinders. Mast and Feed Frame Fold to 90 for Transport and is Angle Drilling Capable. SLIDRAMATIC Rotary Drive System. 15,7003 Pullback @ 0-80 fpm and the Maximum Pulldown is 11,700# @0-106 fpm. 6' Feed Stroke, approx. 15' from the Ground to the Top of the Crown. 4,500# Auxiliary Hoist, SAFE-T-DRIVER Hoist with 900# Capacity, Bi-directional Hydraulic Planetary Hoist with Hydraulic Brake, Hydraulic Break-Out Wrench, Hydraulic Rod Clamp, 140# Auto SPT Hammer, 2,500# Cathead, Side Port 1-1/2" NPT Rotary Swivel, 2" Mast Standpipe, 1-5/8" Hex Safety Drive Coupling. 3L6 44 GPM Water Pump, 2" Suction Port and 1-1/4" Discharge Port. Tracks are 99" Long, 20,000# GVWR, 2-Speed Hydraulic Planetary Drive. Narrow Access Carrier has Extendable Tracks that allow for a Total of 12" of Track Adjustment, Minimum Width of 35". 13,000# Expandable Track Carrier Expandable from 35-3/8" to 47-3/8", 74 HP Air Cooled Engine, 12 Volt Starting Circuit, 37 Gallon Fuel Tank, Two Front and Two Rear Leveling Jacks.

Sold - SRS #3502

DESCRIPTION: Flatwater Fleet; Model: 2,100 Gallon; Mounted On: 2001 Mack RD 690; Truck Engine Make: 400 HP Mack; Condition: OFF MARKET - SOLD; Tools/Options: 2,100 Gallon Flatwater Fleet with 20' Bed, 2' Vertical Cabinets, Lots of Storage Boxes with Good Hinges and Locks. 230 Gallon Fuel Tank with Pump and Fuel Reel, IMT 7,500# Crane, Gas Engine, Transfer Pumps, Cementer on back with a Gas Motor, Welder, Work Lights and much more. 8-Speed Fuller Transmission, Truck has approx. 200,000 Miles on it. 20,000# Front Axle, 46,000# Rears with 4-Way Lockers. Camel Back Suspension, DOT Inspection, Runs Great. OFF MARKET - SOLD

Rotary S - SRS #3501

DESCRIPTION: Speedstar; Model: SS 135; Compressor: None; Mud Pump: None; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 2000 Ford F-750 2WD; Truck Engine Make: Diesel; Condition: Excellent; Tools/Options: Speedstar SS 135: 8.5" Speedstar Retractable Table, all New Cage & Slide with 18" Opening, Hydraulically Raised Derrick with 32,000# Rated Working Capacity, 23'6" Fluted Kelly (can handle 20' drill pipe) with 2" Water Course Swivel. Two Plate 14" X 17" Single Band Type Brakes on both Winches and 11" Friction type Clutch with 4" X 17" Single Brake Band. Kelly and Hoist Drums have Air Clutches, the Sand Reel has a Manual Clutch. Three Hydraulic Outriggers, Continuous Feed Hydraulic Chain Pulldown, all with New Bearings and Sprockets, MS Series Breakout Tong. All New Hydraulic Hoses and Rebuilt Hydraulic Pump. New Rod Rack and Slide, New Covers Over Drive Shafts and Clutches. Rig and Truck have been Sandblasted, Primed and Painted (white cab & gray rig). No Mud Pump or Air Compressor but they can easily be mounted as the clutch system on the rig is still in place. Air Actuated PTO, Fresh DOT Inspection. 300' of 3.5" Drill Pipe, Misc. Bits and Subs Available for an Additional Cost.

Rotary H-I - SRS #3527

DESCRIPTION: 1983, Ingersoll Rand; Model: TH 55; Compressor: 600/250 Screw Type; Mud Pump: Wheatley 6X6 Duplex 200 GPM; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1980 GMC General 6X4; Truck Engine Make: Detroit 8V71; Tools/Options: Ingersoll Rand TH 55 Year: 1983: DHD Lubricator, 18 GPM Bean Water Injection Pump, 200 GPM Mud Pump, 4 Motor Rotary Head, 0-160 RPM Rotation, 2-1/2" Mud & Air Piping, 34' Standard Mast, 16,000# Capacity Main Winch, 2,000# Capacity, High Speed Bailing Winch. Rig is Set Up for 4.5" OD Drill Pipe, No Pipe Included. Has a 3.5" OD Stinger, Slips and Breakout Wrench.

Rotary E-F - SRS #3244

DESCRIPTION: 1986, Failing; Model: 1750 Holemaster Reverse Circulation; Compressor: LeRoi 253S2B; Mud Pump: (2) Mission Magnum 3X4X13 Reciprocating; Engine: PTO; Mounted On: 1997 Mack; Truck Engine Make: Mack CL713 427 HP Reconditioned; Condition: Complete Setup and Ready for Work; Tools/Options: Failing 1750 Holemaster RC: PRICE REDUCED, OPEN TO OFFERS! Tools/Other Options: Rig is set up for either Flooded Reverse Circulation or Conventional Mud Rotary Drilling, 6" ID through Swivel and Tophead Drive, Table Opening is approx. 8-3/4" the table inserts also come out to set casing and the table opens 8+ inches as well as opening up to set tooling . Tophead Drive has 2,400 Ft.-Lbs Torque @ 1-120 RPM, Tilts Horizontal for Making Connections off a Trailer. Derrick is Rated for 100,000# Static Hook Load Capacity, 55,000# Total Pulling Capacity with a 4-Speed Drive (up to 309 Ft./Min.), Pulldown Chains, Single Drum Drawworks with 15,000# (60,000# on 4-Part Line, 22-Ton Traveling Block). 36' Derrick that Handles up to 25' Casing, Cathead, Mast Mounted Safety Line. Truck has approx. 569,284 Miles on it. Diesel Engine is a 427 HP and has been Reconditioned (low hours since), has an Engine Brake. Reconditioned 8-Speed Eaton Transmission with Deep Reduction Selector. Also Includes a Custom Pipe Trailer (designed by GEFCO) with Slide, Battery or Truck Powered Crane, 590' of 6-5/8" O.D. X 20' Hacker Thread Drill Pipe, 200' of 2" Tremmie Pipe, 1-1/4" Schedule 40 Pic Airline & Couplers, Extra Fittings, Tool chest, 6" I.D. Dual Helix Discharge Hose, 2" Air Hose, 4" Suction Hose with Screen, 20' 6" X .25 Flow Pipe, Elbows, I-Beams. Tooling Includes: Breakout Tongs, Slides, J-Hook, Semco 14" & 16" Heavy Duty Elevators, 20' 10K Drill Collar, 32" Drag Bit, 28" Moab Tricone Roller Bit, 19" TCI Bit, 15" Roller Bit, Swab, Lifting Bail. Also Available for an Extra Cost is a Sullair 375H Air Compressor Powered by a John Deere Engine, approx. 5,554 Hours. Complete Setup, Ready for Work.

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